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EPISODE 59 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is Episode number 59th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Traitor! You will be punished! Traitor! He is traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Don’t let him run away! He thinks he can escape from our hands, baseborn. Come on, Ozalp. Come on brother What s all that noise? Don’t cry. my little one. Don’t cry. Everything is all right. Go back to your sleep now Almila Hatun. Sugay Hatun, what’s all that noise? It awakened Osman from his sleep. The Mongol spy brought by Gunalp Alp, tried to escape. That caused all the commotion, Almila Hatun. What are you doing here? Osman was crying. I came in to check on him. May you livejong, Alrnila Hatun. You can now go have a rest. I’ll take care of Osman Well then. I’ll take a look outside I’ll see what’s going on.

The man who sailed the boat is over there. The Mongols don’t let him out of their sight. My Bey, is there no other way back to the tribe, apart from getting into that walnut shell? The winds on it have upset my entrails and turned it inside out. And, I get palpitations, too. My Bey, I see Bamsi frightened this much, for the first time in my life. Brother, did Allah give us wings that we can fly? Did He (swt) give us fins, so I can swim like the sea fish? If we do not get on that boat… we would be able to reach our tribe by winter. Bamsi. To crush the head of that snake, that Noyan has planted in my state tent… we have to go quickly. Of course, if Noyan does not catch up with us, first. * Aag A|A1 In shaa Allah, these villains will not.. bring some disaster upon our tribe before we return. Noyan has placed them there with the purpose… to knife us in our backs in the time of war, Turgut.

Till such time, they would act like they are one of us. However… Ogeday Khan has died. Noyan s fury is great. So we need to… reach our tribe before the messenger he sent does. My Bey, let’s do away with them quickly and hurry to our tribe. Make sure you do not hurt the person sailing the boat. Take care. EyvAllah (we will), my Bey. Let s go. brave-hearts Haydir Allah (Al Hayy – The Everlasting^Allah) Do not let him run away, Abdurrahman! Don t kill me! Walk in front of me! Get going Get going Walk! Don’t take my life, my Bey. You will take us across to Anatolia, as quickly as possible. Noyan would kill me, rny Bey. I will make it worth your while.

Then you will be free to go away You can sail off with your boat wherever and whenever you want. On one condition, though. You will take us across to Anatolia before Noyan’s party. As you command, my Bey. The wind is blowing in the direction you desire. Let’s go now. Come on. Traitor! Catch the traitor! There is the traitor! He is escaping Cut him off! He is running away. Catch him! Traitor! Traitor! Catch the baseborn! The blackguard is running away, catch him! Stop the villain Catch him! Stop him, don’t let him escape Stop’ Catch him T raitor! T raitor? May your hands never see any trouble, Gunkut brother. Eyv Allah (may it be so) brother. There’s no way out from this tribe for the baseborn like you. Walk Why don’t you kill this dog? Not before my Ertugrul Bey eturns. Let him come back, first He will deal with this one himself. evelAllah In shaa Allah. Come on! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Traitor!! Walk! I’ll make sure you pay the price of lying to Ogeday Khan, Ertugrul Eventually. I will have your life. And, if the grief of losing your sons doesn t kill you… you will die byjnys word, then. 10 GUN SONRA Is their intention to tarnish our repute with such leather, Mergen? Have them do it all over again. The Turks must perceive us as the best craftsmen in this line of work. Take these out of my sight! Get them back to work. Someone is coming, Alangoya. We’ll see who it is. Who are you, what do you want? I am Harsunlu Nurahbono. Harsunlu Nurahbono Noyan sent me. Speak up, speak. I told you to speak! Ogeday Han has died What did you say, you Black Dog of Karadag!

What do you mean, Ogeday Khan died? Noyan and Ertugrul have come into our Khan s presence. Ertugrul has convinced everyone that he swore allegiance to our Khan. And, he sent his Alps on their way. Then, our Khan left to attend the feast. They said he died in the evening. Ugh. What about Ertugrul? Ertugrul got together with his men and escaped from Noyan’s hands. It’s just a matter of time before he gets to the tribe. What does Noyan want? He wants you to kill Ertugrul’s sons and his mother before he arrives here. What about our secret task? What will happen to that? Your only secret task is to dispose of Ertugrul’s family. After that you will go to Gundogdu Bey’s tribe.

There, you will kill Selcan Hatun Sungur Tekin and his wife and children. Now, the time for war has come Our Army will move in to make a clean sweep of the Seljuks. I will go to the tribe in the morning. If I get caught and they kill me… you are to take to the road as soon as the sun rises. We will exterminate ErtugruPs lineage. G andma? -H h? I haven’t got any tidings from my father for such a long time. I miss him so very much. When will this yearning for him end? Soon, my valiant it’s a matter of time. I miss my Ertugrul very much, too. Only Allah (swt) knows how deep the longing in my heart is. May Allah bring him back to his tribe safe and alive… within a short time. May Allah (swt) protect him from any kind of disaster. Am n. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Ah my son Father. Hey. my lion. Masha Allah, that’s my lion, hey, Masha Allah. Hey, that’s my valiant. Did you look well after your brothers in my absence? EvelAllah (by Allah’s will), father, of course I watched over them.

I fed them with my own hands. Good on you, my lion son. well done. Mother. – My son. Welcome back, my lion son. Welcome back, my brave-heart. Praise be to Allah (swt). Welcome back, my sons Glad to see you, mother. Artuk Bey. My Bey. Welcome back, my Bey. Glad to be back, Artuk Bey. Praise be to Allah for reuniting us. EyvAllah (praise be). Bamsi, my Head-Alp, welcome back. Artuk Bey, EyvAllah (thank you) Welcome back. Glad to be back. Artuk Bey. I saw you here safe and healthy, what else could I wish from my Lord (Rabb). So, did it go? Tell us. We completed the duty our Sultan gave us, mother. The peace agreement has been sealed, by Allah’s leave. Praise be to Allah (swt). My Osman. Welcome back to you all. My Osman. My valiant that has been heralded to us in our dreams. Hey, Masha Allah, my valiant. For just one gaze into your eyes, I would sacrifice myself. I see that my Osman is very energetic and vigorous, mother. Masha Allah, you took really good care of him. Sugay Hatun… may Allah be pleased with you. Where is my Savci, mother9 He is in there he is fast asleep. Good. Very well Let him sleep.

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