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EPISODE 78 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We are very thankful to our Allah that we have successfully completed the second Season of Dirilis with Urdu Subtitles. Although this job was very tough and time taking we have managed to reach the end. In the last Episode, Ertugrul has on the road with his Caravan. Guldaaro has gone to Ahlat for visiting a place to settle. Mother Hayma left behind with Saarim and Shahnaz. In the beginning, Mother Hayma is very angry with Sarim that he and Guldaaro have forgotten the Customs of Oghuz. She was worry and curious about her decision. She is remembering the words of Suleman Shah which he said in his life. All word is becoming true.

When Mother Hayma prays to Allah that Allah shows her right path, Suleman Shah comes to her dream to tells hir the right way. He also tells her that don’t become angry with his sons. They all are an honour for the tribe.

On the Other hand, Ertugrul is stuck in the way when the tyre of their cart is broken. Ertugrul suggests going forward to Sultan Alauddin without waiting for the cart. He pickup Roshaan and Babar with him on the way to Sultan. Halima also wants to go with them and Ertugrul listens to her request.

When Hayma mother confirms that she has to go with Ertugrul she immediately calls Abdul Rahman to catchup Ertugrul. When Abdul Rahman listens to this he becomes very cheerful. He tells the other soldiers that he is going with Mother Hayma to Ertugrul. many of Soldiers have ready to go with him and they say that they cannot stay here. Ertugrul has assigned the duty of caravan to Mr Arif. When Shahnaz listen that her mother is going she becomes very upset and she begging mother Hayma to don’t go. She tells Sarim to stop her but Mother Hayma has to go so she has gone.

On the way, Ertugrul is attacked by Kopek soldiers and Baaqir. Rest of Episode you will watch on screen. We are very thankful to all of you that you have supported us very very much. Without your support it was impossible. After completing this we have started the work on Season 3 and when the first Episode will be ready we will upload it. Be with us and stay connected to Allahterashukar is the password for this Episode.

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