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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 129 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The start of this Episode is amazing that you cant stop yourself to watch th whole Episode

This is Episode No 129(31) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 31 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Come on, Alps'Stay together'Mother1 Fatma!NaymanfI kill those who touch my daughter1 Fatma, come ComeRun Run without looking back* Mother Fatmar Listen to me1 Run without looking back1 Come on!Fatma?FatmarFatma1MalhGo after Fatma. I'll stay here, come on' Go1 Fat ma?If we die, we die for this cause ...if we survive we survive for this cause But we will live today Allah u Akbar1Allah u AkbaKayis are rising against the cruel1 The world will bow down before them’ Allah u Akbar'That's how you runThat s how you will run.Are you alright? -I am alright.Allah u Akbar1Allah u Akbar1 Allah u Akbar* Allah u Akbar1 Allah u Akbar* Allah u Akbar! Allah u Akbar* Allah u Akbar! Allah u Akbar* Search around’Dress the wounds of those who are injured.Aykurt.Are you alright? I am alright, my Bey Samil Are you alright?

I am alright, my Bey I am alright Come on go check the injured ones And take him to Yeniseh That was the vanguard Their intention .. is to open a road for the ones behind But. . we ruined their move, my Bey We didWe did, but..they will start attacking us.They can come my Bey1 They can come1We asked for gaza when we turned these lands into our homeland We will uniteWe will destroy their courage.This land is a homeland for our friends . and a graveyard for our enemies Come on Alps. Come on Bismillah Come on brother.This is the place Boran told us But they are not here. Where do you think they are’ We II find them Ayse We will Come on this way Come on!. :'Fat ma?Fatma?

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

Bala mother.-Mother’-My daughter’Hang on*We are going back’My daughter’ -Mother* Thanks to AllahMalhun Are you alright We are alrighteiuie-j AwYou are injured.-It's not importantMalhun . Boran, are you alright?Yes, Bala Hatun, I am Stay here We will go after them No. I won t leave you alone Malhun you will stay here for your children Alps’ Come on’ Go after them’ Come on brothers’ Come on’ Mother You are bleeding It s not deep, don’t worry My FatmaBring them to the place I’ll tell you Go Come Bala.Come I will bury you all in this forest1111 K O.>\FyK HI Y KOK \K Fat ma?May Allah bless you where are you7 You ve played enough.Come out, Fatma1Fatma!My daughter, Fatma1She is not herefNo. We looked everywhere She is not here Where did she go7 She is not in here. If she was we would find her What if she left the mansion?

No, Vallahi Ulgen Hatun We are not even letting birds pass, we would see her.The doors are closed Where did that child go then7 MotherWhat if she left in Malhun Hatun s cart?My Allah, protect us.Attention’ Osman Bey is coming’ Come on!Baysungur, take the wounded to the healing house.As you wish, BeyittI*’ SberpQuickly, quickly!Where s everyone?BeyYou're hurt as well. Go in and we will take a look Not it is not important.It is not important, however where is everyone?My Bey Esrigun Hatun and Boran Alp They fell in Wayman s trap Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun Went after themWhat are you saying5 Take Hah meAlps, everyone that can hold a sword conies with me Dress your wounds-Let us go -BeyAnother thing.VAIIah I don t know where she went however FatmaWe can’t find her anywhere we looked everywhere but..She s missing-What are you saying7 How is she missing?How is Fatma missing’ What are you doing here7 How can you look after such a small child, tell me?What are you doing here’ Bey, I never let her out of my sight She is missing since Malhun Hatun wentI have an idea however .Bey, we thought if she went with the car that Malhun Hatun got on.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

My Fatma.* ft *Bey father, don t you miss us?Of course I doI feel pain at the tip of my nose whenever I don t see you You say so, but you always take my brothers to the battle You don't take us at all My dear daughterMy beautiful daughter, look, Halime cannot walk yet So you need to help her take care of her Alps.Everyone to their horses.My heart takes me to enemy s hands.QuicklyYou dogBoranAre you alright?I am alright Bala Hatun Can you hold onI can, with Allah's permission.AlrightThank you -Let us go This way, tracks lead this way ALm th swayLet us go.Fatma, what are you doing here’ Why did you come7We were going to the tribe, how should I know That you were going into the fight.Are you alright7 Do you have any other wounds7 -Are you hurt7 NoOsmanMalhun.OsmanFatherFat ma.My childMy dear-Father.My dear.My dearYou're alright7I was so scared, father Malhun-Malhun.Osman-Malhun-I am alright, don’t worry Are you alright? Your leg -I am alright We are alrightOsman, Nayman escaped Catch up to them, Boran and Bala went after them He won’t escape don t worry.Aktemur, to the horses Nayman won t escape.

We will deal with him now This forest will be their grave today, Bey.It will, quickly now You go to YemsehirQuickly, quickly now -Let us go. Today all of you are going to die It's your blood that is going to fall on the ground today Nayman We're going to kill you for a single drop of Fatma s blood We're outnumbered They drew us into a trap Are you afraid, Esngun HaturP I'm not worried about myself but you, Boran Alp You have sword wounds all around They are like just fly bites to me Don t worry There is no way out of here Give me your pardon in this life and Qiyamah You have it.You have itYou have it AyserThen Bismillah1-Allahu akbar1Attack1Allahu akbar1Keep Bala s head though1 We II send it to Osman Well., Osman’s hatun It seems it s your blood that will be shed today Death is a right for us, Nayman’ It can't fear usIII send your head to silk fabricsueiusQAktemurNayman’Today, your bead is going to fall1 Come to meNokersAttack!Lord Valens will make you pay for this Where do you think you are going’ To LepkeI sent horsemen as a precaution first.Now 1 m going to rule my castle We can't leave Gemlik unprotected while Turks are harassing us.

We're going to leave here Lord would understand Understand what exactly, Lord’ Why I'm going back to Koyunhisar The reason why we are going back to our castles and citadels sir What's going on here?Sir Valens, bad news reached Bursa before you.Go ahead.Osman and his beys are alive The vanguard got destroyed Osman*He destroyed Christ's elite troop.I II be baptized with his blood When I kill Osman,. he won't even have a grave to be buried in I will smash his bones'noA pay♦You re going back to your castles like cowards FoolsNow I see bettehow those shepherds have beaten you..... for yearsGo hide behind the walls Cowards who are afraid of fighting.We II fight.Nayman and I will unite our armies We II take our lands back You house and children, huh?You think I II leave you like this?Come here I will..I will . I will..1 will take your everything.You will have only your life left comeCome here ComeYou will pay for what you did.ComeGet up1 Get up1You will pay(□et up’I'm going to survive this too Then I will spit on you.Where aie you going to go, ha?Where are you going to go?You think I’ll leave you You can t go anywhere1 Which commanders will turn against... after you fall?You II give me all the names.Come hereCome hereAll of them will fight to avenge me.But you can’t kill me.

Esngun won t let that happen You say so, hufPYou say so?NowStand up.HereI m both the Bey and the state And only I can decide.... who is going to die Now give me the names of the commanders Come on!A great army.will comeafter youThose who hate Gazan Even if I die, they will keep fighting .. and make this place a homeland for them c o in pIII let them know too, don't worry.I II bury the one who sets eye on my lands under the grounds of my lands Bury them Osman, bury them.When I get back from Tebnz, I'll bury you too.Do you think I II let you go?You can t go anywhere Osman Bey<9Nayman s head is Gazan Khan's right.He will be taken to Tebriz with a solid troop.Gazan Khan wants to receive Nayman alive Osman BeyI'm not talking in vain.You will follow the orders of Gazan Khan who saved you from such chaos.You do not deserve to take Nayman s head.As Esngun Hatun wishes Come here Ayaz.Yes my Bey -Alps1You will go to Wayman's outpost Guards will stay there.Don t let anyone get inside We will go to Yenisehir.Come on, get him upFolksDon’t forget, these two great armies will unite.Sir Osman cornered Neyman.He will capture him soon.Capturing Nayman won't be enough for Osman.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

He will want more as his ancestors Osman wants to take our castles We should go to our castles and take precautions.Lords!We will no longer hide behind the walls and defend them1We will attackWe will destroy Turks in a battlefield How can we do it without Nayman s army. Lord Valens7 I will go to Constantinople.I will ask for his army from Emperor Andronikos If we save Nayman, we will not need Emperor s support.No one can save Nayman from Osman anymore.Nayman is a dead man.Soon, I II take Osman's life, his people I'll take everything from him.Leo, get the horses ready.Move!Move1Look at him1MoveMoveMove! Come on!MoveI II kill them allI II kill them allInfidel!I II kill them allPunish him’Just waitJust wait, hang onComparison to what you did this is nothingWaitI will not let youwalk towards your death.Open upWhat's this Osman Bey?

Everyone gets what they deserve.Come onCome to your end.ComeCome hereWalkMoveFolks'Herehere s the dastard Nayman who is the head ofmany oppressions and evil tricks Now,Esrigun Hatun says that Gazan Khandeserves to take his head But I say that the best enemy is the one who is under the ground He tortured my people.He shed blood of my people From now onhis bloods our right.The price of what you re doing will be very heavy, Osman Bey.Nayman will get to Tebnz Gazan Khan will punish him.No noI will never let him get away from me again.The only thing that will go to Gazan Khan will be this dastard's head My deathwill cause vengeance to emerge, Osman.Holy war is bigger than vengeance.Whoever sets eyes on our lands will be ruined.4Your headwill be a warning for them.Osman BeyGok TengriI fought for you.I will die for you.But,everythingwill be done in order Your time has come.What did you do, Osman Bey I did what was necessary Without even thinking about it You hunted Gazan Khan s prey.How are you going to answer him7 The prey does not belong to the one who laid his eyes on it .. but to the one who beheads it Tell this to Gazan Khan Boran.

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