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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 164 Season's Finale Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Jun 23

This is Episode No 164(34) Season's Finale of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 164 of Season 5 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Osman Bey's Death and the Rise of Orhan Bey

Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, was a figure of immense historical significance. His leadership and military prowess laid the foundation for what would become one of the longest-lasting and most influential empires in world history. However, the transition of power following his death was equally pivotal, as his son Orhan Bey took the helm and continued to build on his father's legacy, setting the stage for the empire's expansion and consolidation.

The Death of Osman Bey

Osman Bey's death is traditionally placed around 1324, though some sources suggest it might have been as late as 1326. The exact circumstances surrounding his death are not well-documented, which is not uncommon for figures from this period. Most historical accounts agree that Osman Bey likely died of natural causes, possibly due to the physical toll of his many campaigns and the infirmities of age.

At the time of his death, Osman Bey had already established a strong base of power in northwestern Anatolia. His most significant achievement towards the end of his life was initiating the siege of Bursa, a strategic city under Byzantine control. Although Osman did not live to see its fall, he laid the groundwork for its eventual capture by his son Orhan.

Osman Bey's death marked a crucial transition point for the nascent Ottoman state. It was essential for the survival and growth of the empire that this transition be smooth and uncontested. Fortunately, Osman Bey had meticulously prepared his son Orhan to take over, involving him in governance and military campaigns, thereby ensuring a seamless succession.

The Ascension of Orhan Bey

Orhan Bey succeeded his father as the leader of the Ottoman Turks and continued to build upon Osman Bey's legacy with vigor and determination. Born around 1281, Orhan was well-prepared to lead, having been actively involved in his father's military campaigns and governance. His leadership marked a period of significant expansion and consolidation for the Ottoman state.

One of Orhan's first major achievements was the capture of Bursa in 1326, shortly after Osman Bey's death. The city's capture was a critical milestone. Bursa became the first major urban center under Ottoman control and later served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The fall of Bursa was not only a strategic victory but also a symbolic one, demonstrating the growing power and ambition of the Ottomans.

Consolidation and Expansion

Orhan Bey's reign was characterized by both military and administrative successes. He continued the policy of expanding Ottoman territories at the expense of the weakening Byzantine Empire. Under Orhan, the Ottomans captured several key locations, including Nicaea (İznik) in 1331 and Nicomedia (İzmit) in 1337. These conquests were significant as they secured Ottoman control over key trade routes and further weakened Byzantine influence in the region.

Orhan's military successes were facilitated by several factors. He inherited a well-organized and disciplined army from his father. Additionally, he continued to employ effective military tactics, including the use of light cavalry and the strategic deployment of forces. Orhan also benefited from internal strife within the Byzantine Empire, which was plagued by political instability and civil wars, making it easier for the Ottomans to capture Byzantine territories.

Administrative Reforms

While Orhan Bey is often celebrated for his military conquests, his contributions to the administrative development of the Ottoman state are equally significant. He implemented several reforms that helped consolidate Ottoman rule and laid the foundation for future administrative structures.

One of Orhan's notable achievements was the establishment of a formalized administrative system. He appointed viziers to manage various aspects of governance, creating a more efficient and centralized administration. This system helped maintain order in the newly conquered territories and facilitated the integration of diverse populations into the Ottoman state.

Orhan also focused on building infrastructure to support the growing state. He initiated the construction of mosques, schools, and public buildings, many of which were centered in Bursa. These projects not only improved the quality of life for his subjects but also reinforced the legitimacy of Ottoman rule by demonstrating the state's ability to provide for its people.

Economic Policies

Economic stability and growth were crucial for sustaining the Ottoman state's expansion. Orhan Bey understood this and implemented policies to promote trade and agriculture. He encouraged the settlement of merchants and artisans in newly conquered cities, which helped stimulate economic activity.

The Ottomans under Orhan also benefited from their strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. This position allowed them to control key trade routes, facilitating the flow of goods and wealth into their territories. Orhan's policies ensured that the Ottoman state could capitalize on these advantages, further strengthening its economic base.

Military Innovations

Orhan Bey's reign saw significant military innovations that would have a lasting impact on the Ottoman Empire. One of the most important developments was the establishment of a standing army. Unlike the more temporary and feudal-based forces used by many of their contemporaries, the Ottomans under Orhan began to develop a professional army that could be deployed more efficiently and effectively.

This standing army included the Janissaries, an elite corps composed initially of Christian youths from the Balkans who were converted to Islam and trained as soldiers. The creation of the Janissary corps provided the Ottomans with a loyal and highly skilled military force that would become a cornerstone of their military might for centuries.

Diplomatic Relations

Orhan Bey also understood the importance of diplomacy in securing and expanding Ottoman power. He established alliances and married into other powerful families to strengthen his position. One notable example is Orhan's marriage to Theodora, the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor John VI Kantakouzenos. This marriage helped secure a temporary alliance with the Byzantine Empire, providing the Ottomans with a strategic advantage.

These diplomatic efforts helped Orhan navigate the complex political landscape of the time, allowing the Ottomans to expand their influence without always resorting to military force.

The Legacy of Orhan Bey

Orhan Bey's reign marked a period of significant transformation for the Ottoman state. Under his leadership, the Ottomans transitioned from a small principality to a burgeoning empire. His military conquests, administrative reforms, economic policies, and diplomatic efforts laid the foundation for the continued expansion and consolidation of the Ottoman Empire.

Orhan's ability to build upon his father's legacy and implement effective governance ensured the stability and growth of the Ottoman state. His contributions were crucial in setting the stage for the later successes of the empire under his successors, particularly his son Murad I.


The death of Osman Bey and the subsequent ascension of Orhan Bey were pivotal moments in Ottoman history. Osman Bey's vision and leadership provided the foundation for the Ottoman state, while Orhan Bey's reign marked the beginning of its transformation into a formidable empire. Orhan's military victories, administrative reforms, economic policies, and diplomatic efforts all contributed to the strengthening and expansion of the Ottoman state. His legacy is one of consolidation and growth, setting the stage for the future successes of the Ottoman Empire and ensuring its place in history as one of the most powerful and enduring empires.

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