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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 20 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode Number 20 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles. Those savages are using our brave ones against us Be yourself right away. Come back to your roots Goktug Don't forget that everything turns back to itself Dogs to dogs Wolves to wolves. Oh. look I have the same too Of course son. This is on every man since your grandfather llktegin Alp Balgay! I ll make you pay for this, Balgay! This Episode Was Sponsored By ramadhangiving com/read-foundation The fire in your heart won't be put out by your tears, brother. I will remind you of everything one by one. Om Mb0a Our mother.

What the Mongols did As long as that Balgay dog lives, every breath he takes is Haram (forbidden) for me, brother. Where are you going Goktug9 Stop, brother I'll go to Konya I'll skin Balgay! I’ll make him bleed to death, brother! Now is not the time to kill Balgay, brother What are you saying brother'? What are you saying after all he has done? Brother Sometimes an enemy aive is more useful than dead We need him alive now. You know We allied with him.

We allied with him. You'll continue like nothing has happened You'll continue so that. Balgay will show a safe spot. All the years lost all the years you didn't know who you were... can only come back with forgiveness and purity Nowjrepeat,after me. I bear witness that (there is) no god except Allah,' I bear witness that (there is) no god except Allah, ^and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger." and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger." You should’ve seen Osman’s face when he learned that Zorba was killed He got extremely mad Osman is merciful, he is forgiving. But his wrath is just as great as his mercy. But he won't let go of this until he makes Dundar pay for what he has done It's obvious what will be the end result of this. Everyone learned what happened after all. Selcan Hatun. Yes, Burcin. Hell broke loose. Osman Bey got so mad And you are sitting here. We are not in a race to learn everything that has happened.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

That's why, we wait and learn the things when the time is right. If that's so, then you didn't hear it from me... Burcin, tell us what you are going to say I said that you didn't hear it from me. Burcin. I loved your late mother. that's why I'm putting up with you. But you are testing my patience, say it now If you want to learn of it so bad, I will. It was not good for Osman to do that on the day Aygul was going to marry What did Osman Bey do 9 Osman Bey came with a great force in front of tent. He said "I won't let you marry Aygul and Alisar, uncle" Burcin, what are you talking about 9 What Osman has to do with Aygul's marriage ? I don’t know about that. Bamsi Bey and Gunduz Bey didnt really calm him down They told wha was necessary because he crossed the line But they did not say enough.

What did Osman say that crossed the line ? I won’t let Aygul marry Alisar" What else did he say ? Nothing much, all his problem stemmed from Aygul, after all What problem does Osman have with Aygul ? After all the trouble, Dundar Bey got mad. too He exposed a secret that he didn't tell anyone Turns out that, He gave Aygul's hand in marriage to Osman in time Osman Bey must have been sorry about it Since he made such a scene amongst all these people You provoked me Selcan Hatun. I didn't want to say it You made me do it. Keep your eye on Osman my nephew. He is openly threatening us One loses his reason when anger enters his heart, uncle. What's wrong son? What is on your mind? Our anger is more than we can control uncle However... If we become prisoners of our anger, it will only harm us. What will we do brother? What are you implying? If we take my uncle in front of the tent, There will be blood, brother

We will not only carry the flag of courage, But also the flag of mercy. My uncle can’t see past the fog in front of him. Let him go to the wedding Okay brother, but let's not help Alisar get what he wants Let Alisar think he is fooling everyone brother We shouldn't be seen together, So that my uncle may walk close to you. What then son? What are you planning9 For him to understand t I'll make my uncle and Alisar face each other Thus, we will get rid of this trouble once and for all. How is that going to work brother? Thanks to Aygul brother Since everything points to Aygul Since Alisar is playing all of his games through Aygul. We will ruin all of his games through Aygul Osman doesn’t know what he is saying He does, nephew Look, hear me out on this. If he tires to rum the feast.

You should know that we won’t have any more words to speak. When the dust rises up You can’t see what’s ahead of you Dundar Bey What more can I do Bamsi Bey9 I was an uncle: it didn’t work. I tried to be a kin to him: it didn't work. And now he is coming to me and saying that I can't let Alisar marry Aygul. He has gone completely mad. If something happens to us. It will all be his fault, you should know that. Now. be strong Dundar Bey. I will go and talk to him That would be good He will listen to you. I didn't have the time before. One of you is my tribes’ Bey, And the other is my tribes' people Don’t leave me alone at the feast. Don't worry uncle. I won't leave you or Aygul alone We will be there for the wedding feast. Thank you Father, I'll come with you if you allow me. The road is not safe. And you're calling me father without shame? Is there any other danger than your existence?

You can't imagine how upset I am about not seeing you at my wedding. Osman Be careful. Alisar1 You can t know what will be in the dowry chest. Biggest danger is eliminated. am going to get Zuhre Hatun Wait until you hear me. My bey. what will we do ? Come to our death like this ? If necessary, yes.

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