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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 21 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode Number 21 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Father! I will chop you apart with my own hands Osman. I will feed you to the birds! My uncle is not dead. Bahadir. Father. Father. Father. Bahadir is here. Father! Bahadir is here. My son. Bahadir. How did you find me? Aygul Aygul, father. She brought us Oh, my Aygul My brave daughter My heroic daughter My heroic daughter If my father had died, I would burn you to death in a Kayi tent, Osman! Bahadir.

You are accountable for the things you get in after life... Bahadir. You are accountable for the things you get in after life the things you say in this life. I don't account for. I make people account for, Osman! Bahadir, my son. We brought princess safe and sound to where Osman Bey said Thanks to Allah, we have done this mission, too. brother We found each other, together. we will,win many fight together. Inshallah brother. What will we do now. brother ? Go to the tribe7 What is it, did you miss the tribal life ?

Yes, brother. I did We will go to tribe brother and you will go to Alisar's mansion. If something happens. you will inform us. It's not good for you to come to the tribe now Eyvallah brother, I have waited my whole life, I can wait a little longer Be careful brother We have too many enemies. My brother is Konur alp no enemy can hurt me. Don’t worry about me, brother. A soldier s destiny is to die fighting. If not for today, someday for sure. Give me your blessings. Alps, come on You will die Osman! I will kill you! I need Osman alive. Don’t cross the line. Boke, he killed my brother. It’s our right to kill him! Control your anger, young one Or I will kill you instead of Osman!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Commander Boke! This is our business, Osman will die! Everything in these lands are Geyhatu's business, then mine, Dundar Bey. Well you are all fighting over me I have enough wrath for all of you You will tell of these to great Geyhatu. I feel bad for you His cruelty is even greater than his power. We don't walk around with a leash on our neck And we don’t sell our soul to anyone Most importantly, we don't know any power other than Allah' How dare you interfere in our tribes business 7 Osman killed my child, don't you understand?! If you lay a hand on him, I will kill your other child And make you eat her meat until you puke. Dundar Bey! Commander Boke! »y»y See, Boran? We are at the feast of crows They are gnashing at each others' throats Tie them up The day that you die. Will be a holy day for me Osman! Since the biggest trouble is tied up. Your end has come. Osman Zohre Hatun!

Don't. Zohre Hatun! I don't want to hurt or harm you If your husband or your child hear that you was shot when escaping... They would be upset. Come on. behave I will make you pay for today and what has happened in the past, harshly I'll obey your order But remember my words very well. As long as he lives, nobody even Geyhatu will be relax. You... What are you thinking of Commander Boke? His blood is for me. I say! Don't you hear? Enough Enough is enough. My bey. they don't want to kill us Obviously. Geyhatu wants me alive. Be ready. Boran We’ll finish Boke in the first chance we get and let them escape.

As you say, my Bey. Alisar Bey. Tell me what’s going on, Alisar Bey. You said you'd give Osman to me You said you'd make him pay. I did say that. But. . Geyhatu wants Osman. i/MM Don't you still get that Osman is alone. Dundar Bey9 He wants to learn who supports him. Osman polluted where he shouldn’t. I'll take him to Konya myself. When Geyhatu is done with Osman... you'll look into his eyes. I promise that I'll go to Konya with you.

But We'll finish our job in the tribe. Did you understand7 Uncle! Don't trust this Alisar and be disrespectful enough to want my father's seat Are you still talking? Anyone in the tribe who trusted you and has the blood of my son on their hands I'll kill them all Osman. I will. All! All! Dundar Bey. Give me your men. I'll take Osman and the Alp with him to Konya. As you wish. Commander Boke.

You can't imagine how upset I am about not seeing you at my wedding. Osman Be careful. Alisar1 You can t know what will be in the dowry chest. Biggest danger is eliminated. am going to get Zuhre Hatun Wait until you hear me. My bey. what will we do ? Come to our death like this ? If necessary, yes.

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