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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 23 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode Number 23 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Boran. Kongar’s plan shouldn't be exposed You go. As your order, my Bey. Peace be with you, son. Peace be upon you, Bamsi Bey I couldn't come to your wedding because of my duty my Bey. May Allah keep you happy and live in peace. May you be blessed with a long lineage and a long life. Thank you brother. Thankyqu. Horse will take a brave one toihis destination and a strong** council will allow repuation to grown around everywhere. We won't let it be just an engagement. My heart is yearning to syving swords and break shields. We are saying that we will go to fight and you're talking about feasts and shields, Bamsi Bey. Well, my Gunduz. Fighting or'feasting. Both are weddings. As you say. Let's get rid of our problems first.

We'll set up a big wedding feast when it's time. So what did Boke do? He did what was his duty. What did he say? Alisar will be caught in our trap just as we want, my Bey. Dundar Bey and Bahadir will come with them obviously. But they are worried that they will be crowded. That ones with the right don't care about the numbers, brother. One day we challange mammoths like swifts, with rocks in our mouths. One day we become David and kill the cruel. Stop1 Today... The soil will be full of blood and Eriik Khan will be full of dead souls, Osman Bey. Well, Balgay. Tell me how much you trust Boke. As loyal as a dog with mange (skin disease) is to its owner, he will be loyal to me, Osman Bey. Then lets begin. Now listen to me carefully. Every preparations are getting ready Dundar Bey. And my Bahadir is coming with good news, Inshallah.

I lost Konur's track And those others who were wounded vanished into thin air. Then we are going to play the game how Osman wants us to. We are act like we fell into their trap. But, they will be the ones who are trapped How? Osman told Boke he would attack me at his base. Balgay and his warriors will ambush my soldiers. It is right behind that hill over there. I will wait for Osman here. Balgay doesn't think I would betray him. They ar§ going to fall into their own trap. And Boke will regain his reputation he lost due to Geyhatu. From now on, It is time to get rid of that calamity named Osman. He thinks we are the prey But he will become our prey. If I don't cut out the liver of Osman with the dagger of Batur, And take his mindless head into the Kayi tribe, my name isn't Alisar! Banner lords use their base as support troops.*?That coward Alisar will stay is his base, Until he figures out what is going on.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

He will want to attack in the end, And put us to sword. This will be the ambush location. While Balgay takes care of them with his warriors, I will take action too. I will attack him in his base before he can make a move. Alisar will set his post up at the closest place to the ambush. This is the place that can observe most directions. We will fight in three fronts. Where is the third front Osman Bey? We will attack Alisar's mansion with Bamsi Bey. We will put his men to sword.1 Who is "we" Gunduz Bey? Dervishes of Sheykh Edebali. All of them are faithful, brave soldiers. It seems that, You won't give that dog any breathing room. Letting the dog who breathes poison, Balgay Is a sin inntself.*' About the mansion, Mansion is everything to Alisar.

His reputation, his honor, his harem. Soldiers will do their best in order to protect the mansion. Lots of blood will be shed. Lots of blood will be shed. Trees of freedom are watered with blood Those who ask for forgiveness will not face our wrath. But, it’s your responsibility to cut down those who stand against us. Now. It's time to drench our weaponskiniblood. *. You know where to find me when your work is done, Osman Bey.

For a while, the birth of a nation we have dreamed of... we felt the pain of, will come today. We took great honour from our forefathers... and today we will give honour to our next generations. Since we have come from lands beyond for war... then we will establishsancuriion .whose whole purpose is war, martydom and justice. We will establish a Beyhood. We will establish state.

Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Dunday Bey you will go with Bahadir to where Osman will set a trap. My soldiers will be under your command as Bordey Bey. An#I will, together with iBoke, bun *(down Osman, who swore to attack me at my camp. An ambush follows an ambush and blood follows blood. Osman is mine, my son Bator's blood is still on his hands. Dundar Bey I want to take Osman's life, too. But when Geyhatu arrives, we are supposed to bring Osman to him. If Geyhatu does not hear what he has done with his own ears, we won't tell him our problem. What if Geyhatu does not give him to us ? What if he kills him himself ? What will happen to my revenge, Alisar Bey ?

I'm trying to hunt down a hyena, and you are after its skin. It will go as I say. But if you insist, there is a way you can go back. Father, Alisar Bey! Is this the time to argue ? I know your pain, Dundar Bey. But whether Osman's alive or dead body comes here, this dagger will complete its purpose. Be sure about it. You are right, Alisar Bey. What we need is him dead. If I see that his dead body is eaten by vultures, that's enough for me. Gonca. Bala. Welcome, daughter Thanks, Selcan Hatun. My Allah. Supplying material for the lodge took long. I couldn't come to your engagement. But, we'll be together at the wedding feast InshaAllah. InshaAllah, my Gonca. Welcome. Thanks, Bala. Come on. My Sheykh. We prepared the dowry my Sheykh. If you allow us, we'll go to the tribe.

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