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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 24 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode Number 24 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Come on If we let this rebel go, the emperor will kill all of us We ll split You go this way You're now in my lands I’ll send your heads to the emperor My Alaca We have lots of secrets Do you want to tell one of them to Osman Bey? Karayel do you hear what Bala Hatun and Alaca say? They have secrets What might they be? We say As love makes us fly, we can also run fast. The one that loves more, runs faster Karayel Did you hear that? What they said to us But they don't know that We become wind and surf over many lands for love Then, show it Osman Bey Karayel Come on It's time to be the wind and fly. Come on lUBLUSQ Sofia is here!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

I'll kill a thousand of you for the life you stole from Master Yannis I'll kill a thousand! Neither you Nor those damned Turks won't be able to stop me! You must be hungry, you came from a long way. I will feed you now You did well by coming Aygul Aygul! Mom, come and look Look, brother Batur has come, he wanted to eat some gozleme(pancake) Come, let's eat together My Aygul My beautiful daughter Your brother Batur won t come stop it Your brother Batur won't come, he became a martyr He is in heaven now. Look, he is here He wanted to eat gozleme(pancake) he came to me Pull yourself together, my child, your brother is dead Let's go to his grave and pray for him. Enough1 You killed him, that’s why you think he is dead.

I didn’t kill my brother. that's why he has come to me That's why he didn't come to me, but he came to me Brother? Brother? My brother is gone He is gone My Aygul don't be like this come Come on Come my daughter Come on, my daughter Come on My brother left because of you! Because of you! Because of you! Because of you! Because of you! Because... of They are beating me up my brother Save me from them brother Batur Save me Come on Have a seat. You must be thirsty I couldn't catch up, could I? You think I don't know you Osman? If you wanted to win, I would never be able to catch up to you, Not on Alaca’s back, not even on a hawk This is the first time my heart shivers like this Osman.

I am so happy! Your heart is strong And your faith and belief are like steel, my Bala However, happiness is a test, Just like pain. That’s why your heart is shivering You and I, We will pass these tests. We will advance the banners we have planted, On the heathen regions with our children I will be by your side as long as I'm alive Osman. I don't know if I will be able to provide a child for you However, the only thing I know is that. My Allah knows best. May my Allah not separate you from me It will happen if we have faith.

I say this, not with my mind, But instead with my heart We will have children Our lineage will continue Inshallah Osman Inshallah May my Allah not let us become people who are filled with frustration May my Allah let us become people who always have faith, Who always do good deeds encourage patience and remind each other of Allah To one and another uaauiv.

The day will come on which our tent will be filled with our kids' voices Then The sacred state of the Turk Tribes will be founded The label of justice and freedom order will be heard from far With the Hatuns that Bala Hatun raises and with the men Osman Bey raised, With Allah’s permission, we ll see those days my Bala. Inshallah Osman Come on* Why are we staying silent? You said race Then we will race. The first one to get to the tribe wins. Come on Come on! They conducted a wedding in a hurry They sacrificed a male horse male sheep and a male camel. They sacrificed a male sheep They wasted a newly engaged bride We collected these flowers with my Batur brother I ll place them on our bride's head at the wedding Does it suit me, father?

Anythingisuits an angel, my daughter When I become a bride, I will put spring flowers everywhere We will, daughter My Bey, what will happen <to her ? Should we find a well known spiritualist? Or a well known healer ? What should we do 7 We need a solution. Gunduz says we should find a good doctor He is sending messengers to all of Sogut Inshallah, we will find a good doctor Inshallah, my Bey Inshallah My Bey, you haven't eaten anything for days I will bring you some food I'm not in a mood to eat anything, hatun You see my daughter's state And Bahadir is under constant watch in his own tribe. And if Hazal Hatun comes and asks What is happening with my son?

What will I answer ? Now We are in the days where you are needed the most. I will bring you some food Welcome... Welcome Hazal Hatun. Welcome * Welcome Hazal Hatun. Welcome Welcome. Thanks, thanks Kayi Tribe has become bigger since I last saw it It became the biggest tribe among the tribes around here Politics, Saltuk alp, knowledge of politics Without that, both money and weapons are worthless.

When I move into my tent, many will come to visit me I don't want anyone disrespectul at my door, be aware As your order, Hazal Hatun, don't worry Hazal Subutay who brings despair wherever he goes ^ You aren’t truly a wolf, # Unless^you can make a hundred dogs cry after you Stop'howling and showing those decayed'teeth fpf yours with the.froth on your mouth, And take me to Balgay How could you track us down?

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