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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 25 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode Number 25 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. That black dog called Osman, not only stole your soul, but also stole your mind as well. You forgot that you cannot trick Balgay1 I'm going to pull out that new soul that became a stranger to your roots. You are going to become Kongar again* You are going to call Balgay "father" again. You are going to become my Noyan that would accept death with open arms Why didn't you tell us that Zohre Hatun took the poison from the man that came to the tribe, Hazal Hatun?

That dog He calls himself a-healer* It’s not easy to work it quickly, Osman. What«if you were late, what if something went wrong ? Why did you wait for the feast to reveal it ? I wanted to be sure. Instead of thanking me you are questioning me 9 It's not interrogation aunt, it's an inquiry. Osman wants to see who is behind it. Maybe there is no one behind it. maybe she prepared the poison by herself.

I don't think so mother This poison is nothing like we know of. It's obvious that it’s strong, its after effects show themselves. She feeds the animal with the poison, but it only becomes effective after the meat from the animal is cooked. What kind of illness is that ?'Even the devil wouldn’t think of somethingdike that The devil walks amongst us. uncle He was just acting like a healer, putting up a front. You are saying that the guy we saw as the healer is someone else v Yes, Hazal Hatun. So. he passed over the poison by saying that it’s a remedy. Who is this snake that came so close to us 7 We will understand who he is.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

I sent my alps after him. Who do you suspect 7 Who's behind this plan'? Sofia Isn't that snake in Constantinople? The name of the poison that was used is Hemlock It's an old Greek poison, the affects are seen later... and it is made of Hemlock Nobody other than her can think of this. After we re on to them... we ll see what that doctor will say Konur.

After the hill, there’s the castle, brother That jackal, claiming to be a doctor will leave from it soon. We need to be cautious. Boran As you say. It's Subutay. Wait brother. Wait for now. They're going to the castle. Boran They're going to the castle Now we know where Sofia go the the courage to poison our wedding feast meal Now we know. How could they evade the poison? How? They killed Zohre Hatun. They must've learned her plan. I did my duty princess Sofia Damn your ancestors, Osman! Princess Sofia. Mongol Commander Subutay is here. Osman will come after you. Get lost from my sight. Go to Nikea Gfeffec fl Commander Subutay It's so nice to see you If I had known that you would come. . I would have held a ceremony for you. irP 9* * >*&-*• This way Here Well talk here. Sofia Like a Mongol, under the sky. My mouth feels weird due to hunger Bring some These tents of stone of yours,

Bother me. Your flashiness tires my eyes Sofia Luxury makes your friends trust you. And your enemies fear you. Subutay Nonsense Us Mongols. Believe that, we carry the spirit of Whichever animal whose heart we have eaten. YoU«must have eaten a chicken’s heart! Seeing as you have imprisoned yourself here. I am here to give you courage A horse’s heart. Eat it so that you may truly see. So that your spirit may be courageous You will need it I like my meat bloody. I'm listening to you Why will I need courage? Tell me that. Geyhatu Has returned because of Baydogan And he gave me the duty Of finishing off that devil named Osman Finishing off Osman isn't easy Subutay. Don’t you trust me woman'? I trust you just as much as I trust Geyhatu. What do you want from me? Just for Osman and his Alps to get out of the tribe.

It is my job to drive Osman wild and get him out of the tribe What about you9 I have what will bring Osman to the realm of spirits... Treason Kill him! This is the end for you. you dog! You will die i died iraofiiffo wo oe Nice dagger It's sharp. But. a sharp dagger would cut its owner first. If you lie to us, I will cut tongue off Forgive me, Zohre Hatun asked for the poison herself. How couldi I have known she was going to do something like that ? I told you I would cut your tongue out if you lied Princess Sofia. She made me do it She threatened me with my children. Forgive me. * Then what were you doing at the castle ? I told Sofia that I did my best and to stay away from my family. This is not enough for us to forgive you We need more Commander Subutay He came to visit Sofia They are going to act together from now on.

You tried to turn our feast into a massacre and our tribe into a graveyard In our law, there is no mercy for betrayal, know this. You are going to kill Osman with this dagger. Salvador. By killing our soldiers, he left behind a mountain of dead bodies as big as mount Olympus ^ What are we going to achieve with this dagger, Princess ? It is covered with a poison that, even a scratch is enough to kill him with pain With this scratch, the one that is poisoned, feels the cold breath of death on his neck first What about pain ? Will he feel pain ? Tell me that, woman Pam ? The pain will flow through the body until covers every inch While throwing up blood, your life flashes before your eyes. You would question your loyalty, and your betrayal. To trick Osman.. You've converted from your religion You're just the person for this duty. Die, slut! Burcin Is this what you’re looking for father9 Oh, my daughter. Oh, Burcin.

You're still wounded. Don't tire yourself My wound is not on my skin, father It's in my heart. I'll patch the wound in your heart. I'll patch it You should just be careful with the one on your skin That'll be enough I'm ashamed with what I've done But, as you forgave me father... Oh*my Burcin. Who has no sins in this life? Don't think about it. Don'tlhink... Also, look Do you know what's in this case? Look Come here Come. In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. Allah! Allah is my witness... that I’ve never^given any other advice than the words of Allah to Aybars He started reading it when he was just a child. He decided to be a Sheykh once but it didn't happen It didn't happen. Oh, my Burcin. Oh, my Burcin. O, mashallah. My Burcin. My Aybars has always been growing up under this flag.

He never had a dream that didnit include this flag. Not one dream And my Burcin... This dagger is the (first dagger that I gave to Aybars. He shed the blood of Mongol heathens with this dagger first* With this dagger Now Burcin... All these will be Siddik's. But these are Aybars'. And who is Siddik, father? Siddik, my Burcin... is the second son thatVAIIah granted me. He is like the rose that blossoms in the winter, Like the snow that falls in the summer. Now, he is coming to the tribe to kiss my hand.

I will introduce you to him when he comes I will introduce you to him Have you felt the cold breath of death on your neck Salvador? Huh? The meaning of death is reaching our Allah for us1 I will let you "reach” Osman, who you are loyal to, Before you reach your God Salvador! I like you Princess Sofia You are an entertaining woman Go to Osman, And tell him that…

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