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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 26 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode Number 26 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. You will drown in the vengeance of the Turks, Subutay BOI t'M Allah! Run to the physical arms of death, Osman! Die! I won’t leave this cursed tribe before I skin you! So you are haunting our tribe and our tents, huh? I will. I will Make this tribe Your grave Subutay Sofia, Sofia, Sofia You took 2 children of mine Now it's time to avenge Bamsi Bey! Bamsi Bey! Bamsi Bey! Keep calm! Gunduz Bey will take care of this Bamsi Bey! Take her away! She'll stay in the caged tent until Gunduz Bey executes her Come on! Keep this dog in sight Brother Come on Horses! Sofia! Goktug Give me water Instead of dying out of shame you’re asking for water Water... I said give me water Do you want me to die from dehydration? Goktug My brave brother Goktug Kongar doesn't leave anything unfinished.

Your time of death has come Alps! Abdurrahman Ghazi! Alps! Abdurrahman Ghazi! Are you okay Leave me, Sofia has escaped Go after her quickly, don't let her escape Come on, come on* Sons, he doesn’t look good Osman, I would sacrifice not one arm, but a thousand arms for you Abdurrahman Ghazi. . Brother, did the doctor from Sogut arrive 7 Yes, he has arrived Come on, to the healing tent Quickly Hold on, Abdurrahman Ghazi hold on Come on Come on* We lost everything, Balgay Now isn't the time to talk, they will be here any moment They have escaped, how are we going to explain to our Bey 9 Let's go after them, to the horses! Hold on, Abdurrahman Ghazi Abdurrahman Ghazi Take a look at him Abdurrahman Ghazi... Hold on Hold on! He lost a lot of blood, my Bey Is he going to live ? Is Abdurrahman Ghazi going to live ? Tell me that. Only Allah knows that. But there is something worse than death for Abdurrahman Ghazi.

Do what's necessary to keep him alive, doctor Do what's necessary Then, we need to cut off his arm What are you talking about, doctor17 What are you saying, doctor ? What are you saying ? That arm. as protected our tradition That arm has took the heads of many enemies Is it that easy to cut it off like that ? Huh ? Is it that easy ? I know, my Bey, it's not easy, but if we do not cut off the arm it will lead to gangrene, he won't survive We need to cut off the arm and band up the wound He won t survive otherwise, he will die. Doctor, Abdurrahman Ghazi will leave here alive. With or without an arm, make Abdurrahman Ghazi leave here alive. Inshallah Abdurrahman Ghazi. Goktug Do not let your wings to be broken Do not let your wings to be broken May Allah don't make you needy of the evil ones.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

How is Abdurrahman, son? Not good, mother Doctor said that it's difficult for him to even live What are you saying son? Isn't there another way, Bey? Even if he lives... his arm needs to be amputated Now Abdurrahman gazi is now one-armed Osman' Look at me Osman! Goktug Goktug My brother, Goktug I'll give you good news, wife May your local black mountains not be demolished May your big tree not be cut May your powerful water running like blood not be dried May the tips of your wings not be broken May Allah not make you need the vile Goktug Don't do it. Dumrul Don't do it to my brother Brother! Don’t do it to my brother Brother' Brother* Brother! What did I do? Brother* Dumrul come! Brother' Don't do it Osman! Face me Osman! Don't wait with the women and face me! Come, come. Come, Osman come! Come!

How dare you, Put me in chains, Osman? Untie me! Untie me so that I may show you the strength of the Mongols1 Well done Osman Well done Well done, well done Osman You are brave. Brave. 0LUOQ Let us see your strength too Where is Geyhatu? Why didn't he come? Tell me! Geyhatu will come Don't you worry He thought about it But he will come for you Oh You are a man Show your skill first Turk is angry! The dog is«angry! But he will see All of you will see The bravery of the Mongols Until we see that, You should get a taste of the slap of Osman Is this the strength of the Mongols? Is this your reign you are flaunting? Tell me! Halt! Where are the others7 We don't have much time, let's go to the castle quickly.

Let's not lose more time. Everything is over now. Nothing is over as long as I'm alive, Sofia And I'm not going to die until I kill them Let's go to the castle. I'm going to teach all of you the fate of these lands Those who came to raid will leave as they come You run on these lands because of your fear from us. What changed What changed We came again, we found you again Your end will be by our hand We have come to these lands to spread Allah's religion We have come to fight We have come to destroy your... dynasty of cruelty Did you think it's over because you killed Alisar ? We will come in great numbers, we will come for blood, for revenge! Alisa^s death should be an example for the cruel ones amongst us And your death be an example for all the cruel ones Long live Osman Bey1 Long live Osman Bey!

Long live Osman Bey! Allah is great! Allah is great! Take this dog's head... to Geyhatu He should know what will happen to him Stop1 Do not eat the food! This traitor poisoned the food1 Eat it! You dog! Those who try to take our lives, will die from my hands. Come son Come. Let's get to the tent so that I can check your wound Don't worry, I'm okay Osman is victorious in everything. You're worried that he's gaining fame. Don't do it mother They expect to sit in the chair which they've made my father get up from.

But I won't let them I won't let Osman be the Bey, as long as my father is alive Know that It's not about Osman, son It's about the future problems We ll get rid of Osman but Geyhatu will come. Osman crossed the line this time Subutay was Geyhatu's right arm. He killed him He deserved it mother He deserved, yes But When Geyhatu finds outaboutit ^ he'll get really mad Then he'll attack the Kayis with his army Our duty is to save Kayis from this, son.

There's only one person who'll do it, who can do it That is My uncle. Yes, your uncle You'll go now You'll tell him what is going on Nobody here needs to know where you are going I'll say that you went to thank him for the intel he gave Tell him everything that happened throughly Tell him.. so that he will think of something to do for the upcoming storm Osman won't let Subutay live Osman will have managed to bring Geyhatu here by himself. He won’t come, woman! He won’t Geyhatu is back As you can see It is only a matter of time before Osman attacks your castle. There isn't word from Kongar either. Are you concerned about Kongar among all this trouble? Tell me. how did Osman learn about the attack?

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