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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 08

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode number 8 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. My father see it fit like this, Osman Bey Allah is with those who are patient. May I come in. my son'? I want to be alone, my aunt. The one who can t be with his love. is alone in the crowd, my son It isn t important that i m here or not I can t breathe normally while I’m thinking my aunt. Why did he think that I’m not suitable for his daughter'? What did I do wrong and he takes no notice of me9 This isn t about that, my son Sheykh Edebali is the one who knows your bravery and your character. The real matter is what will you do now Will you be perished by your anger... Or will you be right minded?

This is the matter Seems like, winter will be tough. We have to work hard. We have to protect the right of the poor We should also prepare the goods which we will give to them as charity. You II see.. We will ride out the storm. Its okay. It didn t burn. Don t worry There s no burns on your skin. However. The burn is deep inside Bala. Everything happens for a reason The important thing is to understand why my Sheykh made this decision I don t know why and what’s going to happen. The only thing I know is that... My heart belongs to Osman If I have to wait. I can wait for a lifetime. Patience is cold as marble.

But.. If I'm waiting for Osman, it's pleasure for me If it's about Osman Bey I believe your waiting won't last long. He II find a way somehow. Having a heartache is weird It's like I'm freezing... And burning at the same time I don t know which one it is that I'm feeling. However, my father has all the answers. I ll go and talk to him. Welcome, my daughter. Thank you, father.

The nights are longer now I thought you might be hungry You did well Thank you, my Bala. It's important to know the right time, to seize for it In these lands White flowers on the almond tree blossom in winter... Because they think it's already spring. They’ve deceived by... The fake beam of sun that surrounds their branches. Yet Since they didn't blossom at the right time All they got is the chilliness of the night. Time is an important element in the affairs of a heart, my daughter Beware your fresh leaves and your essence... That I've worked so hard, from winter sun. Don t let the coldest time of winter To ruin flowers.

I don t want you to see Osman. So you know. Bala. What happened. Bala? What s the matter? My father. He doesn t want me to see Osman He has come to a conclusion in his mind, Gonca. He has come to a conclusion Once upon a time there was a woman with outstanding beauty... And a trustworthy man. Allah, made them cross each other with the occasion of a gazelle. They instantly fell in love when they saw each other. Which one should I tell, my son.

They fought against numerous troubles. Yet, they never gave up, not once That love got stronger and active And three valiants came to the life Gunduz, Savci.. And you Now, if you pull a face and ruin yourself in vain. Tell me. how can you be together? My heart is a battlefield, my aunt My lover stands really close to me. But. I can t take her out. It's not rage Not ambition Not being able to come together drives me mad. May I come in, my bey7 Come in. Konur Alp My bey. Your inner fire effects me.

I couldn t stay in the alp s tent I came to you Give the order, so we can fly, my bey. Since, she is in love with you as well. Let's kidnap Bala Hatun, my bey. I love chaos, but... This time its more than I’ve imagined. You ve got the hardest task in this chaos, Sofia. As long as we reach our ideals, father. The only power that could deal with Kayi tribe... Without using any weapon, is Ali§ar Therefore, we must gain his alliance. Don t drive yourself into the ground, master. I got your point May people give... And pour water to you as well. May your boy... Respectful to you as well, my son. Thank you, my father. May Allah accept. Is there any problem in the camp, Yaman? There is no problem, my bey But, I’ve heard some news. You stand in your place like an owl. yet you see everything. Yaman Tell me... What is it? Osman Bey has sent Selcan Hatun to Sheykh Edebali... To ask for his daughter in marriage.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

What’s his answer? He didn t give his consent. Sheykh Edebali brushed him off If you sent your aunt instead of your uncle who is a principality bey. That’s just how it goes. Now, Osman o May I come in. uncle? Come in, my nephew. My father. What do you want in the time of morning prayer9 There is news about a caravan from our look-out alps at the frontier It left from Nikea I think it s going to Kulucahisar. The good news is coming Is it loaded? It is fully loaded They re trying to hide from us but They re making preparations for a battle. Do you think they re making preparations my bey?

Moreover, silly They re smiling upon us But making preparations for a battle What is your command7 Seems like Everybody is showing the sword they hold, my nephew. We II do the same Are we going to attack the castle, my bey? No No. No No First, we ll attack the caravan which is very important to the heathens... And leave the castle breathless They think Dundar Bey has forgotten But they don t know.. That I don t forget anything. They II pay the price.

For my daughter s kidnapping And Osman s torture They will pay. I ll tell Osman to get ready with his alps. on on on on There s no need This will be done by my valiant Batur We haven’t attacked the heathens for a long time Now go and show them who is Dundar Bey s son Batur Alp. Bring the booty to the camp So all Kayi Beys can see a true valiant As you command, my bey. My friends. It's obvious now Without getting rid of the evil in Kulucahisar... We can t live in peace on this land Are we going to migrate, my Sheykh?

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