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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 11

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode number 11 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Be my Sanjak Bey, rule the world. You are not looking for a Sanjak Bey but a dog whose leash you can hold like Ali§ar. Bangay speaks only once. And after he speaks, mountains shake. Mountains and stones obey. Don't you know we challenged all the rulers of the world? I'm telling you that I want every piece of soil including the seas. Every castle, every city, and in the end, Constantine. Your greed dazzles many idiots. But I will teach you that the blood in my veins doesn't obey anyone. How dare you... How dare you stand infront of me and talk like this, Osman Bey? Obey me, Osman. Obey, so your Alps will smell blood, not goats. The day I obey you will be the day the Turks law dies. Your laws are the dirt under my boot. And dead bodies resembling you are the rug in my hall of my tent. Either death, or obedience.

Either the shahada or freedom! Tell your grasshoppers to bring us water. We are thirsty as we beat you hard. You will lick the dirt on my boots, Turk! Your thirst will end. We will see if you can talk like this while my sword is dancing in your heart. Dundar Bey! My Gunduz! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Dundar Bey! Uncle! Bamsi Bey. Where is Osman? How is my brother, Bamsi Bey? He is talking with Balgay. Balgay wants something from Osman. My Giinduz, how is our tribe? They are there. But the tribe's reputation is ruined. I don't know how we will live with this disgrace. Shut up, walk! Walk! Get ready. We will kill them all and take our swords back. We can go to Osman if we have to. Be on alert. EyvAllah, my Bey.

Wait here. You will either die with your Alps, or your souls will be praised on these lands. The decision is yours. Commander Balgay, the fire has been lit in the tribes. Everyone felt Balgay's power. Good. Now go to new bazaar and bring Sheikh Edebali to me alive. And the dervishes' dead bodies will be showcased in the new bazaar. I wanted you to drink it, my Sheikh. I brought water as well. My Sheikh... If you allow me, I want to tell you something. I made a mistake. I didn't listen to you. I understood then, but I was late. I need your forgiveness.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

What is the difference between humans and the devil, Bala? Allah ordered the devil to prostrate to mankind... but he didn't listen. He became a sinner. Allah ordered Adem to stay away from the forbidden fruit. Adem didn't listen. He became a sinner. Both of them didn't listen to the bi est word. Adem repented while the devil was busy with his pride. He asked for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness suits mankind. Maybe, my Rabb loves his servants who ask for forgiveness the most.

But there is someone who He loves more, the person who asks for forgiveness and doesn't make the same mistake again. My Sheikh, will you forgive me? We are not forgivers, Bala. Allah is the only Forgiver. We are the ones who can tolerate and love. And our love doesn't come from your good personality. You are my daughter with your mistakes. You are my heart. Thanks to my Rabb, He gifted you with mind, decency and a pure heart. We want you to preserve them. We don't want that for ourself but you. My father. I love you so much, the breaths I've taken when you were angry at me hurt my heart. You are an entrustment and a gift of my Rabb, Bala. Your heart is pure. Your intention is good, I know.

Thus, I believe that you will do your best to be on the right way. Do you see our dark fate, uncle? We are being held captives on our lands. That's what burns my heart, my nephew. I couldn't protect my brother's entrustment. I couldn't. Either the shahada or freedom! Kill him! I will make a sheathe out of your skin! Catch him! Catch him! Ya Allah! Balgay wanted Edebali. We have to go to the bazaar before the soldiers! Come on! It's hard to get on an angry horse, as much as giving treats to the standing guests. I got you under my boots as dogs so you will understand the treat I'm giving you better.

Today, that jackal Osman showed me that... if I let you Turks breathe, it will get back to me as the sacred Mongol blood. Raise your ominous heads! Gundiiz! Gunduz! Gunduz! My nephew! Giinduz! Now., tell me Diindar Bey. Give me one reason not to torture you because of what Osman has done. Giindiiz! Gunduz! Gunduz! They raided the tribe! They took Diindar Bey and Gunduz Bey! Look at the situation we are in. Help us my Allah. Sons, valiants, it's not the day to be upset.

Osman is my nephew, he is young. He is a teenager. We don't look at the branches but the root, shepherd Diindar. Why didn't you teach the Mongols' furor to your nephew? We told him, but we couldn't make him listen. Giinduz is not involved in this. Don't kill my nephew. Give me one reason, Diindar. One reason. We couldn't know that it'd en up i e is. We couldn't know that Osman was going to lose his way. Giinduz! Then you should know. We came here with our ancestor Cengiz's fire. We came here to burn and ruin, and to question. If you disobey just once, I will make a drum out of your skin, and make my soldiers play it in Sogiit. Giinduz.. You will unconditionally obey me, Dundar.

Do you understand me? Obey! I will obey you. You will bring Osman to me. And you will show your obedience. I will bring Osman to you. You have three days. Or I will burn your tents. Now, take your nephew and go to your tent. Tell them that the Mongols have come, and they won't go back. Giindiiz, my nephew. Stand up Giindiiz. Bismillah. Stand up. Come on. Take them! Kayi’s valiant Hatuns! It's not the right time to cry and to take shelter in the tents! It's the day to fight and show Kayi's power to the Mongols! Inform all the sisters they will be on guard! We will be ready! EyvAllah Selcan Hatun. We don't know if our men will come back. However we know that.

I feel nauseous as I think about it. Balgay is trouble. He is a creature who doesn't have any morals. But he is not our last chance. We might have another way for salvation. Salvador. Can we trust, Salvador, He might play a double game. We can't know before we try it, Sofia. We will test him. We will test Salvador and the Mongols. People know their accomplices the best. And I know Mongols. We will offer Constantine to them. They have enough power to take it.

Thus, you will be the Queen... and one day, your Mongol husband might die. Come to the tent with me, Osman Bey. We will talk inside. Come inside, Diindar Bey. What are you saying Osman? What is Cengiz Han's power? I won't let that dog shed any more blood, uncle. Trust me. Show respect while you are with Balgay, Turk. I want to know what he'll say. I didn't come here for nothing, Balgay. Be aware of your words.

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