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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 12

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode number 12 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Our ancestor Cengiz Han said. If they offer you something on the enemy lands, make them drink it first. You will drink the sherbet of death in the end. The Kayis will have a wedding at your funeral. Aunt. No! Don't do it! Let her go! Balgay! Enough of your cruelty! Those who have wings and nails can't approach me. Who do you think you are, blue-eyed snake? Let Selcan Hatun go! You'll kill her! I am telling you, it's enough! Enough! Valiants, friends, it's our turn. Now our swords must talk. Are we going to wait for Osman Bey? My beautiful daughter, we would wait, but enemies won't wait.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

But... Bala Hatun, Gonca Hatun, it will be a tough fight. Go inform Sheikh Edebali. Tell him; if the Kayis die, they will be martyrs, if they survive, they will be veterans. He should keep praying for us. Safely. I will rip your eyes with my dagger, so you'll understand what it costs to pour my kimiz. Enough! Dastard dog, let the Hatun go! Gunduz! Balgay, I said it's enough! Don't you understand?! Father! Dundar! My Gunduz! My Allah, You help us! Let my father go! Father! You shepherd... If you die, who will look after the sheep? Please, let my father go. It's the day for the Ahis to unite with the veterans. Go to my father, tell him everything You? I have to stay with the Hatuns. May Allah be with you. You too, Gonca. Mother! Honourable enemies mustn't die like bugs.

Osman told me that their roots go back to Oguz Han. In Mongol law, Han children arej trampled down by horses.. so their blood won't touch the soil. It brings bad luck. Take them to the others! Brother! My son. Don't touch me! I will cut their wings... and the shepherd Diindar will watch. Brother! Brother! uos Aj/| Now... You will all see what happens to the people who don't obey Mongols! Don't touch me!

Dying is coming together with my Rabb! Let me die with honour! Take him! My Allah, don't test me with losing a child! Balgay... enough of your cruelty... Come on valiants, we will have a fight. Friends! Friends! It is time for shahada! It is time for war! Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) Tell your Alps to stop! Alps! Don't be silent! Get your swords! Our laws don't order us to be quiet! Alps. It is time for shahada! Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is The Greatest) uewso Brother... My Osman arrived. My Rabb, no one can question Your Hikmah.

Password for this Episode is 12345. Thanks to You. Balgay! Welcome to Balgay's hell, Osman! I came here to clean the Turks’ tribe. You will stop you and your soldiers' cruelty. Do you know what I see when I look at you? A dead body which is cut by my sword and given to the ravens! You are seeing yourself, Balgay. I offered the Sanjak Bey position to you, and you rejected. I told you that I would give death to you. Balgay says his word only once. I won't break my promise, Osman Bey.

You are a dead man now. I didn't come here to be your servant... but to give the power of Cengiz Han. May Cengiz Han's name shake your heart! What power are you talking about? You will either listen to me or darken your destiny. I have a treasure which can't be rejected by any Mongol commander. Why do you have Cengiz Han's name on your tongue, while it is already running in my veins? Cengiz Han says... listen to your enemy who faces you with his consent and bravery... listen, so you will be able to show your power by answering with the same bravery. Don't you have that courage, Balgay? Commander Balgay, messengers have come from Konya. They are the messengers who are sent by Geyhatu. We brought news from Geyhatu, Balgay. Geyhatu wants you. He wants me to send you and your Alps to Konya. How does Geyhatu know about you?

What are you after, Osman? Geyhatu knows about the value of the treasure I have. I was waiting for him to take it from me. What does Geyhatu want? What are you doing, Osman? Shut up, Hatun. Osman didn't come with empty hands. Soldiers, put your swords down. Tongay, Cerkutay, stop the executions! Hold them captives again. It's the order of Geyhatu. What is happening, my Efendi? Osman ruined all of our plans. He made Balgay dismiss Ali§ar. He killed Nizamettin. And now, Balgay... Mongols... They have come with their bad smell and cupiditiness. Mongols' fire heats us, but if it comes closer to us, it will burn us, daughter. Damn it. We don't have any hope except for that Balgay bear. I had to kiss his dirty hand.

I feel nauseous as I think about it. Balgay is trouble. He is a creature who doesn't have any morals. But he is not our last chance. We might have another way for salvation. Salvador. Can we trust, Salvador, He might play a double game. We can't know before we try it, Sofia. We will test him. We will test Salvador and the Mongols. People know their accomplices the best. And I know Mongols. We will offer Constantine to them. They have enough power to take it.

Thus, you will be the Queen... and one day, your Mongol husband might die. Come to the tent with me, Osman Bey. We will talk inside. Come inside, Diindar Bey. What are you saying Osman? What is Cengiz Han's power? I won't let that dog shed any more blood, uncle. Trust me. Show respect while you are with Balgay, Turk. I want to know what he'll say. I didn't come here for nothing, Balgay. Be aware of your words.

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