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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 13

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode number 13 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Oh my Allah, it is s him! I'm walking in darkness. I've lost my shadow. I’ve got my teeth into my enemy, yet lost my friend. Sheeps have settled down on the post of my ancestors. 've lost my voice while yelling for freedom. I've so many difficulties. I see traps and treachery everywhere. This breaks my heart. It hurts me. The things that is coming is getting closer, Osman. Oppression is going to be over. The era is ready for a new resurrection. As long as you stay awake. As long as you stay awake, my boy. Bad things will come to you in your sleep. Wake up my son! Wake up my son!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Wake up my son! Bad things will come to you in your sleep. My mighty and brave grandfather. All this pain and torture that I've done to Osman and his ancestors, I do it for you Derkyama! Death is for you! All the raids are for you! At your palace that is made out of black mud and black iron. Hear the voice of Balgay! Accept the gift of Balgay! Since I take service with Genghis Khan. All the lives that I've took, have brought joy to your palace! Tears of my victims by coming together with your river... Have gave glory to our souls. They've gave fame to us! Now.. ^.I'm giving Osman to you! Erluk han igin Wake up my son! Osman! What's the matter brother?

What's the matter, if Allah wills, brother? Dream inside of a dream. A wheel within a wheel. My Bey, we're ready. We'll hit the road with your command I don't want any mistakes. We've given such power to Balgay for him to retake our camp.. Now we have to take that back! Heyt! Now they're going to learn within their hearts to lose it! Balgay is going to be suffocated by his dreams! If Allah wills. We have to blow like a wind and spead terror to the heathens!

We have to howl like wolf and lay the greatest ambush to the tyrant! We've to cut like zulfiqar and bring order to universe! Come on! Ya Allah! Move on! Allah is Everlasting! Allah the Truthful! Allah the Truthful! Preparations are almost ready. Do you have any other order, Balgay? want the supreme Beys of Mongols to come and see who has the blessed belongings of almighty Genghis Khan. I want them to see who the ruler is and kneel before Balgay. Geyhatu is going to be furious when he finds out you have the belongings and all the Beys are in obedience to you.

They're going to be your enemies, Balgay. The one who decides to fight with Balgay must find powerful alliances, Cerkutay. I'm the new ruler. And the ones that are coming, are the commanders of my army. Soon, they're going to use our language in Costantine. Rest means nothing. Crows begin to come earlier than I thought. A woman without a man is like dry land. Lazy/ldle Diindar. ■0AO|A| What's the news from Sogiit, Erkut? Balgay has left Sogut.

They say he has settled his state tent in a secret place. No one can settle a tent on these lands except my father. Who ever tries to do that, I'll turn that tent into his grave. They're bothering market shopkeepers like a leech, my Bey. They're bleeding them dry and taking their goods. What are they up to? They're taking provisions to Balgay, my Bey. They say supreme leaders of Mongols are coming. Balgay is preparing a feast for tonight.

The ones who take provisions to Balgay will take us as well. Did you get it, my Konur? I'll pierce mountains with your command, my Bey. I'll wreak their spite and bring it to you. If you make any mistake everything will be ruined. Come on, have a good trip! Come on. Giddy Up! Why am I seeing a Hatun of a Kayi Bey in front of me? Supreme Balgay... I've something to tell you. Speak. But be careful. You can find out that you've died but it'd be too late. I've come here for my son.

He left from the camp. You're my only hope. Why should I care about your son? My son is with Osman. He is fighting with Osman. I btJU. Don't kill my son. Don't wreak his spite... Don't let birds eat his corpse... You're talking but... What will you give in return? Osman and. Edebali. You've come with promises. Aah! In return of giving me what I want... You want to come together with your son. If you make a promise without thinking. You shouldn't cry when you can't keep it. You're a smart woman. You know well who to obey. My force is with you. Now go and inform me about the things I should know. If you do wrong to me... First I'll separate Batur's flesh from his bones... And Feed him to my dogs.

Don't worry. Zohre will be loyal to you. The number of dogs I own is increasing. Let her husband know. I want him here. Now Dundar deserves a present. Where is your mother, daughter? She said she is going herb picking for the healing tent. Is this the time to go pick herbs? You know my mother, father. She can't endure in silence.

When she can't talk to us... She talks with flowers and insects. Herb picking is just an excuse. What is it that she can't speak to us? You make her upset, father. Don't worry, my daughter. Your mother is an old stager. She is not like the herbs she's picking. Don't you know that... You hurt her deeply. You've called Hazal Hatun and my brother Bahadir. You forgot all the happenings so fast, father. The table of Bey is big, the tent of Bey is wide, daughter. If ou know how to et alon of course. Come on.

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