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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 16

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode number 16 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. You offered me to take control of the principality in exchange of life J And now I m offering you an honorable death Balgay Commander Balgay how did Osman know that we were coming here I m going find that out Before cutting his tongue Kongar I want to feel the terron ofi yours in my hearts That you spread with your weapon to the world I m going to rip your heart off Osman Soldiers Get ready to die For Erlik Khan  Allahj Is Ever Lasting i  Allah i tie Truthful Allah The Truthful My mother and father may rest in peace today Kongar .

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Black steels will speak and Infidels will die today You set us a trap huh So you forgot the hatred of the Mongols so quick Samsa Balgay will make you pay for this Balgay is trying to survive from Osman Bey s attack now You should worry about yourself Cergutay You bastard Cergutay Qetin Alp Take two alps with you Follow this bastard to the place he hides in And level it with the ground Go Cergutay must have more men with him I think others are with Balgay We have to go and help Osman Bey immediately Lets s go If I go to sleep without killing all Kayis I will burn with Erlik Khan s flames I will be your hell Osman I came here to kill you Osman I came here to kill you Uncle Your death has come Osman What happened Your uncle Is here Aren t you happy Osman You killed my son my Batur Osman .

You spilled your brother s blood In the tent of Suleyman Shah Drown in your blood Die What would you say if you saw me like this my son I m falling apart I m suffering greatly my dear Would you say be strong mother if you saw me like this How can I my son Why did you go after Gunduz Why did I say it I did it to protect you my son I didn t want you to get hurt I wanted to protect you look after you I m suffering greatly my dear I can t understand this mother How could Osman take my brother Batur s life There is no evidence or witnesses Aygul Don t you know Osman He killed your brother.

Are you still in love with him Huh Then I wish your heart rots Aygul I wish your heart rots He was just like this when he was growing up Just like this He would do anything that he wants like a crazy person Neither his father nor my Dundar managed to deal with him I always said that he ll bring our end but no one listened I couldn t make them listen My child paid with his life Bamsi Abdurrahman Gundiiz Selcan all of them supported him They didn t let us talk They didn t allow anybody to speak ill of him And thanks to them my child is dead They always procted Osman May I come in Zohre Haton Come in Selcan Hatun and Gonca Hatun from women s union have loaded their horses They re leaving the camp Is that so Well well Selcan Hatun I will be ruined If I bury my son without shedding your blood Mother Please pull yourself together  Get up and gird on They ve caused the death of my Batur Certainly they re going to drown in their own blood .

I said get up That parasite is going to give an account for my son I m going to take the revenge of my Batur with his sword Mother Selcan Hatun has soldiers They wouldn t let us live Please don t do this We have our soldiers as well Go and inform the soldiers Prepare the horses we re going to chase them Mother I said gird on I can t calm down until I make her pay Let s move Samsa Come on valiants Hit them my brave men don t let them live Allah Is Ever Lasting Allah The Truthful You re going to die Osman Huh You ve managed to escape again Osman I wish you ll drown in your own blood Osman Osman Genghis Khan says that the one who fights while he is certain that he is going to lose  ooj e si Let s go Konur Follow Balgay I want both of them death or alive Move Giddy up Uncle uncle Diindar Bey UBLUSQ I swear to you I m going to kill you But Dundar Bey is dead He shouldn t be Melik he shouldn t I need Diindar Bey Well keep an eye on them Osman Osman When the time comes I m going to kill you with my own hands.

If Zohre Hatun heard about our departure from the camp She must be chasing us We re almost at Kurgan valley You reap what you sow Let s move we can t stop We have to continue They re going to the Kurgan valley We will cut their road Mother don t do this Let s go back We left my brother in the camp Please don t do this You can return m hunting you down for my son s revenge I m not going to let it go until I take her life Now listen to me carefully We ll continue the road with he weapons in our hands Selcan Hatun is a supporter of the murderer Osman Who killed my son and your Bey Batur The day has come We are not going to return to the camp until we take their lives U l moj They re after us commander Balgay.

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