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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 18

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode number 18 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Father Tell me daughter. What is it? You have a problem obviously. Say it. There are things you need to know, father Father. / Aygul Hatun There are important issues. Excuse us. This Episode Was Sponsored By ramadhangiving com/read-foundation What is it Alisar Bey? Gunduz Bey and the other Beys are coming here. I want to set up the order again as the Sanjak Bey. You're doing what is your right. I want to ruin Gunduz now. Go back to the tribe as a Bey Govern the Kayi Tribe again Why not? What... are we going to do about Osman. Alisar Bey? And there is Balgay If I take the Bey Tent. Osmans response to that is obvious Balgay is our enemy, too They can establish an alliance with Osman.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

We may have to fight with both forces. If Osman and Balgay are in an alliance... then it means that the end times are here Don't say it can't happen Alisar Bey saw a lot of things in this life Then we will teach both of them a lesson. Geyhatu is with us. He wants Osman and the Genghis Laws from us. The important thingfis that you standing strong as a rock. Then. . Gunduz should go to jail when he arrives huh? He should die if needed. He should see what comes with running over me and taking the Beys Tent. Then, it is is Osman s and Balgay’s turn. Alisar Bey. My heart is burning with the revenge flames. May it be haraam (forbidden) for me to breath... ripping out both of their hearts. haraam (forbidden)... Where are theJIaws, Osman? Now that we have agreed. Now you are ready to face death together with me.

Tell me where the laws are. Why are these laws so important to you 9 When it's about Genghis Khan, we are ready to burn the whole world. Osman! He carried us from being poor, to being rich From being weak to being powerful. We didn't have a country once. now we control the whole world You worship Genghis as if he is a god The only power you worship is fighting and raiding You gained a victory for now. But you don't have the soul to strengthen that victory. The souls are together with us. All the Shamans give us power. What are you talking about ? In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

O deniers... You asked for a victory, here is your victory. [8:19] If you [disbelievers] seek the victory - the defeat has come to you If you stop objecting the Prophet, it will be good for you If you continue objecting we will object you as well Even if you are many in numbers. it won’t do you any good. Allah is with the believers You are all ruined We control your lands We control your palaces Your sons and daughters serve us. You pay taxes every year Where is your God. what does he do ? Don't get arrogant because of the time Allah has given to the evil ones What Pharaoh and Nimrod said. was just like what you say now. When Allah decides to unleash His wrath... Neither your warriors, or your Noyans can protect you.

There is no need for more words, Where are the laws ? I need to see if you are telling the truth first Is my uncle at Alisar's mansion ? My informant bird told me so. I haven't heard them lie to me until now We will see. Do you have water ? I will perform ablution, then pray We can set set off after that Is it the time to pray? Our enemies wait. We do not prioritize anything over kneeling before our Lord. Wait a little. Put it there What is he doing? He will be cleansed. He will close himself up. How can you trust him commander Balgay? £ Who says I trust him? He tried to topple me over and save his^tribe at the first chance he got ✓ We will wait for a while. Be careful. Keep your eyes and ears open. All the preparations have been completed Gunduz Bey We are waiting for your order Everyone will keep their eyes open Ayaz We don't know what that Alisar dog will do Alps' If, we are ambushed there We will turn that place into hell for them. As you order, my Bey! Mashallah!

Mashallah my brave men! Mashallah! Mashallah to my brave men! Iisee armies*like steel. / This is what my Gunduz, my Gunduz Bey deserves! You told me reputation came before the sword Bamsi Bey. You told me that I would use the power of fear to bring my enemies to their knees. And we are trying to turn your words into action as best we can. Mashallah Gunduz. My Gunduz. I'll be standing by at the tribe It's obvious that Alisar will do something If things go wrong. I'll prepare the people for a rebellion From now on. I'll turn us all into an army. We are a military nation.

May Allah not let uncle Alisar make such a mistake.^ Inshallah. (If Allah wills) Any news from Osman, Bamsi Bey? Oh, Gunduz, I'm worried about that too It has been a long time Boran? Where is my Osman. Boran? Look at it We can cut his throat if we want. He doesn't fear anything Dying for his belief is what a Muslim wants the most. He has a faith, strong as a rock If we had a part of his belief. the world would kneel before us. My Allah. Allow me to be one of those who is on the right path There is no other God other than you.

You are the magnificent. (the Infinite). You are the Lord of the sky consisting of 7 layers and the space I keep you apart from any kind of improper names Thanks to only You Allah, the Lord of all the worlds My Allah. Make my sword sharp Make me take the right steps. Make us victorious against the oppressors, my Allah! (May Allah grant victory to the muslims around the world and free them from oppression) (Ameen) Father! Goktug Father! My husband! Ameen! Let's go now. We wasted time because of you. Balgay1 What's the rush? There is a price for taking a road with me. You're already scared. Wait! We should go separately... sc!Mhat our alliance is not obvious Let's Let's! What are you doing Boran?

brother Konur. Our brave ones become wolves, and the lands we step on becomes our home You will see. A day will come, And the glow of the Crescent will spread in these lands. Ihshallah, my Bey. Inshallah. We will rest here. We won't stop again until the meeting Go to the hill See if there is anyone following us You seem worried Master Risto I am filled with joy because we are getting rid of the Turks. Master Risto. However, I am scared of the price we have to pay by working with the Mongols. And also of-the new/emperor we will enthrone after we bring down the emperor Will he be strong enough to treat the Turks the way they deserve?

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