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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 07 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 06 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 6 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Here are some dialogues of this Episode. Does the Osmancik Battalion s soldier...woutd sell his brother? Does he? Does he do7We do not sell if he dies? Never. I am aware of each step that Mehmet took in his land every single piece of meat he ate at home...And even I know in which wagon he was. And you.what do you think of the Intelligence Organization? Who do you think Suleyman Askeri is7This will be a secret between the two of us.]Even Mehmet will not learn this, is that clear? Understood, my commanderI'm not finished 'et. You’re going to take him to Baghdad. This will remain secret between both of us. Did you understand? Ro er that m • commander. Did you understand? Yes, m commander. Have you understood7I of it mt commander outside

Go OLtGo out! Ah Saeed, ah. Dev Is .shadowing his valor. And there is...Mehmet .just be patient, have a parent...I'm going to stick you in the heart of the enemy. Mehmewhat did you do to me, Mehmet? Mehmet.As Salaam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You), my SheikhsWa AleykumSaJam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too)Can I accompany you if you don t mind? your conversation touched my soul. I wanted to come and get to know you, and to receive ' our a ers. We're not the ones who touched your heart, son. It is the way of our talking. Is it possible to talk about the truth...and do not to touch anyone heart7Your sayings are so impressive? Sir, I use to come to these lands often. I have not seen you before. Where did you come from, and where do ' ou o7

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

We come from Allah and go to HiM, a song well. what brings you to these lands constantly0 m a merchant. My name is Abdulmalik. I came from the lands of India. And 6 seek my livelihood. And you the time of war...what brought you to these lands where alt this dan er? Loss of homeland, son. When the lands of Albania went from our hands...we do not have land to call it home. I went out into the way toward saying Ya nasip(AII is up to fate). Plus .he bandits who took advantage of the war...they loot a new caravan in this area every day...and kill the merchants. Air d you. .do not you be afraid of being hurt? Half of the trade is to courage. You can not earn what you want without taking more risk. Well said. Whatever one is, that is what they earn. That's true. Please forgive me. but it is clear that...soon these lands will also have no difference from Albania. This is the wish of the British, Merchant Abdulmalik. How does your tongue say this stupid idea? Merchant Abdulmelik is not wrong about his worries, Omer Bey. He is right. Our enemy is superior in numbers and stronger than us. Was not the enemy more numerous than us in the Battle of Badr?

The Battle of Badr fought on Tuesday, 13 March 624 CE17 Ramadan 2 AH in the Islamic calendar does not there are Goliaths in every era...there will also be Salahuddin who will destroy them with a slingshot. You're right, sir. You make my heart feel better, you are rightWe will be united...just like the idea of Tawheed(Oneness)without sa'in Sunni Shias...Turks, Arabs, Persians,...and Kurdish. As Yunus said we split, we will disappear. and If we share, we shall be satisfied. ( Looking for Q Latifah to perform Namaz')I intend to make...tayammum (dry ablution) for the sake of Allah. Help me help meK^ipim'elHelp me1Oh my lord .who is this that captures me with her e es in the middle of the desert? Who is the beauty that I see in my dreams which resembles her moon face? Who is she that preaches tome in the midst of the night? Whos she? You make my destiny beautiful. Mehmet!Mehmet!Mehmet's wanted to offer breakfast. I knew you would hand me over their hands. I told them about you. I told him you're here. Have not you left you're far in the mountains of Romah7I am not afraid of the cruelty of my enemies...but the betrayal of my friends, Saeed? Oh, come on do not think too much. I have prepared a trunk for you

Your convenience will be fine until we get to Ba had. But after Baghdad.I will not protect you.J just so you know.Eyvallah(Thank you)...well, what do I owe it to? Unfortunately...our brotherhoodMy b/other.M y b/other. Anyway, come, let me set you up. Anyway, come, let me set you up in the trunk. W atch outMa ' ALLAH" S.W.T* be i leased with ou.S and by respect for our martyrs...who have set the epics with their red btood...under the dome of this Blue-sky.S and in respect and salute our martyrs ...who have made their chests fearless.^.for the unity of the Muslims...and for. .the Turkish homeland.T his dust of the homeland...that we put above them...will be narrated with the tears of our mothers.T heir cherished souls...will be...the guardians of this country forever.O ur martyrs are expecting a homeland from us.T hey are waiting for a prayer.T hey demand victory ftom their glorious army.S stand up and salute to the martyrs...who have given their lives...their blood...and opened the way .to their glorious army.Our children that...we ent usted to the soil of our homeland today...we areobliged otake .their revenge no matter what.I promise you, just because of that...the blood of any of them will not go unavenged.E very breath we take...each piece of the al we eat...And every prayer we perform...we will mention their names.

The soldiers of Osmancik Battalion...the guards of the homeland who do not tire...we will make a decision today. Ei ther we will remember this spirit of our mart rs as a shroud• • •or we will remember the spirit of our mart rs as our shroud. We wil I &eek to ma rtyrdom...for this cause and attack the a arrow that has come out of its arc...and sneak to the enemy.0 the martyr sons of Mehmet'Mehmet A Turkish variant of Muhammad ...OmarAhmet..HassanHussain...And many others...unnamed heroes of this homeland...may your Sacred war be blessed.Ameen(8e it so).Wow brother.Well Done to Commander Suleyman I tell you...if it was not for him• * «we would have alreadyde arted this world before...seeing the battlefront. Thi s is the fate, Niyazi. We' d be martyrs, is that bad?You again man7(I seek refuge in Allah)Did I say that we are at war when there is winning, why the defeat, why? As if we are afraid of martyrdom. What? Oh my, brother, do not take my talking serious.I'm just a half-minded person. The wise man does n<£ saysiwtpt he knows, but those who are with such a half-mind like him do not Know what they are saying. Oh, r eally7$0, my dear brother, Where is 'ou frorrf in Erzurum?From A$kale, brother.Do y ou have relatives^there?Of cou rse, my brother?Look t he is my child.May HE save him from evil eyes. This is my wife. Before coming .o the war, I entrusted them to my father. May Allah spare them. I also have a child like himMay Allah let us see our loved onesonce a ain in this world ln*Shaa*Allah!Ameen. (6e it so!d.Ma Allah s are them to ou. You do not think about that now. Heal your wounds, get back to home safely...I hope you will be united again. May ALLAH (S.W T) be pleased with you. With all of usMehmetSaeed, my brother. Are you okay? How is your legPraise be to Allah for this, too. And I will be ina better condition even more In-Shaa-Allah. There's no reason to worry. Good to hear.Mehmet -Yes? I wish our father could have seenus fi htin on the front "esterdav.

Don't worry my Saeed, Our father must have seen us with his heart. His heart filled with faith stfivered. Would Allah bestow us a blessing of kissinghis hands once a ain in "our o inion? It’s fate. Allah is the one Who knows. Either HE allow us to kiss his hands...or our father open his hands and reciteSurah Yassin" after our death. Lieutenant Fawad is coming. I am going. Okay, brother. Take care of ''ourself •Keep my sanity, oh Allah. How many times do I see this dream, is this a ood si n? Who are youThank you so much, my little friendThank you very much. You saved m • life. Who ar youMy name is Elizabeth. I am amencan. What are you doing here? I'm going to Baghdad. What are your motives for going to BaghdadiI m a journalist. I'm going to do my job. What are you hoping to find in BaghdadAnd who will meet you thereNo no one. You're going to Baghdad, bein'’ a ournalist and American.but you do not know whyou are ^oin ; to Ba there is no one to meet you. As if this was not enough,...You re trying to take picturesof m unit and Battalion Secretllike the enemy and and maliciously^ou are followin'* us.I'm not your ene ty. America has no problem with the Ottoman Empire. We re fr ends. The Ottoman Empire have no friends for centuries. I will have you in my custody. Arrest her. Wait a moment. Let me go. You're makin a bi mistakeYou'll be sorry. You re making mistakesWalk! -Let me o! This is the women journalist that Zabel mentioned. We should know what information she have. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. (Start with the name of 'ALLAH*' who it Mott Com attionate and the Mott Merciful).Bismillah (fn the name of "ALLAH ).Oh the Holy Healer, Oh Allah.Oh The Healer, Oh The Ever Endurin and Immutable.Oh The Hea er, Oh The Ever Endurin and Immutable.Oh the Most Gracious, oh The Most Merciful.Oh The Healer,Oh

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