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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 09 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 09 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 9 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. The golden sweet natured nose stud LeC us take you away ff om the tridh On a summer day in July You sweated and to wipe me Passing the day turned to days I ve been glad I ve seen you Passing the day turned to days ve been glad I ve seen you The golden sweet natured nose stud Lett us take you away from the truth Commander Are you angry Nope You seem to be very busy Can I come in No no I m not Sure you can I just did not expect your visit Please have a seat Beautiful Your room looks pretty good Yes it has a peaceful reassuring side To what do I condemn your visit To the ill propaganda of the British I did not get you You ve got it very well The war has just begun But our enemies are now screaming for victory The British have great skills in this matter Askeri Bey You know better than me I know that I know very well But they also have to know that the army that exists now It is not the army they have defeated in the Balkans Enver Pasha have founded a brand new army And the only purpose for our soldiers Is to save the homeland We will prove to the whole world that a citadel can not be crossed We will hit them at a time they never expect So what do you want from me

I ask you to interview me and publish it зп your newspaper But I will ask the questions I would like to But I will have it at your headquarters At the same time I would like to meet your soldiers as well Why is that As the commanders are burning for victory but I can not say the same thing for soldiers That s why I wonder about the psychological State of your soldiers in fact I have never thought of that You are absolutely right That would be great So be it Let the whole world hear the voice of our Mehmetçik soldiers Deal My Sheikh we have guests As Salam U Aleykum Peace Be Upon You As Salam U Aleykum Peace Be Upon You Sheikh Wa AleykumSalam And Peace Be Upon You Too Wa AleykumSalam And Peace Be Upon You Too You re welcome have a seat wanted to come and visit you before going to India Welcome again We are pleased by your arrival When are you leaving Merchant Abdulmelik Would you like to go too Merchant Omer Is it permissible.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

We will be honored to be in our city Is everything alright what happened to your hand It s not a big deal it s just a small wound It is from that Suleyman Askeri who says he came to protect us from the British Allah Allah Did Suleyman Askeri leave the war with the English And began the war with the people He is also fighting with us because we aren t supporting him What you did was not right Omer Bey You can not live under this flag and oppose this state If the state is wrong and insist on it not opposing against it is a big sin If you want this flag to live more It has forced you to oppose this imposition regime Look at me sir But you advised people and us to beside the state in the Carvansarai What made you change your thoughts now I saw poverty injustice and lack of rights here The Ottoman Empire demands people s lives for a war to lose As our master saint Ali may Allah be pleased with him said Anyone who does not object to an injustice is a silent demon Are not you afraid that Suleyman Askeri would kill you Only dogs just keep silent because of fear my son And out only fear is that we can not be held accountable before Allah And this accountability is the injustice that is here It s too curious for a trader Or are you an agent of Suleyman Askeri If you think so shoot me right now You ve proven you are not Welcome again Thank you Thank you Zainab Leave those rugs for me Go and feed the animals I ve already feed the animals my grandmother Do what I say The animals are hungry I understand their eyes Go on tthey re hungry come on feed them Mehmet we have to go too far Do not talk too much Talking in the desert can make one s fatigue quickly And especially for a person like you who has recently woke up from the great sufferings Did you understand I understand Efsa mom I understand So you got it alright then let s take them Leave them to me Bismillah In the name of ALLAH Let me help you Gosh How will I take care of these Leave it to me Mehme You carry the rugs Come on What are you doing my grandmother What are you doing my grandmother huh Not me but what the hell are you doing.

what did I do What should be more than this What is the condition of this vehicle Do I carry the vehicle like this It s not good at all Are you okay my daughter Look if you re sick Sleep throughout the journey By Allah sake it will be good What kind of illness grandma I am like the dawn Besides even if I was sick are you going to make me sleep and having all the herbs with you instead of treatment Do I put the carpet on the cart Efsa Grandmother Yes go and place them there Put it wherever you want Ааа What is this Come on our way is still very long Do not be distracted come on Give me this let me put this My barber is very good Mr Cox I still do not understand why you are shaving by yourselves Jassim come closer Did you see It reminds me of my barber And it was an Englishman It must be hard to live without trusting anyone Even for those belonging to your own nation On the contrary Jassim It is easier The less you trust the less disappointed you suffer I see anger in your eyes That soldier wonder what we benefit will we get from him A worthy prisoner is as valuable as a chicken that bleeds gold It makes a profit without any effort Is everything alright Sheikh Husrev what are you doing here What should we do commander throw our weapons on the corner and leave it upto fate Training the lions I thought you were training the Dervishes specifically Sufi But I see you are training soldiers for the front Those who wishes for testimony must have the strength and self to meet the rank They must have to fight face to face and head to head of the enemy and even to find soldiers sacrificing themselves in the war Take your faces out Go inside Commander Bey you too There are people who have been camping here at night What s wrong with that Obviously they went in the morning There is no great distance between us They re Habbab s men How d d yo know They did not take too much food for them to go quickly Their animals are usually hungry That s why their residues are dry and broken They know this region well Then we ll get this road I m still worried about your hand Omer Bey Did not your hand heal yet Let my head be a redemption for you not just my hand It will heal within days

My commander Mr Omar s hand has brought us the foxes we most often want Oh really so what s going on There is a merchant named Abdiilmelik We met at the caravanserai before on my first day here And he came again He asked a lot of questions The uninteresting man does not ask any questions my commander Who is this Abdiilmelik Merchant Abdiilmelik is not one to rely on They say he came from India my commander He always be with trader Jassim But I see him for the first time around here And I also did some investigation Nobody knows anything about him He did not trade with anyone Hes obviously smart person He does not judge things Just ask and get information If the man asks you will doubt him my commander Well this merchant Yeah Is that this Thats him So we will have a nice conversation with him soon My brother Saeed Oh my brother There is no body in the area This means that your brother Saeed is with them BuS why This is not Habab s way He does not want someone to slow him down Who is this Habbab working with To whom would it be to the British He is the sold dog My brother Saeed is injured and he is with them They re taking him to the prison camp Is there a nearby camp for prisoners It s located in Basra Then I will save my brother Saeed before they reach Ktulamâre What do you think you are doing As I said I will save my brother Saeed I think you have forgotten you have sworn to serve the Turkish Aggency CIA What did the commander tell you We will go to Kutulamâre and wait for Captain Jameel there While my brother is injured while he is being held in their hands and While I am so close to him I can t stand with my hands tied Zeynep If something happens to my brother I can not live with this pain OK then l m also coming with you Bısmıllahır Rahmanır Rahim  Start with the name of ALLAH who is Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful .

Do not leave it sting Eat t I don t want it It is upto you Lets go be fast Niyazı Yes Do you see what I see Yes I see the horses are coming towards us It is not clear whether they are friends or enemy Let s hide Come on Were not they two people I also did not understand Niyazı W ar The person looks like a girl not a man Look I do not understand anything seriously Let s wait There is something wrong in this matter however Be careful Alright C LJI IjSjil  Drop your weapons What dd he say He said drop the weapons Who are you Huh now he turned to the Turkish We are the soldiers of Ottomans My name is Mevlut Look wait now from where did he got this You must be Niyazi Am I right And yes your name is Niyazı Brother Who are you Can you please tell us your good name Do not you know me Mevlut Sergeant Mehmet the son of Hüsrev Mehmett My brother Oh that s great thanks to my ALLAH How beautiful is this Come here come here my lion Hey Mehmet Mehmet there ıs a woman over there she is staring at us She is still looking Mevlüt say something Zeynep is the granddaughter of Efsa Hatun who cures me Let me introduce you He is Mevlüt Çavus sergeant and Niyazı And her name ıs Zeynep You must be hungry Eyva ah  Thank you Eyvallah  Thank you The Indian divisions who prepared by English Army is coming Kutulamare If we can t stop them on time they can turn some Arabian tribes agaıns us And that s why I have a new plan A new strategy What do we need to do my commander We hit them before they arrived there I discussed with Enver Pasha We prepare the battalion and set out on the road To where Commander To say Hi to the enemy Let our battle Gaza be Sacred War Dance and Music It comforts my soul Jasim What do you owe this happiness Mr Cox To the victory my friend to the victory.

Our Army set out on the road from Basra And coming to Baghdad with confident steps The success will come sooner than we expected Jasim be happy Be happy my friend You will be free in your own land and found your own State Go Look anyone comes or not They are too many We will wait for ambush here We have to attack at night Get down What if they go We will follow quietly We will strike at such a time they can t do anything You said right Lets play with these bastards such game that they will be ashamed Move Hang on Saeed hang on I know Habbab well If he wants to do something he would not carry Saeed up with him until now Look around Okay You go there  There too Some of you go to the hills They will sleep here Habbab settling his men around Wait us enemy wait We come to narrow the world to you Oh Thanks to Him for His blessings You came like Hızır my brother  An immortal person believed to come in time of need After we saved the Saeed Süleyman Bey will bury you alive And he will get angry to Jameel Commander because of you Then I will not go infront of them Mevlüt brother So I will open my own front against the enemy What kind of word is that Know your place When we saved Saeed we will deliver you to Commander Askeri from our own hands Lets save my Brother I will go to Suleyman Bey with my own will Ah Saeed ah Saeed I never expected that kind of heroism from you They are total person all armed  against Many times less people overcome against many people Three Zeynep you won t be in this battle What hell is that now You have an important duty to take care of What is this important task that will leave me behind You will make some absurd noises upon my call Habbab s man will be distracted Brother Niyazi you have the most important job here What is that Be like crazy and make the enemy crazy Look he tells my ability to me Bravery Rest of them up to us Mevlüt Brother We will attack the enemy on two sides Welcome Pleasure to be here Welcome Omer Bey Here you go my sheikh bless our food May Our Lord give your table the blessing of Abrahim Hebron Amin We hope all hungries in the world can feed themselves In Shaa ALLAH By the Will of ALLAH Thats our only wish But if we go after Suleyman Asken that will be an empty wish.

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