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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 14 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 14 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 14 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Three days. It seems that you re weak. You lost much blood as well. A little power transferring in to your body, isn t it? At least three days, Eat every meal given to you. Remember, three days. You have to eat. Don't neg ect Thank you, Doctor.1 Three Days. Three Days. Ah brother. What do you think, man? Find, what are my thoughts without asking me, by yourself, Mehmet? You can sleep. What he hell is this, bro? In the middle of desert The frost is on us. Get yourself near to the fire, then, boy. Lay down and sleep. Forget about me why re not you sleeping, brother? I slept Why have I never seen it? Because you re sleeping. Three Days What do you think, brother? Three Days? What three days L brother? A little power transferring in to your body. isn t it? Of course, Three Days] Come on, sleep now, let s sleep] We ll talk in the morning. I kept my promise. Your passport is ready. What about you? Husrev Father, I thought he would convince the commander But they have not been around. I'm very sorry, Mr. Cox... they did not get caught. It’s never happened, Musab. Look, we are ready for clearing. Excuse me, Mr.Cox I did my best. Welt, then you didn’t do me any favors. Isn’t that right, Musab? € & How will we save Victoria now? We make up for it. Maybe we’ll try again, huh' It’s a fool's job to insist on a failed path. Musab. you’re late. We will try another way. Take this and Make sure Victoria drink it. What is this? Stop questioning! Do wha* I Say I can’t do that, Mr. Cox. I ll get caught if I go there again. I will tell you what to do. We don’t have enough time left. Do, what I said you to do. Then Come and get your passport. Oswald, you too.

Start preparation immediately. I can’t be with you.. There are more important things I need to do. Of course, Sir. Wilson, you will help OswaldJ s you say Dady Oh come My Lion son How do you know about me? From your smelO. From my smell? flio I smell of fish that much? No, Dad, from the smell of fatherhood. $9y$U*wartt your father to smell it7 Let me see. How do you smell? Wait there you smell like a mouse? Do you smell like a snake? What do you smell like? 06you smell like centipade? What do you smell like? What do you smell* I have got it. I found it You smell like a rose. My kid smells like a rose] Come. Is everything alright, Niyazl? Why your mood is down ? No, There is nothing, Mevlut sergeant. The nation break down from the heat in the desert. And we will be broken in the snow, too. The day of desert is separate. And the night is worst. Brothers. He is suffering from fever. He is very sick during the last night. Brother, take this blanket And Give it to Ahmet. Take it bro, take n. Brother, let’s come and talk over there. Come on, sit down. Niyazi you were Rizeltydin, weren t you?

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

Thanks Jo the Lord who pleased me with this .j You are from, Yortikoglu, Where do you located in Yoruk(Nomad) At Antalya Elmalt. Uskuplu brother is everythung alright? Are you okay, Uskupplu? Are you looking for an escape? Why are you asking such questions? Let s call it confidant, brother, confidant. Then, you call the right men for this I can doubt myself, but not on yorukoglu. A stone can crack, but doesn t. Melvut sergeant. Sefer se geant, And Niyazi, they are closest brothers to me, brother. What's the matter with you. bro? No one will say anything, because our secreHs are our power. If this is the case, The more grain of tasbeeh, it make you more imam(spmtual leader). And you too must trust to what your brother going to say. We will go out together. Which way is that, How we can go out under the enemy’s supervision, Out of these four walls? The way of freedom, freedom. Take this. Get this meal as a gift. fitay ALLAH' (S^WO b€j>lease<TwithyoUj Go woth peace. Saeedl That’s enough! Are you okay, son7 No, Dad. I am not fine at all. What I am doing here? What I am doing here, Can you tell For how many times should I tell you, Saeed No, no. What I am doing here by carrying flour? So, what AmJ doing here and alsoJ!eynad, right? Look at you. Are you Husrev Pehlivan . did you come up from Istanbul to cook bread? Saeed, Do not cross the lines. iSaeed do not do it, saeed do not do that What did Saeed do by his own will, yet. I came to die for my homeland, I came to kill. Neither I become a martyr, nor veteran (ghazi). And Askeri Bey left, he went to Baghdad. My brothers would either be martyr Or might be the prisoner. And we are baking here. Saeed, shut up. Erough! If you come to knead the dough Knead it. But that’s it for me. ) am going. I'll go to Shafiq commander I’ll ask for a task. If he will not give me any task, I’ll fight myself. It ’ s enough, enough. Niyazi Go on that way. Three days later, they might transfer us to India. What did you, Uskupplu? What did we do again, brother? Wo got arrested but Basra captive camp is temporary. Main campjs in India Until the transfer... Where is this India? Is it far7 Where is it? It s far.

Wait, Niyazi, stop. If you don’t mind, Then, ink the way of returning back is closed for us now It s just a dream that we will go back, See your face, huh? Niyazi, you are a muslim Are not you, brother? Alhamduhllah! ( All praise is due to ALLAH ’ alone ) Don't you know? Dmptiir (It fortoMdon to wt. ft) my sqm. go and (find) out about Jo»pfo and hH brother and despair not of reMof from AMah. Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people]. Surah Yusuf [12:87] - Al-Qur an al-Kareem As Master Akif said in his poem Despair is such a pit that if one falls, they will drown'. Don’t let go of hope, and watch yourself grow. Well, three days later, We will transfer to India, Usktiplu. Yeah. We will move in three days. So what are we gonna do? What is your intention? Password for this Episode is SaeedMusab. Can we join, brother? Nothing else, we are talking about fire. Go on, brother. How do we get out of this jeopardy? A wolf can surv ve in a winter, .. But it will not forget the pain it had. Has this Uskuplu ever come to the side? No, sir. Whereas in return for small favors... they may gain great privileges for the prisoners. What I should to do, sir? 1 ttiMfc, we need to poke him a little more. You are right, sir. He may be afraid of others. I think so, too. And he has to help us voluntarily. Bernard. Bring him go me. Yes sir. Bernard. The other prisoners should not know about this. As you say, sir. Without any doubt. You say good. But you are welcome, brother... is tihere any possibility of getting out of here? There is brother, there is. If you have faith... there is possibility. Where did you get this? Our state has not forgotten us. Maa Shaa ALLAH (Praise Be to ALLAH ). As if they send the whole army to rescue us. Nemrud was killed by the fly, too. It’s not just a razor, sergeant. It’s a key at the same time. Key to wf at? For our freedom, brother, for our freedom. We thank you for your sincerity There is no ambiguity... but, with a razor blade? There is a snake. We will sting the Englishmen. Damn it! You are smelling like a goat This is what you are, huh? iWhat are you looking at? What is happening? What are you doing? Step back! Ooh, look who is here. Order disrupters. What are you looking at? Hey you, what are you jooking at, huh? Move What the hell you are doing? Shut your mouth. Step back! Walk, move! Brother! Step back I It's done! Stay away Okap okay Move Step back! For what I said in the interview. I apologise if I made a mistake. There is nothing to apologize for. What you said in the interview was clever. I just wanted to talk to you.

And I've already told you this before I have to be. Glad to see you here I would love to bring you up but your name among the other prisoners And any of them can be a traitor. The East, especially the Turks rather than to make contact with us they prefer tadie. You said that turks are betraying many people, captain. I'm lucky that you're not from that barbarians. Instead of eating rubbish you prefer to eat good things. 0 mean. I hope it is. Orjnk> I do not drink. Oh, su e. Apart fro/h our religious discussion, which we are talking about. Would you like to eat sandwich? Your religion would allow you to eat sandwiches. I suppose it is not forbidden. No, As long as it s not get wasted. Come on taj<;ejt. We do not have porridge, but Take t. Do not hes;tate, take it. If you are thinking about it, it’s not porridge. Most of the occupation of a Muslmvcountry, do you know w 'at is bad side of the They need a miracle to find porridge or a woman. Let s taste it. Did you like it? You can take more, whenever you want. But I have a condition. What I want you to do before^ is clear to you, t guess I could not tell you again. You have to help me. It s a business that we both can make profitable. Our religion is our business Of course we keep it out. So you acceptjt? Yeah The word I most like to hear. Yeah. Fantastic Then tell me about the prisoners. There must be something you know about them, right Prisoners are not good m spiritual terms. I am completely convinced that their faith in freedom is completely lost. The slightest thing is rebellion, and they are not relieved. Captain, I m not a scholar I do not want to say anything, but I ve witnessed their rebellions act... is for their desperation. Human endorses last desperation, captain. Well said. I'd like to heanmore specific things. They think that the Ottomans hadj forgotten them in this prison camp. I'm really sorry about that. If something had in Turks hands then] of course they would do something. Anything else you want to say? If not, meanwhile you can finish this Sandwich and you are free to go. There’s more. Just ask whenever you want. Wait a minute. If you want to talk to me .you can just call the guard and say does the food ready. Soldier! That Uskuplu . remove the name of Uskiiplu' from the transferring list of India. He will stay here, We need him. And the other £ne is Mehmet from Istanbul let him go there. The air of the island is good for him. Hot breezes of the Indian Ocean Maybe it will soften his nerves, huh? Our memories are strong, gentelmen.

What happened before in battlefields? We did not forget your favours. Allah has given us victory again. We re gonna fight the British to get our toads back. The route took the first blow at Rota. Missings are three times higher than Oars. Please take it They will try to make friends among us. They need a tot of things for their troops. And to meet these needs Exorbitant with Ottoman merchants they will try to negotiate prices. We don t have goods for them, Commander Bey. If they give us 5 times, higher, We don’t even have the water to seU them. Those who betray the state for money . we will find them,; And they have to pay the cost of betrayal. Yes true We are people of the same land. We must be united. Yes, true. Gentlemen, on table, the documents in front of you . showing the detail of losses of the Take a deep look of these photos of the enemy who wanted to escape without looking back. If you want to make a business alliance with the enemy ... then ake a good look at your photograph. Uef lie! That's slander! I never I did not betray my land. You misunderstand, Commander Bey! Commander you relfraking a mistake. et me gol My commander, they forced me. Please I beg you, forgive me! Mercy on traitor is like. betray the patriot. Now you have seen lhe consequences of betrayd. Those who want their photographs and their names on this document, go on and do your worst. The punishment of Allah will fell on the traitors. Now and always Saeed, how are you Stop , where are you going? I have to meet Shafiq commander. I have an exposure, Commander is not available, he is busy somewhere. I would wait. As you wish J Musab. Si Saeed7 Are you watting for the commander, too? I am not waiting for anyone. Why do you ask7 You were looking at the watch. Oh. yes. WeU, it Is the time for prayer That's why I was looking at it. There is enough time remaining for prayer. Did not you heartheAzan(Thecaljj>f prayer)? Well, Saeed I came to commander. A very important thing I need to convey to commander There is news. Do not ask for anything. How Important it is, that you are here? Only Saeed is sitting empty hands. all are doing their important jobs. Okay, Saeed, why are you yelling? Calm down. OK anyway Lets see what happens. So go now, run. give that tremendous news to the commander. Come on, l it watt here. Okay, you Just know how to scream You ve lifted the entire headquarters. Come on come on. There is only Saeed without any task. Even Musab have a task as well. Musab. What kind of task you are doing, Musab? Where they took Uskuplu, where have they gone They may have suspect of something? I do not think so. We have not done anything suspicious. Is there something suspicious reflecting from his eyes It might be something about journalist stake. Or is it because you fought? None, Mevlut Sergeant. Uskuplu organized this fight.

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