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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 15 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 15 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 15 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. From whom will I protect this treasure? From the (Turkish Agency, CIA). What7 Send this telegram to Baghdad immediately. As you say, my Commander. My commander, Huserev Bey has come. Let him come. As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You)! Wa AleykumSalam (And Peace Be Upon You Too), Husrev Pehlivan. Take a seat. Is everything alright, Is there any bad news? If Saeed made any trouble forgive him, commander. Not Saeed, Husrev Pehlivan. It is you, who made me completely silent. What are you saying, commander? Wha. have I done? I talked to you about this prisoner thing. The issue ofthe sto y I explained to $>ou is very sensitive. But you then sent Musab to me. You insist him. It didn’t happen. It doesn't suit you. What about Musab, commander? I didn’t send anybody. Or do you think, I don t know these kind of works? Musab came to me. He reopened the exchange issue. I have never talked to Musab about this matter again. Then, why did he came to Last time I saw Musab, he was in a little distress. But I did not understand what it was. Allah Allah. What is he after7 Saeed is also not here.

He goes out to meet you. He didn't come here. Hay, Allah. where is this crazy man, Allah Allah. I’m ruined. I'm ruined! Allah help me. TraitorS You bastard! Okay, okay, I’m doing it. What are you going to do, what? What are you going to do? Will you kill me? Kill me. eui 11 ix Because if you do not killI, I II kilI you. Saeed okay, Listen. Leave. What am I going to listen to, you traitor dog! Do you have any idea, how many of soldiers do we have. I had to. They have forced me. Threatened. And I did not hurt anyone. Just what? What )ust, what7 pid_you selljhe information? Scoundrel! Ha? Is not this betrayal? You have grown up in the shadow of this state, you dog! ^ou watted for today to hit the back^ Shame on you. Shame on you. If this nation fell it will be because of bastards like you. Are not you embarrassed at ail? Do not you fear from Allah? Ee, enough, man Wait, wait. What are you doing? What? Did you back to your reality? But you do not worry, it will not last long. Because after that... you will burn in hell. You traitor dog! You will work Jwd as Jong as you can.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

I want you to give me a lot of time inside when I m next to the Captain. What if they shoot our men? 0 have fear of Allah, let this be after them. They canno . They need us Asa slave to the camp in India They need the prisoner to work. It’s better if they kill us here] What they can do, just fire in the air, nothing else. Not on us. If they want to. They re not gonna kill u$ all.. None of us, Mehmet. We will get rid of this from captivity iogthter. We will be succeeded. In-Shaa- ALLAH (By-the Will-of- ALLAH ). I n-Shaa - ALLAH (By- t he - Wi H- of- ALLAH ) J You willbe among the prisoners. All of you from separate side. The patient, Ahmet from Magripli. His condition is not good. If the doctor don’t come... may Allah save him. That' $ not going to happen He is been sick for many days. He is going to die if he is not taken to the doctor? Okay brother, calm down. How can I be? The man will die, who are you with? Are you a British1 We wanta physician, physician. He want a physician, come on brothers. We want a doctor. They should not go out. Everything will be ruined. It does not make any sense to anyone. It will be even worse. Just stop them. Stop, calm down It does not get any benefit to anyone. Friends, stop relax. Friends! Calm down. I promise you... our Magripli brother wiI1 go to t he doctor. We want a doctor. We want a doctor. Is the food ready? We want a firing me a doctor. Calm down brothers, calm. Our brother will take him to the doctor.i Calm down. Brother, calm down, stop!) Calm down Husruv Father, where you were been, what happened? Don’t ask, girl. The Musab is in the game but. I could not figure it out. What about Saeed7 Is not he here? No Dad, I thought you'd find him in the headquarters. He did not come back, yet. Hasbinallah. (Allah is enough for us). What's going on? Saeed is not here... and commander said, I have sent Musab to him. He insisted on exchange issue. Do you think there is any contion between Musab and Saeed? How do I know, girl, both are missing. Hold on, let’s not get away of ourselves. For how many days does Saeed get out to get fresh air... and come back before the dawn. He also did not go to commander. So he did well. So he maybe somewhere, trying to convince himself. He will be back. It’s true. Look, the dough is too dry. Let s look at our business, my daughter. Okay, Dad. I'm waiting for informations from you, not that which prisoners are sick, Uskiiplu.

That's why I am here. sir. So, It means I should send all the sick prisoners to the hospita just because you are helping me. Look, Sir, he is sick and from magrib He is Magrip from? And also from Arab. Even he won t see the face of the doctor if he was outside,.. Prisoners may die But he should not. Can I know why he is so important. Because the sick maghp. can bring me the Information of other Magrip. You mean, our man? If he dies... I don't know if I can find someone else to get information. Okay, Uskuplu. Let it be just like you said. I will take him to the doctor immediately. Let s get our men. Here is the difference between the Ottoman Empire and the British state. We d)o care of our men. Okay! It is enough! We came to get the patient. Come on, come on. I said, seperate You will be fine. Enough. Take your places and sleep.. Come on! Untie my hands. Atleast I'll die with grace. I cannot do his. Why are you holding me, then* Either kill or leave. I don’t know. They did not tell me what they do ,o you. What did they say, then Why are you with them I cannot tell you Shis. Look at me. Look at me. Speak up if you have a little bit of courage. What are they after’ Musabl I am telling you. What are they after7 Victoria. Who is Victoria? What happened to her ? They will save her. What? ueiu ijo Don’t speak louder! You won t get successful. You can't do this, Musab. Hundreds of Turkish prisoners can be traded because of her. I’ve tried. You heard, doo I have done my best. But the commander does not make a call. Now they will save her. Unite me. Untie me. Get ready for this, untie me. Untie me, and we will stop this. I won’t say anything to anyone, promise. I will let you go. oS dim | But not in this way. Musab, untie me, we have to stop them now. Saeed. it’s too late now. Musab. Musab. Musab. Musab. Dishonest! Musab. My commanding officer. go on, Hasan. Cap ue spy. Her situationis very bad J What happened to her? What’s wrong with her? She seems to be poisoned. You poisoned meS Go to hell, all of you! She is seffertng a lot. He could lose the consciousness. Do what you have to do.

This prisoner must not die. My hands are tied here, commander. We need to transfer her to the hospital J Take her away, then. Take precautions, accompany him.. Keep an eye on her. Hasan, get ready Yes, commander Take her. Silence. Do not shout. We are going. Shut up You do not know what I am going through. Come on, come on Every today get back to your spot. You go with car. come on, come on, come on okay Come on, look at your job. Come on, come on. Go back do your work. Let s get back to your work. Come on. Sir, If you want to back to the place] We will take care of it. There areships in the job. I will take care of it personally. Hold on, Victoria. What7 What is happening? Shamil he is running away, Shamil! Stop! Do not shoot. We need the girl alive. Stop! Fire on them. ♦ Shoot, Ahmad. This way, this way. He is following. Be prepared, grab on the doors. Go, go, go. Stop, stop, stop! What are you doing? It’s Serif Nisar. Now I understand, why Mr. Cox called you a precious treasure? Be quiet. Keep your voice down. We are sti 11 i n danger. Wilson is still fighting. Let’s come Inside. Hasan! Ahmad! Hasan was shot. How is his condition? good. D d they escape It's like they vanished into the grounds. Shafiq commander will not fogive us. He is alive. He is al ve. I said do not shout. am dying, shut up! Drink this. Antidote. Did you poison me? It's the price of freedom, Victoria Are you going to stay inside? You are safe now, do not be And tell u$ what you want? Mrs. Victoria, Sir. Your name is as beautiful as your face. Sir, we are here till morning. If you do not, do not wait. Would that be like that? I promised Mr. Cox. I can t leave his worthwhile treasure alone. Come on, lie down now. We are moving. May Allah help us. Ameen. Would it be... the wayof freedom and... till matyrdom. Remember me in your prayers. Our blessings are with you] You also firgive us, brother. I fogive you. Lets begin ^withjhejiame ofAllah. Is he food ready? Wait What happened? Are the meals ready? Is that important? Captain is sleeping. I am very hungry. Don t sleep, soldier! Open your eyes! Captain hates waking up. What was so important and urgent? Well, when he hear what I am going to say, he will thank me for waking captain up. I hope so. On other hand I know what he will say. Come on, brothers. Brothers, it's time. With the name of Allah. Wake up, brother. Get up, brothers. My brother, wake up, get up, bro. It’s the time for Jihad(Struggle). Come on, tome has came up now, come on, get up. Come on, come on. Get up, Lions. Wake come on, we will get out of here, come on. Get up brother,

Time has come. Brother, get up now, wake up brothers. Brothers, get up. Get up, this is the time of freedom. Get up, get up brothers, come on. Come on, strong men. Come on, wake up, wake up, get up. Brother, wake up. Wake up, it is the time for Jihad. Get up, brother] Brother,, come on, come on my brothers. Come on, you wiU do this. Come on, its time for Jihad. Come on, come on. ALLAH Hu Akbar!

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