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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 20 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 20 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 20 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. How? How could it be? How could he know that I changed the route how could he know Stand up Stand up don t be coward. Stand up stand up you cowards. He knew everything he knew everything. He tricked me. Don t look with fear Don t be afraid! You wont die with fear of the enemy you will die with their bullets Now all of you now. go after them. Catch them before they get in Kut For your honor. But Mr. Cox Look at me if you don t go after them in a second I swear to God will kill all of you with my hands To Bombay. . . will telegraph to the o o o ...they died in the battle with Turks Come on! Now all of you Take your horses! Quickly Ho! Commander. There s no following in our sight. Commander. oo . Be careful until we get in Kut Yes. sir Did you see Sergeant Mevlut? We finally made it finally we have our ree om Thanks to who made it. I would sacrifice myself for him. You said when we arrived the camp  You lose when you lost your faith not the battle Did I? Do good words comes from my mouth These are not just words brother we see that Be happy Husrev Pehlivan Thanks to you Commander We wanted one Mehmet ALLAH give us Mehmet Thanks to you and these heroes of course. Don t underestimate your self When you saw the battle you become a lion. An old lion Commander. Even an old lion is a lion Husrev Pehlivan. Eyvaliahfof course). Can we catch them I don t know. Should we try? With a couple of soldiers? No. I have wife and child who waits for me We will go back What about Cox? What about him? What will we say to him Truth of course Come on we are going back You incompetents Come here. You didn t take any prisoner. So you killed all Turks ha? You are so brave.

They should be afraid from you. I m proud of you But I have a question Where are the Turks? What did you do Talk! Mr.Cox we couldn t catch them. When we arrived the hill they already left They already left right Yes sir. So you couldn t see them even from far. right What about you Mr. Cox. what are you doing? Please lower your weapon Mr. Cox Let me tell you what I m doing. I want a answer for my question I repeat if you want You went after Turks... but you couldn t see them Because they already get in the city right See you in the hell We saw them Douglas don t want to follow. He came back When he says I tell him the truth I followed him You both will stand trial as a war criminal and hanged Are they following $hamil No Commander. Good. We almost reach Kut. Our brothers are tired Get some rest then we will countinue Almost there Thanks brother Ahmet. Hang on little more Sergeant Sefer. When we reached we drink too much In Shaa ALLAH ‘(By the Will of "ALLAH ) When we reached I will put my mouth to the Tigris and I will dry it Ahmet. Wait don t move too much You will be gangrene.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

We made it right brother? Almost there Then I would like to ask a question which in my mind will answer it. I hope it s not difficult It s hard for me easy to you What is that which is hard for you easy for me? How did you manage the raid thing Ah brother? Just like you saw Brother We attack with Commander $efik from two different directions You know I don t ask what I saw. How did you understand Cox s game He planned everything perfectly. The enemy isn t smarter than us Mehmet. But they are not stupid either Commander I waited for an answer. curious about what you say I m too curious Say it. Tell me AM Commander ...How did you figure out devil s game? Musab Musab? He is the Guide in Kutulamare and works for Teskilat i Mahsusa.{Turkish MI ) Ali Brother is this our Musab? Wow Thanks to Musab Agency is too good then Musab is a traitor who works for British When we saw the Indian Doctor from Agency Doctor send not just a razor blade. Famous proverb we have Doctor will come to the patient who will be fine. What if doesn’t come? Then .. patient must go to the Doctor. He reported transport date and Musab. He gave me Musab s name At least three days eat every meal given to you Don t forget three days Musab My name is Mehmet sir Musab s pronunciation is too easy and good name... us and our British friends. And I plan a game What kind of game is that Brother which planned that much good? When I came to Kut I want a meeting with ...other agents of Teskilat Mahsusa in Kut... ...from brother $efik. Musab came to the meeting of course. Right I would like to know you briefly.

They call me Omer Bey Commander. Alright Omer Bey. I m Musab Commander. Thats enough for me I understand the rest. Brother Niyazi What did you understand? Tell us and we understand too. When that dog Musab reach out ...Uskuplu take that hand broke it. Then he beat him like hell After that he told everything he knows. Allah knows I also wanted the same Niyazi But I didn t In the meeting with Agency agents. ...I didn t let them feel there was a game ... for save you we sneak in to them like a trad ■ convoy in Kudoybiyc Road I tell them everything. III tell you something very important. Here is the thing English will carry our brothers who held captive by them in Kurna and Rota from Basra prisoners camp to use Kudeybiye Road .to the Fav Port. They want to send them in India We will hit these unbelievers right that road. With the help of Allah ...we make our brothers free again. 

Then I follow Musab Come. Is anyone following?  No. Good What did you find out? Bastard Baseborn He goes and tell everything to the English of course. But ...thats exactly what you want Isn t it brother Yes. Brother. And I knew Cox will change the route ...when he find out our game. Which he did he sends us from differnt road Just like we want We were hopeless until see you Brother we think that you fall on Cox s game. We accept everything except captivity Brother I missed you so much my Mehmet I missed you too father. You were always in my mind You Saeed Is that much? How is Zeynep Father? Is she sad too much? Because of the soldiers captivity. She was too sad For the soldiers of course •Ha. What about Saeed? How is Saeed? Is he say something stupid to anyone Yes he complaint Doesn t he complaint He is stubborn like his brother. Ah Saeed Bey I missed him too much I missed all of you so much. Why Saeed isn t here. Father? He had another job Commander give him another assignment. What is that important mission Thanks to HIM. We ve reached Kut Thanks to HIM Lions came. Prisoners are free now! SG& tea They beat the English they are on the way. they are coming Oh Thanks to HIM Thanks to HIM! They are coming! Thank God Prisoners are free now! They saved the prisoners! They are coming They are coming.They saved the prisoners They beat the English They beat the English. Prisoners are free They are coming My son is coming! They on the way! My son is coming my son! Hope its a good thing What happened at this time? Sir wait for a minute. Talk sister. What happened Where are these all people going Sister don t you hear it prisoners are coming. Which Prisoners are they? 

Held captive by the British. Our soldiers attack them and save them all thanks to Allah Really? Did they save our Soldiers Yes they saved them They were like tornado to the enemy. Long live Enver Pasha Long live Enver Pasha! Oh my Allah we are thankful to YOU Killers Killers! Killers! Murderers Traitors Traitors! Stop Brothers stop Lets split up brothers Doesn t suits on us Come on Brother. Let me take it Commander. Brother welcome With Allah s will we won t be prisoners again What did they do to you my son? What happened to you? Oh my boy. Mehmet whats up You can t take your eyes on crowd. Are you waiting or someone I don’t know. Maybe there is Mevlut Sergeant Isn t he Cox right? The devil sees his face Where did Commander All disappear Hop hop hop hop. Stop right there young man. Say quickly. I already late Where did you be late? To the square What is in the Square Oo ho... You know nothing Our soldiers saved prisoners form English.  Did they save prisoners* Did you see Mehmet No we didn t Did you see Mehmet? No we didn t. Did you see Mehmet? No I didn t He was at the prison camp Did you see Mehmet? No we didn t Does he here Did you see Mehmet? Did he come? He was at the prison camp Did you see Mehmet? •No I didn t. Did you see Mehmet? No I didn t sister.

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Abdullah Rajput
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