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Mehmetcik Kutul Amare EPISODE 23 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitle by GiveMe5

Mehmetcik kutul Amare EPISODE 23 Season 01 with Urdu subtitle by GiveMe5 Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare is a Turkish television drama series that tells the story of the Ottoman Empire's involvement in World War I. The series follows the life of a young soldier named Mehmet, who is sent to fight in the Battle of Kut, one of the bloodiest battles of the war. The series explores the political and social issues of the time, as well as the personal struggles of the soldiers on the front lines.

Episode 22 of season 1 likely picks up where the previous episode left off, continuing the story of Mehmet and his fellow soldiers as they face the challenges of war. Throughout the series, viewers witness the Ottoman Empire's struggle to maintain its power and sovereignty, despite mounting pressure from foreign powers and internal conflicts.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

The Battle of Kut, which took place in 1916-1917, was a turning point in the war, as it led to the defeat and surrender of the Ottoman forces. The battle was fought between the Ottoman Empire and the British Empire, and lasted for over five months. The Ottoman forces were led by General Halil Pasha, who was ultimately defeated by the British commander General Charles Townsend.

The battle was fought in extreme conditions, with soldiers facing harsh weather, disease, and shortages of food and supplies. The series portrays the human toll of the conflict, showing the emotional and physical strain that soldiers endure on the front lines. Through the character of Mehmet and his fellow soldiers, viewers witness the sacrifices and hardships that come with war.

The brave and red flesh man Do not say that I saw that the person standing in front of me  was not as human as  if he had turned himself into a bullet wanted to enter the flesh of the enemy and torn it to pieces After that we heard a news  Serbians moves and harasses our boundaries One night Osman Pasha gives orders We crossed the Danube that night with cavalry Pra se be to you Our great Commander Osman Pasha  Challenges the angel of death(Azrail) n the continents Serb an Traitors didn t expect that They run like hell after the first hit And Pasha  he wasn t even commanding at all He was at the battle field in front of all of us With his gun along with his sword in his hands and Allahu ekber on his mouth The soldiers who sees that didn t stop We followed those pigs They got away to the Belgrade by falling one by one I don t know how many Towns villages we saved Pasha intend to went Belgrade but  Payitaht(lstanbul) didn t has the news They ordered go back Decree stopped the Pasha but the enemy didn t stop Serbians are the puppets of the Moskof(Russia) back in then What should we expect This time Army of the Moskof came to attack us We were in the Plevne Four sides hills middle is the pit a little town And that little Plevne  become the main target for Moskof bear They attack with full power An afternoon  we killed thousand Moskof bear That day in the Plevne bridges collapsed because of the running Russian soldiers Rest of them died in the Danube Site of the Plevne looks like a lake of the Moskof blood  mixed with Danube For days and nights Danube  became the flood of red(blood) These eyes saw that Commander What about siege?

Overall, Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare is a historical drama series that sheds light on an important period in Turkish history. It highlights the bravery and dedication of the soldiers who fought for their country, as well as the political and social challenges that shaped the Ottoman Empire's involvement in World War I. While episode 22 of season 1 may focus on a specific event or storyline, it is part of a larger narrative that tells the story of a nation at war.

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