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Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 13 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 13 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5 This is Episode number 13 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed. Do you wanna take revenge from Abdulhamid who killed your father? I want nothing else. Melike. Remember me? Ahsen. Her name is Ahsen. Not Melike. Sara Hedaya. You will pay for this. Take her away. <i PALESTINE</i I hope our sovereign is with us. He cares about you. So he ordered me.. ..not to die. Thus you won't die either. Thanks man. Ottoman can hear everything. All should know this! It forgives when necessary! We should tell them.. ..not to spend too many bullets for filthy Zionists. You both call filthy and use them. <i YILDIZ PALACE</i Do you remember that woman? No my sovereign. No.

She sent you to the palace to kill me. You'll remember sooner or later. Your test will begin then. My sovereign. We're hosting Sara in an appropriate room of the palace. Let her wait.. ..and think about the answers of our questions tomorrow. News from Palestine? Not yet my sovereign. <i PALESTINE</i Get down Celal! Dogs of Sultan Hamid! Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! We're not to take lives ..but to give our lives if necessary. Inglorious. You shameless! Ignoble! Killing you here would be nice. I wish I could. They started killing the Jews. Did they start killing the Jews? Listen. We should write fancy news. And a little touching.

This is a wonderful Episode that

you cant leave it withoout watching.

We should give the news that Mr.Herzl wanted. Last words of the Jew who was killed by cruel Ottoman.. "If we had a country Ottoman couldn't kill us." Nice. Come on pack up. Get the machines and legs. Hurry up! Come on. Let's go. Ömer! Ömer! What's going on son? Come to your senses! What happened son? Ömer! Mom. They kidnapped mom! Zeynep. Zeynep! Wake up Zeynep. Zeynep. Speak my sister. What happened Zeynep? Tell me. Speak sister. Asiye. What happened girl? The door was knocked. I opened. I though it was you. There was a man with one eye. He pushed me and got in. When he saw Asiye he walked towards her.

He pulled his gun out. Then I fainted. I don't know the rest. Who is that man son? Hiram. Who is Hiram? The enemy of our country and nation. Asım. Father. Father. God! All merciful! All gracious! All mighty! All stainless! All savior! Where are you going Mahmud? My Seniha. My elixir of life. A business. For this reason. But don't wait for me. Sleep early. I realize.. You escape from home with every reason. What's going on general? Whoa. State affairs Seniha. If it wasn't about state.. I wouldn't go to my own funeral by leaving you behind. If the funeral is yours ..they will take you even though you don't go. That's right. Father. Yeah? What about Sara? Was she able to find Melike? I wish you learned that and we wouldn't wait for the morning. If she finished it ..we need to get Sara out of there. Sabahattin. Sara won't get out of palace. What do you know? It's pretty obvious. If I hadn't taken permission from Sultan Abdulhamid ..could I have put Sara in the palace? You ratted on Sara.

You let Abdulhamid eat her. What you did isn't right. Sabahattin. My son. Don't say stupid things. Are you blind Sabahattin? Don't you see Abdulhamid.. ..searching high and low for a traitor son? Do you think Abdulhamid will settle down.. ..before eating someone? Father but.. How can we deal with red sultan without Sara? Sara isn't an important person. Abdulhamid will devastate her. And when he does his rage will fade away. Think about it. What's our interest about this? Think. We will end up by showing Sara to Melike. And so.. ..Melike's memories will get refreshed. She will remember she got in harem to kill Abdulhamid.

She'll finish her unfinished business. And even without our involvement. And there is Hiram. Don't worry. His turn will also come. Listen Sabahattin. A nasty past is.. ..the biggest obstacle for a person. If you want to turn over a new leaf have to clean it. We sold Theodor Herzl out in the train plan. We had Sara caught. And you'll eliminate Hiram now. We let Abdulhamid step on our friends one by one. Father. We started with those people. If we let them down now If the general's hand gets burned think he will care about matches? I'll burn them all. I won't even look behind. If gall bladder was my father ..I would threw it and walk.

The victory belongs to ones who.. ..only think about their own interests. Fatherly advice from me to you. Sabahattin. I'm coming too. Where? A small business. You can drop me out on the way. Fine. Come. <i PALESTINE</i Move children. We're here.. die for Israel! We came to save you. What are you doing? Didn't Sultan Beyazıd save your ancestors.. ..from savage Spanish? Who was with you.. ..when they put you in the ships and left you dead in the sea? I sear we're merciful towards our friends.. ..and furious against enemies. See this flag? This flag is Hayreddin Barbarossa's. Recognize that mark? This mark is Suleyman mark. We also believe in Suleyman mark. But in its might and protection. We don't make mischief on it. The caliphate of Islam.. ..Sultan Abdulhamid Khan.. ..sent us here to save you. Your lives are.. ..under our sovereign's protection. Your lives and property won't be touched. You're free to go everywhere except Palestine. Move children. Don't be afraid. We appreciate you. How did you leak among them? Not recently. I'm a Khazar Turk. I believe in Mouses. Our sovereign sent me for a special mission among the Jews.. ..years ago. I informed my sultan wh

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