Sultan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed the Conqueror) - 7th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmania)

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

his video is about the complete life of Sultan Muhammad Fateh | Mehmed The Conqueror in Urdu / Hindi.

Sultan Muhammad Fateh | Mehmed The Conqueror was the 7th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmania). The main reason Sultan Muhammad Fateh is famous is that he captured Constantinople. Constantinople was considered as it can not be captured by anyone.

Usman Gazi - Founder of Ottoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmania)

Before the attack of Sultan Muhammad Fateh | Muhammad The Conqueror, there were about 24 Sieges of Constantinople but nobody was able to conquer this city. Sultan Muhammad Fateh | Mehmed the Conqueror was the only person after around 1000 years who conquered this city

After this victory, Sultan Muhammad Fateh did not sit relax, he continued his sieges and attacks on other countries due to which he was able to acquire a lot of areas and made it a part of Ottoman Empire. During his conquest, Sultan Muhammad Fateh came to know about Vlad The Impaler. He was a cruel ruler of Wallachia. He like scenes of people dying in front of him. He uses to impel the live people that are why he was called “Vlad The Impaler”. He was a brutal person and he was famous by name of Dracula.

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