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Payitaht Abdülhamid​ with Urdu Dubbing EPISODE 15

This is Episode number 15 of Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hameed.  <i  YILDIZ PALACE</i Do you wanna take revenge from Abdulhamid? Abdulhamid had your father killed. Step on it. Is it comfortable?   It is. You will get used to it   boy. When did you see me and made this   my sovereign? Our sovereign saw you walking.. the Kuruçeşme garden with your mother. Then we inquired about you. Thank god. My son is walking. We're grateful to you. We're Christian   but your people. We knew Ottoman ruled with justice for centuries. But now in the newspapers   we read.. Forgive me.   What is written in the papers? They call you killer. But you made a leg for my son with your hands. You are a person who tries to help a cripple boy for his peace.. ..and has a great heart beyond the country borders. Shame on ones who call you killer. I believe they slandered on you. I will tell this to everyone   my sovereign. I've never harmed anyone during my sultanate. Why do they put the blame of murder on you? Why slandering?   My boy. Oppressors know.. ..they stand against someone who will fight for poor people. They stand against Ottoman who will shield itself for poor people.. their every move. A huge nation. That man wouldn't kill my father. That man wouldn't kill an oppressed man. Apple of my eyes. Joy of my heart. My angel  faced mother. I swear on the verse.. "Even if we let you die and take you from among them.. ..we will definitely.. ..take revenge on them." The vengeance is lawful for me. Miss Sara. Open your eyes and make us happy. Please   Miss Sara. Don't worry. I'm fine. Thank god. You were exposed to Abldulhamid for two days. That disaster can have side effects   of course. The storm can't pierce my nature. If you stayed with Abdulhamid for more would get ruined at all. I'm just saying.   You're right   general. I met the Red Sultan. I tought I was falling apart. If he had blown me slightly   I could have died. Whatever. Let's stop talking useless. Let's talk about.. I saved Miss Sara.. ..with great effort and risking my life. But.. ..If you attempt to give me a simple thanks ..I will feel great sorrow. I can predict why.. made efforts to save me. Getting offended   Miss Sara. Except from deep feeling towards you ...what benefit can I have? Hiram also knows this.   Yeah. Of course. General Mahmud and I are full of love. We don't mind benefits. We just thought.. ..if we could draw Mr.Parvus' attention by saving you. That's all. Good job for you both. Be sure that you will get something in return. Thank you. Parvus will appreciate this much. Good. <i  YILDIZ PALACE</i Everyone out! You too. Wait me in the hall. Feel comfortable   girl.


May god improve your health.   Thanks   queen mother. Listen. I know your situation. You were attacked by stabbing. Who attacked you? My sultan. I don't know how long I'm in this condition. I've just waken up. I heard that.. Seniha Sultan took me as a bride. How can I say who attacked me? Tell me   girl. You don't need to afraid. I am the queen mother. I'm the nacre of the caliphate pearl. Nobody can anyone under my protection. Come on. Come on. Tell me. I was eating something in harem that night   my sultan. General Mahmud came. When he figured out I knew him ..he attacked me. Then.. I'm like this   my sultan. It means.. The causer of your condition.. general Mahmud. Seniha Sultan wanted to make your her daughter  in  law. So that you wouldn't give her husband's name. Bidar Sultan took you under his protection. So that you would give the name of whomever she liked. Listen   girl. You won't tell this anyone else. My sultan. What will happen to me? You will be where you will be afraid. In the house of general Mahmud. My sultan. What will I do there? What about my life safety? Don't worry   girl. It's the safest place. If something happens to you   the causer will be obvious. Both Seniha Sultan and general Mahmud.. ..have to take care of you well. My girl. I took you under my protection. Whoever is responsible for you now.. ..can't hurt you. But.. If someone asks you about the causer of your condition will tell me immediately. We kept this secret years ago   general. But our crop didn't grow. It didn't get out of the soil.   My sovereign. If we hadn't release Sara Hedaya   we would learn now. We will learn   anyway. Don't worry. My sovereign. We have news from Ömer. Let him in. What is the situation?   My sovereign. Ömer went to the exchange as he was ordered. We waited for a while. But nobody came. Then we went after him. Ömer gave miss Sara. But.. Mean Hiram killed Ömer's mother   my sovereign. We came from god and will return to him. My sovereign. There was a cross.. the forehead of Ömer's mother. Stand around Ömer. My sovereign. Shall we invite him and talk? He's a decent man. He wouldn't misbehave. General. Ömer is like an set arrow now. We can't stop him. I hope we won't meet him in a dungeon. Forgive me   my sovereign. He is the captive of the vengeance bow now. And the bow is drawn   general. The arrow will get thrown. If we cut the bow   the arrow will get wasted. The arrow will get thrown. Father. I couldn't save mom from the cruel people. I couldn't bring her healthy. I need to cut wood. The water will boil. We will clean the dirt and dust of this world.. ..on my Asiye. Sit   please. My sultan. If you let me   I will give you information about the situation. No need   Lady Bidar. I know the situation. Did she said who attacked her   my sultan_ No. She said harem was dark those days. She didn't see who it was. I have been getting bad news from harem. You are after a girl of harem.. ..and involved in politics.


Password for this Episode is EPIabdulHameed. I didn't give birth to our sovereign. But I didn't discriminate him from my own children. And he didn't discriminate me from his own blood. May god be pleased with him.   Amen.   Amen. Amen. When my son ascended the throne ..I became the queen mother. I promised my son to keep this good permanently. My son wanted me not to get involved in politics. And I've always kept my promise to my lion. But.. I have heard that.. Everyone goes in and out the politics garden.. ..which is forbidden for the mother of the caliphate.. My mother. I didn't want to make my brother uncomfortable in such situations. But.. Lady Bidar's brother   general Mehmed.. ..hasn't been around for long. He is fugitive with the suspicion coat on him. I apologize   mother. As long as you don't bring your brother.. the presence of the sovereign ..your burden won't get lighter. Our sovereign justice is infallible. Bring your brother for the judgement As soon as possible. Yes   my sultan. As you wish. If you want to make her your daughter  in  law can take Makbule to your harem. But.. You should know this.. Makbule is under my protection now. She is my daughter now. And I swear I will hold her wedding. May god give you a long life   my sultan. You stay   girl. My sultan. Thank you for coming. I'm glad that you told me about this. How is your baby? I hope your health is fine.   Thank god   my sultan. We both are healthy.   Good. May god give the baby to our sovereign and you. Amen   my sultan. I talked to Parvus.   Please let us know   miss Sara. The undersecretary of British Colony Ministry... coming to the capital. Please. What is the reason of untimely visit of.. ..the undersecretary of British Colony Ministry? The final decision has been made. Ottoman will be a British colony from now on. From this date ..we will watch the real collapse of Ottoman   general. You don't expect me to be happy   right? But I bargained with Parvus about you. I got a very big reward from him for you. What is it? You are invited to the meeting.. ..which the undersecretary will hold in the capital. I am invited.. what? The new British governor of Ottoman   general. But you can call yourself a king. The new king of Ottoman. Listen.. When you become king ..your son Sabahattin wil be the prince   naturally. I'm a king. My son is a prince. Coachman! Unbelievable. We made an agreement with Parvus. Weapons   ammo and bombs came for you. But we can't unload them from the ship. Sending weapons was Mr.Parvus' job. And he did his job. Using the weapons is my duty. And I'm ready for this to death. But.. Taking the weapons in the docks is your duty   Mr.Herzl. The trigger men couldn't do anything without weapons. Don't worry. If I have to destroy the docks to get them   I will.. ..and get what is mine. Wait to hear from me. <i  YILDIZ PALACE</i Come in. Yes   Ahsen? Why do you seem so gloomy? She didn't heal my wound   my prince. Sara. She left the palace   anyway. Don't be gloomy   please. My only wish is to find my brother and see him. You can't see him without leaving the palace. I came to you for that. Help me   my prince. Get me out of this palace. Let me find my brother. Please. I will do anything to make you happy   Ahsen. Go now. It's very late. I will handle it tomorrow. I'm grateful to you   my prince. Head  servant Hacer. The perpetrator is.. ..general Mahmud. We should we do   my sultan? Don't we need to inform our sovereign? I will handle this in an appropriate way. My lion's heart is soft. We shouldn't blow the unrest flames. Let's not occupy our sovereign's mind.. ..with unnecessary problems. Our sultan knows the best. Both Seniha Sultan and general Mahmud.. ..seem to forgotten that.. ..disaster and luck have linking arms in this palace. But I will remind them. My queen mother. Our sovereign is here. My mother. Welcome. Welcome to your harem.


Your absence saddens us. I wish you were always here. I'm comfortable in my own house   my lion. The formality of the palace.. ..stands heavy for me at this age. Don't occupy your mind with me. Do you have a wish   mother? The honor of being mother of the world sovereign.. ..who is the owner of Tigris and Euphrates.. all my desire. My only wish.. your health. Thank god   My health is fine. Do you have any wishes from me? You are the one relieving my desires. You've never made me feel.. an orphan and motherless. You accepted me as your own child. My wish is.. ..your satisfaction with me as a child.. the presence of god. May god give your baby  to  be to you. Amen. Well. Did you think of a name? We haven't decided yet   mother. You know the best   anyway. May god make your baby honor Islam. Amen. Weapons are ready in the ship. But we can't unload them. Unbelievable. We need to figure out something immediately. What is.. ..the reason why you asked the weapons from Parvus? To save Sara. At the cost of burning the capital. Yes   but.. As you see   We saved Sara. And with lots of hardships. What's your problem? When you heard about the weapons   you exploded like a bomb. We both lost in the market. We have weapons now. The bullets are ready to.. raid the Ottoman Bank and make themselves heard. Why wouldn't we gain what we lost? As I can see You didn't only plan to save Sara.. ..but also to rob a bank. I admire you imagination. Herzl is like a crocodile. He jumps on the prey.. ..not only for meat   but also for bones. Not a good time for jokes. You don't need to worry   Mr.Herzl. I will solve your problem. That would be great   general. I have another request. You were supposed to arrange the safe director of the bank. I will handle.. ..that one too. My sovereign. General Rıza presents information about.. ..the Balkan territory for which you assigned him.. He thinks about the precautions to.. ..preserve the connection with Muslim in Balkans. Trade volume in Skopje has decreased. For this reason   he offers.. improve the trade between to territories.. making a connection with Arab nation. General. The lifestyle of.. ..Arabs and Balkans are different. I think.. We need to strengthen the links between Balkans and Turkistan. And between Arab brothers and Indian Muslims. Yes   my sovereign. My sovereign. The undersecretary of British Colony Ministry... in the capital. That man resembles the dogs   general. If you chase   he runs. If you run   he chases. We will chase him to make him run. Shall we chase   my sovereign? We will chase the dogs with the dogs   general. First   we will wait for the British spy.. ..who got captured. The undersecretary must have come for him. When will Kemaleddin come? They will arrive soon   my sovereign.   Good. Sabahattin. Look at that mirror. And look at me. With one word. What do you see? A cute father. I see the freest and strongest general.. ..of Ottoman   my father. The freest and strongest general of Ottoman.. ..doesn't grow out of any more. I will cross the borders.. ..and become a king soon. What are you saying? What king? Son. Ottoman has to move forward under the wings of Europe. Ottoman has no other future. What are you talking about   father? Didn't we set off for the freedom? Now you talk about being a king.. .. and making Ottoman a colony. Sabahattin. Europe stands thanks to its colonies. It takes the riches with its one hand. It presents freedom and civilization with the other. That's trade. If you want meat   you have to deal with the butcher. But I can't understand our situation. What are we? The butcher? Or sheep? Come. Take a closer look. Don't move. Don't move. Sabahattin. When I look at you ..I don't see an idiot. When I look at you ..I don't see a peasant. When I look at you ..I don't see someone smelling bulgur and onions. I'm just a freedom  lover. Right. When I look at you I see a young man burning with the love of Europe. When I look at you ..I see a romantic nobleman. When I look at you   Sabahattin. ..I see a person burning with the love of freedom. When I look at you   Sabahattin. ..I see an eye  brightening prince. Prince. A freedom  lover prince. A freedom  lover prince. Let's talk about trade now. Sit. Speak   general. My sovereign. I'm bored of giving bad news. But.. But? You son Abdulkadir.. ..made miss Sara meet Ahsen.. ..before we sent her. Saffet! My sovereign. Summon the prince Abdulkadir in the presence.

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