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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 04 with Urdu Subtitles


This is EPISODE number 04 of Mehmetçik Kultulamare with Urdu Subtitles.  The Osmanic battalion is on the way to Baghdad to their new mission. They are getting Vicoria with them. Muhammad is also with them secretly. On the way The soldiers are talking in a light mood. Mauvalet is watchi a bullet from which he was survive in past.  Niazi is teasing saeed on the way that he is coming in to the battalion without passing the test. Saeed repleis to Niazai that when he will be martyred in the hand of him then he will remmber his words. Then Mavaulet tells him that Nizai is only testing you and we are hoping this answer from you!

Mohammad is hidden in a compartment of the Train. He was hiding there suddenly Suleman Askari soldiers take vicoria to his compartment. Mohammad get hide in a box and victoria is thrown into the compartment. Victoria see Mohammad in the Compartment and and ask him why are you here in this condition. Mohammad asks her that who was the man with her in the market who changed the streets into Blood Bath. Victoria tells him that what can he do if she tells her that she ic Cox and he is the best man raised by Great Britain. 

Suleman Askari calls Wrestler Hasruv for a secret mission. He send him to batween Tigris and Euphrates as Bektashi Sheikh. Before this mission they also talk about their past. Wrestler Husruve tells Suleman Askari that what er were and now what we are now. We have to win this war. Suleman Askari tells Husruv that we will win this war Inshaa'Allah. Askari also tells him to not tell this to anyone even saeed. Husruv also tells the story of pasts when they leave their lands and how the people were crying.

Muhammad is hiding in the compartment and he is talking with Victoria. Victoria helps him to relief his wound. She got a knife , gun powder and a lighter. After this Muhammad feels some ease but he tells her that she dont expect any goodness in return. Vicotria tells him that i know why he is hiding here because he is not in Osmanick Battalion. Victoria tells him that they both are fighting for thier country. Muhammad tell him that we are fighting for our country but you are interfering in others matters. 

Elizebeth is a brave journalist who has reached to the mountains to the rebels. She has brilliantly questioned to the Rebillion people who are following the enemy of Osamanick Battalion and dreqaming for their new great Armenia. She has asked him some tough questions like where are your children and wives. How can they survive in the brutality of Osmanick Empire. Arman the rebel tells her that he put them in a safe place and when the war will be end he will put them out.  The supply of Weopons come there when Elizebeth is there. They tell her that this is food supply. Them man who bring the supply asks Arman that why this woman is here.  He tells him that dont worry we tells her that this is food supply. Mr. Cox also comes there and they recognize each other because they have met before in the train. Cox tells her that he hide his identity because he is working with these rebillions and he is on a mission. After that Elizebath has to go from there and Aramn send his friend him to see her off. Cox has bring a lot f gold for Arman. After seeing that gold Arman becomes very happy. 

Suleman Askari calls Victoria to his presence. When the soldiers comes to get her , she cleverly asks for the gun which Muhammad has in the compartment. She threatened Muhammaed that if he will not give her the gun she will tell them that you are hiding here. Muhammad gives her the gun. Victoria reaches there to the presence of Suleman Askari. Suleman Askari asks her about the secret which she gets. She refuse to him. She get the gun ouit which Muhammad gives him. She push the trigger but gun was empty so She failed to kill Suleman Askari and Suleman Askari hit a bullet on her feet.

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