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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 17 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode number 17 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Try it again come on. Come on. Hurry up. Be careful Ah lift him up Keep his head straight. Doctor hurry up. the man s dying, hurry up No need to panic, calm down. Hurry up doctor Uskup Robert? What are you saying? What are you saying s What are you trying to say? What are you trying to tell me I can t understand. Please, please. He s in a critical condition Who did this to you, Robert? Put pressure on it! Get up get up Get up get up get up! Get up bastard get up! Get up get up! Now what7 What the hell is this? We II figure it out soon enough Get up Come on1 Wait okay Come on come on okay Hey! Okay calm down1 Move. Don't pu h Move. Sergeant Mevlt come come Sergeant Mevlt Patience, patience. The son of a bitch is coming. He's infuriated, cuz the rascal can t do anything. The person whose name is called will step forward! Yaar from Bilecik Move1 Hasan from Bak Come here. Robert speak, speak! He has lost a lot of blood Don t push him too much Well, how did this happen Just like the other soldiers It was cut with a razorblade What? A razorblade? How did the captives get hold of a razorblade? Robert confirm using your eyes Did someone come from the outside? Robert, what are you trying to say, I can’t understand Give us a minute doctor Your photos will be published in the newspapers. Stand close to each other Okay, I'm taking the photo. What7 Robert that s impossible That’s impossible1 Are you sure? That Mehmet so called-Uskiiplu That weak, shiftless guy couldn't have done something like this. What's more, his hand is cripple! Robert come to your senses Come to your senses. That's impossible You men go up the street You men go that way. And you men go down the street And you men look over here Move it1 We've searched everywhere, they aren't inside. Raza from Kerkk. Ahmet from Konya. Kadir from Ktahya Abdullah from Mushla Keep on counting, we ll make you count even more. Just a little bit more, we won t make you wait for long. sukur from Bosna Nebi from Tebnz Give that to me Mevlt from Antalya, Mehmet from Krkkale.1 Someone who is able to make you feel jealous solely with their beauty, right? Allah Allah you are as beautiful as a fata morgana in the Sahra desert. I've become speechless in the presence of your beauty. Is this your state of speechlessness?


How could I possibly express my admiration in a different way? This beauty... must be adorned with a precious gift It's not worthy of you, but however please accept. Where did you find this? That s what I do Finding everything that's beautiful. Just like you. I can't accept this. No, no, no please accept it Son Please have a seat. I've had someone prepare the most delicious traditional meals from this area. I'm going out for a while. Make yourself comfortable Kevser will be taking care of you. Just ask her whatever you need Now excuse me. Whatever Yah, yah girl1 Son* Get out of sight, don't draw attention Would you like to have some wine, my lady? Don't call me my lady1 As you wish. Would you like to have some more food Would you like something else? I want Cox to come here. Can you make that happen? I’m bored I'm so bored Soldier! Soldiers' Ah soldiers! What's happening The soldiers are looking for you God damn it, they won t give up on me Who possibly could7 But don't worry, I'll take care of it. Calm down. No one can enter my house that easily. What if they can? Mehmet from Istanbul. All from Girit Numan from Trabzon Halil from Kstence. And what do say, freedom in the morning brother Mehmet7 Ibrahim from Burdur. If it's faith, it will happen Sergeant Mevlt. May Allah let me see my son just one more time... that s all I ask for. Sabahattin from Aden Don t say that Allah(s.w.t) will continue to grant our wishes. Ferit from Yozgat I mean you have a point... but this is Niyazis greatest wish Allah knows my intentions. Asim from Kavala. Come on daughter Mashallah, the commander besieged the entire town of Ktulamre just for a British harlot That harlot you're underestimating is a spy of the enemies. Moreover, she was kidnapped while she was being transferred from the headquarters to the hospital. It's certainly an important matter. I didn’t say not to search for her, did I father? Then they should be searching for Saeed too. Don't be impatient daughter. Allah forbid if that foolish boy doesn't return by the evening then we'll go to the commander. Besides, who else could we go to? As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You) Wa AleyklimSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too) How m ny. Just one The soldiers besieged the whole town. I


t must be an important matter That must be it Here you go. They have closed all entrances and exits of the city. Like you said, it must be an important matter Hmm. Do you put 1 cup or 2 cups of salt Hsrev Baba? Take over the counter my daughter. I ll take care of it. May Allah grant you prosperity. Thank you. Be blessed. You already know about Niyazi's situation. He s longing to see his son What about Mehmet? Does he have a betrothed, fiancee? Did you think a young man like him has no loved one Uskuplu7 Is he engaged In-Shaa-'ALLAH"(By-the-WiU-of-'ALLAj-T)^ that will happen too if Allah helps ut to break the chains of enslavement Her name is Zeynep. She helps Husrev Baba at a bakery in Kut. Emrullah from Mardin. Mehmet from Uskuplu. Mehmet from Uskuplu! So it was you Uskiiplu Soldier Bring me the personal information of Mehmet from Uskuplu Where and by whom he was captured, I want to know everything. Yes sir Since nobody confessed among you I believe you're all innocent and that you don t know anything Although you don't believe it... it's called the justice of the British. You Sharia's servant Turks wouldn t know about it. In the law of the British... until the evidence is found barbarians like you are even counted as innocent h and meanwhile that one-handed Mehmet from Uskiiplu. will be found dead or alive within this camp or outside of it. And will join you You II spend wonderful days at the Indian Ocean. However first you'll watch Mehmet from Uskiiplu be fusilladed. Due to the fact that he has killed five British soldiers. As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You). We've come for the search. Do you know whose house this is? Tell erif Neccar we have a search warrant. Don t let him constrain us from our duty You are a yes-man just like us, brother We won't disrespect erif Neccar However step aside, our sergeant is very unpredictable, you'll never know what he's going to do next. Son What's happening The soldiers will search the house, sir. Is everything alright soldier, what are you searching for7 Turn the place upside down. Aren't you going to tell me? If I'll find it, I'll tell you. Whoever is at this mansion bring them here Let m see your face What do you think you are doing sergeant?


That s private Do you think we are doing this because we want to? We received orders I said let me see Open your veil . 0lma7! Mahremdit! o way This is not permissible! Let me see. What you're doing is a sin, sergeant. These women have families. It's for the sake of duty, serif Neccar. We need to report this situation to the commander. Should the commander be disturbed by this issue? It would be sufficient to tell him that, for serif Neccar, it's the duty of the government. Close it sister, close it Let me see your face. This man has no manners! Bilmiyorum. I know that. Bilmiyorum. What's she saying She said, "I'm married, my husband will kill me." Please sergeant, enough already. Including the statesmen of this town, everyone knows Serif Neccar. What's the problem? Sergeant A woman left the house on the opposite of this house, she's running away. Come on! We got almost caught thanks to your stupid men, Serif Why is she so late? I don't know Allah damn it I don't know Son! Son! Why is that woman late huh7 She was supposed to leave the house and try to escape with her face covered. That was all she had to do It was not easy to convince her sir. Aargh. She persisted in what she would say if she got caught. Don't be so afraid Serif, to give a couple of soldiers the slip it's a cinch. Mehmet from Uskliplu.. was taken prisoner in Al Qarnah. Furthermore here it says that... he s a soldier of Suphi Bey Is that so? What's written about him is it true? Does anyone among you men know? Do you have an idea7 Or do you? You7 Does no one know? Does no one have an idea? No one? Back off What the hell are you doing! How would he know7 Back off! Back off! Back off! Move to your own spot Move to your spot! ove. Move! Move to your spot. Move to your spot Don't touch me1 Okay, okay. Come on now! Is no one going to help m ? Tell me his real identity? Does no one know Uskliplus real identity? Real identity? What's he even talking about7 Allah Allah Who is that? Who was that? Allah Allah. Mehmet from Uskuplu. As far as I know he's meek and has a cripple hand. If one of his hands is cripple, how could he kill five British soldiers... and slit the throat of the lieutenant? Do you know something?

Don't be afraid Say it' Stop stop Move to your spot! Stay there, stay there! Move1 Back off Come on now! What a pity Yet I'm sure that one of you... knows about everything. Who do you think it could be? Mehmet from Istanbul Yes Mehmet Isn't that right? You are the lucky one And we I'll have to talk to you in private Let's see. Yay. Give me the money. Come on, it s your turn come on. Give it give it, give it Give it It s my turn Take it come on, take it I brought you some food I don't want it. I won. I won t let them hurt you I'll do everything I can for them to set you free. Are you messing with me? nd. Are you messing with me you traitor? I'm trying to get you out of here. No, you are trying to save your own life. If they let me go by any chance, I'll kill you first. You don't know anything, Saeed. You don't know why I'm doing this. Tell me. Tell me so I can understand My father. When I was little, he left me and my mother to go to Great Britain to engage in trade. He was supposed to gain money and return back to us. My mother. my mother started to serve rich landlords to put bread on our table Come to the point. They've killed my mother Saeed. My mother is dead because of my father I found out that he settled down in Great Britain. He got married there He forgot about us I swore that I would find him and avenge my mother And? They said they found him. They showed me a picture of him. We will take you to him and help you avenge your mother." they said And you believed these bastards7 These demons know how to trick someone very well, don't they? Saeed. You traitor! Where you going? Where you going Wait, wait, wait, wait. Move' Wait, wait, wait, wait. Our loved ones are as much important as our country Musab You shouldn't have betrayed your country. Forgive me Saeed, please forgive me You'll meet with your shitty father in hell. What's happening in here? He s going to kill me. He’s going to kill me. Please let me go Not yet Musab. Okay but at least get me away from Saeed Unfortunately you'll have to stay here for a longer time Musab. We need this man alive. And you too Until we receive an order from Mr.Cox, you'll not leave this place. Gathe these corpses hurry. Chain this man up too. Mehmet. let's see, explain. Where did UskliplU find the razorblade? And where did he go7 I don't know where he found it. He used it to shave I guess Though he s beardless He doesn t grow a beard. So he didn t use it for shaving Puh If you don’t tell me what you've planned, you'll not leave this place alive. You said it yourself that a one-handed man couldn t have killed that many soldiers And on top of that, we also made a plan huh? Who knows what they are doing right now to Mehmet inside? Those infidel's spawn. But there will come a time when we will get a hold of them Then you'll see what I will do to them. Allah forbid, he gives out any information. Don't say something like that. Even if they threatened to kill him he’d never give out his secrets, don't you know that? I know that but the devil keeps mind tricking. Then say "destur (with permission) Get rid of that devil that's in your head. Estafurullah. (I seek rufuge with Allah from the Accursed Satan). Hah. Now let the devil think about it.


Eh lift your head Come on Allah is with u Don t worry Certainly The transfer is tomorrow I hope UskUplli has arrived and is together with Askeri right now. Let us think about tomorrow When they say that there's a raid, let's make it easier for them. As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You)! Wa AleykiimSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too)! I came to see the commander Let's hear about your identity first brother Who are you? What business do you have with the commander? Go to the commander and t II him this The ill one went to the doctor, got recovered and came back.' What s that supposed to mean? Just go and tell him The commander will understand. It's been a long time. I've missed the crescent and the star, separately I hope nothing is wrong. Were you in the land of the foreigners? The foreigners are the ones on our land brother. And they still are There's a search outside, I hope everything is okay. There's a fugitive. It must be an important person since you're searching thoroughly. Send this by telegraph to Commander Asken right away. What is it, Mahmut. Commander, someone came, he wants to see you Does this person not have a name? He didn't say his name commander but He said The ill one went to the doctor, got recovered and came back." Shall I take him in, commander7 Lieutenant All. pip noA Did you accomplish? Brother Sefik. My brother Come on, come with me L t s go upstairs Come on come Son, send some food to my room, okay? Yes sir Ouch I've brought what you asked for. sir Nice. You can leave You could've asked it to me. I have one too. It s nice how you can still make jokes even in a condition like this. Pu ha. But don't worry. I won't slice your throat like that barbarian UskUplU did. I will give you a lovely present. Are you ready? Ouch Ouch Ouch Now tell me Meh met W h at we re you guys plann in g ? Hah. Ouch Ouch Ouch It's going well, I get it You insist on receiving your gift. Moreover as fast as possible You' e right. I think you're right. Who doesn’t want to walk around with a British flag on his chest, right? Ouch Ouch Ouch.. Ouch Ouch. You animal! You animal! You '! o l We will not remove this animal from the transfer list. He will regain his temper when he has breathed the air of the Indian Ocean. Niyazi. Walk. What the hell is this? Brothers make way. Brothers, make way. Hang in there Mehmet, hang in there brother. Hang in there Mehmet. We will make you feel better, brother. Heathens. Heathens' They are remorseless! Hang in there brother What have those traitors done to my brother? Brothers, that's enough seperate already. But Sergeant Mevlt... Friend use this Give it brother. May Allah bless you. May Allah be pleased with you Those heathens! Look what they ve done to my brother. 

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