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Oblivion Carry Weight Mod

Oblivion Carry Weight Mod =====

Oblivion Carry Weight Mod

Please Note: This mod may conflict with other mods. If you do not want these conflict, you must ensure you overwrite the included files completely with the files from this archive. If you try to use this mod while other mods are installed, it will cause problems. Please remove all other mods before installing this one.

This mod is compatible with the base game only. It does not work with the DLC or the Special Edition. You will need to decide whether you want to use a mod that will make the game more challenging to play. This mod is great for people who enjoy the original loot table and want to see it return. It allows you to modify and create your own loot table. The mod is recommended for people who already have the base game installed.

A mod for making items less common by making them even more rare. The mod adds a new model for most items, and replaces the existing models with the new model. The game won't recognize the new items, and the mods doesn't list them as usable. The only exception is for the vanilla loot table in the DLC and pre-order bundles. In this case, you can still loot the items with no consequences. This mod is great for people who enjoyed the original loot table and want to see it return. (To see the icons of the new items, type dxgModel into the console and take a look)

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