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2 Live Crew Nasty As They Wanna

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2 Live Crew Nasty As They Wanna

That same year they released Live in Concert, the group's first and only live album, and their fifth record overall. It was released under the Effect subsidiary label of Luke Records, a move that was deemed necessary for the company to be able to release additional 2 Live Crew material outside of their distribution deal with Atlantic Records. The album peaked at number 46 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.[12]

The hero is Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard, played by Tommy Lee Jones in a reprise of his co-starring role in "The Fugitive." The fact that they made this quasi-sequel without its original star (Harrison Ford) is a tribute to the strength of Jones' presence in the earlier film, where he had more dialogue than the lead. Jones made a big impression and won an Oscar. Here he hits the same marks with the same razor-edged delivery; everything's right about his performance, except that it's in a rambling movie.

In 1969/1970 I lived in a NCO hootch on the parameter of Takhli. I am diabetic, have had colon cancer, and have severe arthritis that I have to take shots in the stomach for. I was also in Nam for a few days(not in my records, wife lost my boarding passes) so far they have denied my agent orange benefits. 3 men in my family served in S.E.A.

Was TDY in May of 72 to Takhli from Holloway AFB. Takhli was being reopened at time and the conditions were deplorable. We lived and dined in tent cities with no running water. Water had to be trucked in. I think we all be assured that herbicides were used to kill foliage all throughout that base. I spent all my time working along the flight line and travelled all over that base for 46 days. I know have ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. I have a claim pending with VA but not really holding out much hope until they finally admit that there should by a presumption of exposure just for being on that base. Would love to hear from anyone else that may have been there during this time

Hello Donald, My name is Pablo Quinones.I was also at Udorn ,Thailand in 1974 to 75 as a RF-4C crew chief. Found out I have N. I lived and showered on base and had no idea where water came from. Not sure if agent orange services in water. I also have tried to get claim but getting denied. Please confirm if you got answers or got your claim since 2020.

I Michael E Schellerer was a B-52 D crew chief on 0100 and others witch later on ended up in Guam on a pedestal at the entrance to GUAM AFB. also in Thai Land for LINEBACKER II.during that time frame for the Year.I too am fighting the VA Because of the exposure to Agent Orange. not only did we load it on to the Air Craft down by the Beach end of the runway but our BKS where located not more than 50ft. from the Perimeter fence line. Contrary to the belief of the VA a chain link fence DOSE NOT STOP THE drift of the spray in to the tin BKS with all windows open all the time Needless to say I got Bladder CANCER! long live the memories of the forgoten. God Bless All.

Catherine Wheel: 'Adam & Eve' - With their 1997 album, Great Yarmouth's Catherine Wheel transferred art into reality when they took the naked models of the cover art and welcomed them on stage during their live shows to promote the record. The type of people you often find in the Green Fields of Glastonbury, then. 1e1e36bf2d


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