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Carpenters 40 40 The Best Select High Quality

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The compatible nominals, as in Table 1, are those combinations of physical properties that fit together so well that qualitatively superior alloys are produced. Materials don’t like staying in their own categories because performance and cost are constantly shifting. Some combinations aren’t very useful or practical.

Carpenters developed a new nickel-based alloy for aircraft engine parts that exceeds AA64 01 (EAA) grades with regard to thermal crack resistance. Now, all Katana Technologies aircraft parts have the added technological advantage of the NiTi line, which is unworn after 15,000 takeoffs and landings (with minor exceptions). Moreover, since only a small percentage of aircraft get broken, the replacement cost savings afforded by a nickel-based part over an iron-based part is far more pronounced than the cost of nickel-based metals.

Industrial and Aerospace controls are another example of a new family of materials that have been developed and applied by Katana Technologies. Efficiency, robustness, performance, and suitability for harsh conditions are key properties. The controls that have been put in place address all of these parameters and meet the criteria outlined in Fig. 1.

Even in the context of metalworking, there is some question as to whether plastics will take the place of metals. But, we will assume that future materials will replace at least a percentage of metals in the next few decades. In this chapter, we will focus on those materials that will be used for structural metalworking. Of course, there is a significant chance that they will be used for welding or bonding, too, but we’ll leave those topics for the next chapter.

Katana Technologies’ IM materials aren’t new. They have been utilized for decades. Katana continues to explore the most relevant IMs for electronic gas sensing. Relevant IMs include niobium, titanium, tantalum, tungsten, zirconium, hafnium, and ytterbium.

This resource is designed not to be used for selection, however, it can be used to reconstrct the best choice. For the 96 tasks recorded, the actual cost data is in the table below. (The rest of the "Tasks" table, however, is a supplement only shown here for your reference.) d2c66b5586


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