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- when it comes to the "actual paper" sentence, the program does not have a sentence structure to capture this. (it has an option to use the word "actual paper", but it won't capture the following phrase: "filed in the x departmental library in the y year". note: ive had people mention this issue with previous versions of endnote). you can do some workarounds in this case, which include using regular quotations as citation markers (not really correct) or manually writing the citation for each citation exactly as it appears in the paper.) - second, citations to papers not mentioned in the paper are not captured by endnote either (you can choose to use only the authors name for these citations). this is a much more serious issue, as you will not have citations for most papers that you read while pursuing your phd program, e.g. papers on the use of java for peer-reviewed literature. what do you recommend a student majoring in computer science should do to have citations for papers read while pursuing a phd should she use only endnote for citation should she use endnote x7 and go through the hassle of manually writing citations or have endnote x7 capture the citations at the outset please also let me know if you have developed a workaround for this using endnote x7 that i should learn. thank you for your help.

1 - log in to 2 - click on the home page tab (top left) 3 - then click on the 'customize' tab. 4 - select 'developer' from the side menu. 5 - once you enter the developer portal, you need to login. 6 - close the developer portal and you should be automatically logged out. you are ready to begin the download of your code, and be sure to verify it. 3d9ccd7d82


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