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The distribution of the film was done on a paltry budget of around 6 million and the team used the low budget to increase the impact of Indian cinema and in India. The film distributed in homes, mobile devices and laptops on its first day.[119] The music of the film was unveiled in a concert named "Dhan Dhana Dhan" in Mumbai, India. The event occupied a capacity crowd of 60,000, and the organisers invested over 15 million.[122] The event was held to mark the release of 3 Idiots, making a slightly larger mark than the first edition of Indian Premier League.

3 Idiots became the first Indian film to complete 100 days in UK cinemas, with regular screenings running around the clock across the nation, exceeding many other Indian movies. In addition to the highly reasonable ticket prices, the Indian cine-going audience were very vocal, giving the film overwhelmingly positive reviews.[119] In addition to UK and US, the film released in several European countries early in 2012, where it became the highest-grossing Hindi film ever. Dominant critical and audience response has made the film a cultural phenomenon which has gained a loyal core of fans not only in India and the United States, but further abroad. Naichi Ho, the director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in New Delhi, said about the phenomenal success of 3 Idiots, saying "Five years ago no one in Taiwan watched Indian movies. The education system in our country is the same as in India. Every parent wants their children to go to the best school and there is a lot of pressure on the kids. So it's a hit among youngsters there".[91] Another director Kamal Amrohi, who had directed some of India's most successful movies such as _Mother India_ and _Jagirdar_, said, "We are no longer able to make films like 'Jagirdar' and 'Mother India'.[114] d2c66b5586


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