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calabash flasks: these flasks are usually made of glass, though in some cases you may find them with a metal body. the other calabash variations are usually made of metal and include a female figure with a spoon, a female with a vase, a seated male with a vase, and a female figure with her back to the vase. another variation of the calabash flask is the eagle crest flasks. there are several variations of this, including the following: a female figure to the left with a spring and bulb, a female figure with a frog and spring, a male figure to the right with a spring and bulb, and a female figure to the right that is holding the base of an eagle on its talons. click on the following links to view flasks with the titles and images of the following birds: anhinga to the left, cardinal, egret, eagle, arundinó, canvasback, duck, falcon, gannet, great blue heron, goose, gyrfalcon, gull, herring gull, horned owl, loon, magpie, phoebe, plover, red gallinule, seagull, swan, turkey, vulture, and widgeon.

frogs and peacocks: like many types of glassware, when the front and back of the calabash flasks were made, the maker might not have had the ability to accurately represent the front of the bird so would be forced to use a generic front. this was true of the pitchers which depicted frogs and peacocks. these two variations show peacocks on the front and a frog on the back.

fern and flower: this is the most common type of container that is used for shipping flasks to england. the stemmed bottles were made in multiple sizes, but the size most commonly found in the united states is the 2.5 ounce size which is illustrated by the bottle in the next section of the article. 3d9ccd7d82


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