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NDI HX Camera

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NDI HX Camera

Regardless of which NDI monitor I use (Sienna or NewTek), if Wirecast has the NDI sources, the cameras are not available on the same machine. I can run the NDI tools on another machine without issue.

When I open Sienna NDI Monitor before launching Wirecast or OBS, I can see the PTZOptics camera in the NDI Monitor App, I cannot however, see it in Wirecast or OBS as a NDI source once those programs launched (one at a time of course). Other sources show up in the NDI Monitor (NDI Signal Generator and Scan Converter + the Sparks) but no Camera. If I open Wirecast or OBS first, I can then see the camera as a NDI source a but when I launch the NDI Monitor, I then cannot see the camera there then.

This compact camera controller supports two IP control protocols: IP VISCA & ONVIF, and two analog control protocols: VISCA & PELCO (D&P) Any device on the RS485 bus can be individually configured with different protocols and baud rates.

Also, as per the needs of the user, the NDI-related tools can be installed. So, it is completely up to the demands of a user; whether they wish to connect a single device to the gadget or multiple. These cameras are equipped with the PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) functionality which utilizes the two-way communication capabilities of NDI.

It is very easy and straightforward to set up an NDI camera in almost any setting. Simply put, an NDI camera can be directly plugged into a Local Area Network (LAN) and configured with the related software on the computer or any other device. When an NDI camera has been plugged into an NDI network, the device will recognize it automatically.

If you could just mount a gadget on your wall or ceiling, it would take off so much tension off of your head because they are so delicate. It would surprise you to learn that with the newly launched NDI cameras, you can make that happen!

If you are looking for efficient and convenient video production and streaming, NDI should be your go-to option. However, if you wish to preserve videos in high-quality, SDI cameras are always a better choice than NDI ones. But if you are tired of facing latency issues, we suggest you go for an NDI camera.

On the other hand, NDI HX (HX stands for High Efficiency) makes the transmission of high-quality videos possible in lower-bandwidth devices like smartphones. By opting for compressed formats, this type of network avoids latency problems. In camera technology, there is always a tradeoff between latency and bandwidth.

I bought this camera to make it easier for our volunteers at church to live stream our services. It shipped the same day I ordered. Received it the next day in Ontario, Canada! We currently use some Panasonic G7 cameras, with a mix of lenses. Those cameras and lenses have manual focus and fluid head setups The setup and operation of the PTZ camera went smoothly, although I did spend some hours going through all the different exposure and color options. I was able to match the existing cameras pretty closely. We use vmix for livestreaming and it was very easy to connect to the HoneyOptics camera using the ptzoptics settings for VISCA over ethernet. The camera is working great to move to the different presets and then focus on the subject. The NDI connection also works great. I've done two services, a funeral and a wedding already. I have not tried the 4k image yet. While the image is not as sharp as the G7 camera and Canon EF mount lens, that's not really a fair comparison. For the price point, the image quality and ease of use for our volunteers is just what we need! Will definitely be ordering more!

I am very pleased with the three cameras i bought from HoneyOptics for our church livestream. Here is highlights of the product, presale and after-sale support:1. Honey Optics offered the 1/1.8" CMOS from Sony2. For a 4K cameras, it is much better price point compared to other vendors.3. They have a loan program which you can test out the camera for a month (you have to authorize the full amount if not returned). 4. they shipped out the next day and it is a surprise treat.5. The after-sale support is awesome with live tech support and great support.Definitely will buy from them again for next project.

Hey there. I have all three NDI camera apps on the App Store: NewTek NDI, NDI Cam and the NDI HX Camera. NDI HX Camera was just updated with the feature to present an image if the live feed isn't accepted. This is what is shows at the moment:

The most discreet NDIHX camera has to be the HD-NDI-MINI. With its weatherproof barrel design, the HD-NDI-MINI is protected where it is stashed. From the highs of rafters, to the inside of pylons, the HD-NDI-MINI is the ultimate addition to any NDI workflow.

When adding two NDI-HX inputs in vMix from separate cameras, you may see the same video feed from one on both inputs.This can be caused by incorrect multicast settings in the camera. First see if multicast can be disabled and if not check the manufacturersdocumentation for the correct multicast settings to use for multiple cameras with NDI-HX.

Have you ever wanted to get that awesome shot of a baptism or wanted to get a mobile camera in your production Look no further Newtek solved this problem for us too! Now you can wirelessly transmit video from your mobile device to any device or computer on the network. Pretty amazing stuff, right

If you plan to use your device like a mobile camera, it would be a good investment to purchase a mobile device gimble stabilizer. Phone gimbles are relatively low in price and can make a world of difference when carrying around your phone camera.

The 20x NDIHX ZCAM 3G-SDI Box Camera from PTZOptics is designed to capture static shots of a specific area of your environment. It can be used in meeting rooms and conferencing applications as well as combined with PTZ cameras to provide more angle options in your setup. The camera features a built-in 20x optical zoom lens, which has a focal length of 4.42 wide to 88.5mm telephoto. The long zoom range allows getting tight shots from a distance, while at its widest, the lens captures an angle of view of 60.7. The camera offers up to 1080p60 output over 3G-SDI or up to 1080p30 over IP (NDIHX or RTSP/RTMP). Streaming resolutions also include 720p120 and 480p240 high frame rate output. SDI and IP can be output simultaneously. The camera can be powered using an included power adapter or conveniently over Power-over-Ethernet. The same cable used for IP video and connectivity can also be used for PoE.

The NewTek NDIHX-PTZ2 1080p PTZ Camera is a remote controlled PTZ camera that uses the NewTek NDIHX protocol for power, control, and video transmission via a single ethernet connection. Key features include:

High Efficiency NDI. With the pre-installed NDI HX license from NewTek, the PTZ2 can transmit live video over IP to any NDI compatible hardware or software. Designed for reduced latency at low bandwidths, the NDI implementation on this camera supports video, audio, camera control, & power over ethernet with resolution peaks at 1920 1080 and frame rates up to 60 fps.

The BG-ND-XHSRP is an enterprise-grade NDI-enabled HD PTZ camera designed for use in video conferencing and small-scale productions. The thoughtful selection of outputs allows this camera to integrate seamlessly with multiple configurations and workflows.

Equipped with a 3.5mm audio input, the BG-ND-XHSRP provides the ability to embed stereo audio to the IP stream. In addition to NDIHX2, the camera also supports ONVIF, RTSP, and RTMP streaming protocols.

The BG-ND-XHSRP can be controlled via NDI, web browser, IR remote control, IP control (IP VISCA, ONVIF) RS-232/485 (VISCA/PELCO-P/D). 255 camera presets can be stored internally, of which 10 can be recalled using the IR remote control.

Yes, all our cameras (excluding passive webcams) comes with IR Remote Control. You can use one remote control unit to control multiple alike cameras. You can control pan, tilt, zoom, navigate menu and use multiple camera preset positions which is very convenient in any application when you need quickly point camera into the predetermined spot and zoom accordingly (like selecting active person at the conference table during the meeting, or switching from general view of the stage to the speaker podium in house of worship).

Imagine being able to add more cameras to your production without having to run any cables. By using a smartphone with one of the NDI apps, you can capture video and audio from any compatible iOS or Android device in resolutions up to 4K. As long as the device can connect via WiFi to your LAN network, it can instantly be added as a source for your switcher or viewed with Studio Monitor.

This is a great way to cover concerts, sporting events, or other productions where additional angles and close-up shots are critical. Thanks to the ability to use both forward and rear-facing cameras, mobile phones and tablets can be used for more interactive exchanges with hosts and camera operators. This option also enables you to get video shots from places where cables would be unmanageable.

The WirelessCable from PTZOptics is a networking solution that can extend your NDI network up to 1,300 feet or 400 meters. The WirelessCable allows you to connect one network to another just like an ethernet cable would through a professional Wireless Access Point (WAP) system. In this way, one large NDI network connects wirelessly for use with cameras and other devices.

The NDIHX Camera Application works with both front-facing and rear-facing cameras. The app features camera tools like pinch to zoom and an optional grid overlay for mobile camera operators. It also features autofocus, autofocus lock, tap to focus, auto exposure, exposure lock, and manual exposure modes. There is also a connection notification and tally display, so operators will know when they are live. Both audio and video can be muted with one touch. 59ce067264


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