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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 20 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 17

This is Episode No 20 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. you, Akca Hatun.What did I do again, my Bey?I'm not angry with what you did this time I'm angry with what you didn't do.Why haven't you said it all these time and made me wait?I was shouting so loud inside that......I thought you would have heard it without saying it.So, I was shouting louder inside. That's why I didn't hear you.Come with me.Come.Where are we going, my Bey?To my favorite place, be patient.Evdokya.Evdokya.

I'm so sorry.Your uncle was also so dear to me.You promised.You promised.alHYou promised me that you were going to save him. You promised me.I did my best.But Alparslan...I had no other option to deliver General Dukas to them.Evdokya.Your uncle is in God's most beautiful place.I will never forget him.There are only two of us from now on.And I will never eave you alone.Because......your uncle would want the same.v Uncle!Ssh, it's okay.Don't exhaust yourself anymore.I'm here.It's so nice to watch the tribe from here.And the stars, of course.

They are watching us and we are watching them.They are witnessing both our happiness and sadness.I want them to witness another thing now.* <4 4. <vThe fact that the star by me is shinier than them.I'd never thought that...I'd never thought of the stars among them could fall down by me while watching them.Especially, the brightest one.It seems Allah has taken down Colpan Star (Venus) into the earth in your image, Akca Hatun.Which one of them that you called Colpan?The one you realize first.So, the one shining brightest.Whichever you can't take your eyes off, know that it is Colpan.I find my way by looking at it.And if it is invisible, I lose my way.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Then, I'll use Colpan as a guide from now on.Then, I'll use Colpan as a guide from now on.It's not necessary.WhyThere is many ways but one kiblah, Akca Hatun.There is many ways but one kiblah, Akca Hatun.From now on, I want you to choose no way but mine.I don't want your eyes see any other eyes......and the blowing wind take your scent.I want you stay with me and my tribe...I want you stay with me and my tribe......and sit on the throne of my heart.& bAre you coI used to be cold all the time.Even in the summer heat.When I thought about the revenge I was going to take from Kekavmenos, I would feel cold.But when I came to the tribe..But when I came to the tribe,....met Cagri Bey, Selcan Hatun......Akinay Mother, Hasan Bey......and you.....then I warmed up.

The first time I saw felt as if an ember fell on my heart.I thought it would cool down......but it did not.Then every time I saw was as if wild stallions were running within my heart.Every time I.heard you voice, it got stronger.And eventually I got the chance to tell you all these.HDo you think Allah will allow us to have more beyond that?Will you...Will you......become my lover, and make me happy?You are not saying anything.What can I say Alparslan Bey?I have experienced many things.It was all for me to end up with you.It was all for me to end up with you.

So I could be happy when I see you, and become your lover.So I could be happy when I see you, and become your lover.► 4Thank Allah.....Who has written this destiny, and made ours together.Thank Allah.You should get more simple hobbies for yourself Ivan.We will need your fingers.Facing danger keeps me strong.Like we promised father, their lives for yours.We should have killed Alparslan when he was so close to us.Even his brother, and the others as well!Do you know what they say about Turks, Ivan?That their lands are a piece of their hearts.We will take their lands first.

They will pay dearly for what they did to our father and cousin Cortunel.What are we waiting for then? Why are we here?Calm down.Just because we are not here, does not mean we are close to them.Our warriors are in Merv tribe.We are after them father, you heard him.I have a weird feeling, Akca.A strong feeling,Just as how this world is made up of lies, my feeling is just strong.What is it, my Bey?Resurrection.

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