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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 27(Season's Finale) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 27 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Our Rabb says in his holy book didn't kill them in the war! Allah killed them!When you shot them, you didn't shoot them! Allah did it!And he did this to test the believers in a hard way!Allah hears and knows everything all the time!\Ne, the soldiers of Oghuz, are here to punish the oppressors for the blood they shed and the lives they took We, the soldiers of Oghuz, are here to punish the oppressors for the blood they shed and the lives they took!We, the soldiers of Oghuz, are here to punish the oppressors for the blood they shed and the lives they took!

Everyone should know that the Turkish soldiers never leave their enemies unpunished!They take ninety-nine life for only one of them!The catapults face towards the castle now.Catapults!Oh Allah!My Bey, there is an important issue.What is it? Tell me.My Bey, Akca Hatun brought the provision of our troop today.Then, she disappeared by leaving the cart there.There is also another crucial matter, my Bey.Cagri Bey sent a soldier from the tribe. They worried for Hasan Bey.I investigated it. When the troop of Commander Herve broke the siege, Hasan Bey was also there.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

One of the wounded soldiers told us, when he got up.He saw Hasan Bey was going to castle by holding their cart.What are we going to do, Alparslan Bey? Aren't we firing at the castle?What are we going to do, Alparslan Bey? Aren't we firing at the castle?We can't continue.What are they doing there anyway?We can't stop now, brother.We should find a way to get them out of there, while the attack continues.We can't risk the lives of Akca Hatun and Atabey.Your loss is our loss, Alparslan Bey.But if we stop after we start, the soldiers will be demoralized and their effort will decrease.

Before they leave that castle, not even a single fire will be shot there.We'll certainly find a way and take them out of there.Father.Don't go!Don't go!Don't go, my dear daughter!Before wearing your red belt and seeing your wedding, don't go!Don't go! Don't die, my dear daughter!Huh?I'm not dead.I'm not dead! Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid!Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid, father.All of this... All of this was a part of the plan.Look! This is not my blood, father. I'm fine.I'm fine! I'm fine! I'm fine!

Or... you..-Father!-My daughter... huh?I'm Aybuke, father! I'm your daughter! I'm Aybuke!Father!-If they realize I'm not dead, we can't leave here, father!-You bastard!You bastard!Father! I beg you! Don't do this, father-! Don't do this! Don't do this!Calm down. If they realize I am alive, we can't get out of here! Calm down! Calm down!Calm clown.Both Akca Hatun and Hasan Bey.What are those infidels do with them, my Bey?I am thin'kirig of'sbmething......but I am not sure....but I am not sure.What is it, my Bey?Kekavmenos might have used......and old secret to lure both of them to the castle.

What's that secret, Alparslan?Do you know it?It looks like it's something important.Why are you hiding it from us?It would be better if you heard this from the keeper of the secret.Akca the daughter of my Atabey whom he thought as dead, Aybike.What are you saying, brother?This is not the time to talk about this.Let's find a way to secure them first.My Bey, Alpagut can help us.You are right, but Afsin are we going to contact Alpagut?There is a way.I can't get more hurt than this.

He pierced my heart.....and like it was not it was, he still torments me!Be patient father, we will get out of here.Be patient.If they understand that I am alive, we can't leave here.Be patient.Be patient.Come on.Okay, I am calm.-Come on.-Okay.I will make him pay.I will make him pay for this.Come on.My daughter.My Aybike.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.Come on Rati! My father wants you to finish him.Tell my father that.....I don't want to deprive Rome of a good fighter like Herve.I wish Alparslan was in front of me right now.But you are not bad either, huh?It's no good that Maria died.

If we want to use her as a leverage......Alparslan should never know that his Akca is dead.Exactly.Make way! Make wayMake way!I think there is a problem.Sir, one of our soldiers broke the siege, and......riding here at full speed.Open the gates immediatelyThis is Pedro.He could only get away from Turks by dying.r - ; ‘ !fJIpAlparslan...He wants to meet in the neutral zone.The h®rse is always a companion for Turks, but sometimes, it is a messenger for them.When yotrgrow up......some of you will conquer castles......and some of you will sneak into the enemy and become the key to those conquests.During siege, it's very hard for people inside, and outside to contact each other.

Come this way. Give that to me.Do you see this place between the hoof and shoe?Do you see this place between the hoof and shoe?If you manage to send the horse to the enemy's castle......then what's hard becomes easy.We will wait for the right time to secure Akca Hatun......and my Atabey.My Bey.Ever since the catapults stopped firing, Turkmen Beys feel restless.-My Bey.-My Bey.If you allow us, I am going to speak the matter......we discussed among Beys.EyvAllah.

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