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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 22 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 22 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Bey.If we go through those two gems without or helmets.....we fall into a weird dream, is that true?That's what Biruni Hadrath says, Avar.If you wonder that much, try it yourself.No, no.I'm already a few bricks short, I don't want to lose the rest, my Bey.Damn it! Where is Alparslan?Alparslan-Finally, I've found- -Stop!! Wear thisGood.Atsiz!Diyojen and Rati......they are outside.We are going to Merv Tribe. Be quick.Rati!What are you talking about?

You and your warriors are coming with us to the castle.I'm not going to the castle, captain.You and this coward can go wherever you want.I will leave no people alive in that tribe!You've started to act like Ivan.I told you before.I told you before.Merv Tribe is the center of the Seljuk armies.You think you can leave there alive, if you go there?I don't even care.I'll enter that tribe whatever it takes.Get out of my way nowBut I care about Vaspurakan!You understand me? If you attack the tribe......the Seljuk armies will march upon us with their full power!So, you are going nowhereI told you get out of my way!This is between the captain and I!No one will interfere.Suleyman, does it hurt?

It does.But don't mind me, go and check if the Alps are alive.Erbaskan! Artuk!Avar! Atsiz!What happened to us?They blew up the passage.You!Herve! You will never kill me!I will kill you, you damn bastard!I will kill you, you bastard!Let him go Tekfur! Come to your senses If I let him go, that damn Herve will kill me!Don't you understand!?He is not Herve, he is Avar!What does he think he is doing?He is still under the effect of the jewel.Take him away!Calm down, esteemed Tekfur!

Let me go! That damn Herve needs to die!Oh my Allah...Come on brave ones, let's move this rock.Come on!My Bey, are you okay?My Bey, are you okay?Come on, in the name of Allah..Hold on my Bey, you will be saved in a moment!Come on, in the name of Allah!In the name of Allah!Come on brave ones!In the name of Allah!Don't, esteemed Tekfur! Stop I can't! Or that damned Herve will kill me!I am not Herve,'s true that I want to kill you!You heard him! You all heard him!Come here!Oh my Allah.,.My Bey, how do you cope up with this pain?We need to find a solution.If we can manage to get out of here......inshAllah we wi find a solution.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Thanks Artuk.Suleyman Bey is right.We are stuck here. What are we going to do, my Bey?It's not possible for us to leave through where we came from.Tevbeh!Hold on my Bey!Stop pushing your luck, Rati!Your warriors and you are returning to the castle with us!You are right at the end of my dagger, together with a single soldier.You are the one that pushes his luck!You are a smart warrior, Rati.If you enter Merv Tribe, you can't get out of there alive.And Ivan is not smart enough to take your revenge!That's why, stop thinking with your emotions, and think with your brain!That's smart.

So be it.I will let the people in Merv Tribe live a little longer.But I am going to make that damned monk pay, which helped them.My Bey, the ceiling is going to fall down upon us.We are going to be buried under the passage of the infidels.We will find a way, and get out of here with the help of Allah.We need to get out.Akca girl......I know that you are worried for Alparslan's wound.But don't torment yourself like this.Not just that, mother.I don't know why, but there is a bad feeling within me.Everything is going well, thank Allah.But, I don't know..

I don't want to offend great Allah, but I am feeling worried instead of being happy.Mother, what's the story of this necklace?I've been meaning to ask you.Alpagut has the same one.He grabbed it that minute when he saw you that day, This one?This is the necklace of fear.What do you mean?This is a prayer of mine, Akca.You know......I was just like you once.I would worry about things that were pointless......and think about all the bad things that could happen.Actually, I started to worry so much after becoming a mother.

For years, I felt like my son would get hurt any minute......and that he and I would be separated forever.Even when he went out hunting with his father......I'd worry that he wouldn't come back and I'd never see him again.I knew I couldn't keep doing this.So I did what a wise man told me to do a long time ago.I embroidered the most beautiful quote in the world to a piece of cloth.

There is no deity but Allah......and Prophet Mohammad PBUH is His messenger.And then......I cut right in the middle of Allah and Mohammad PBUH.....and separated them into two.Then I had two cloths.I covered them both nice..and gave one of it to him.....and I wore the other myself.This of us had Allah on their neck......and the other had Mohammad.And we kept them on our chests.The wise man told me that.....if your child carries the other half of these words......he'll come back to find long as he is alive.Because....Allah can never be separated from Mohammad.That's what he said .

Of course.That's why, Akca, I've always had hope inside of me.I told you......this is the necklace of fear.There's no fear when there's Allah.There's no worry when Allah's here.Okay?Mother Akinay.Serdar Bey's here.Come in sweet kids. Come on.Welcome, all of you.Guess why we're here.

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