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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 29 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode No 29 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Is that Seferiye Hatun?Is that Seferiye Hatun?It is.i ir ••t -What? Why did you stop me?I did it so no one else does it again.What are you doing here alone?Don't you see? I'm getting air.I'm tired of sitting in the castle.I'm tired of sitting in the castle.That's careless after what happened yesterday.Go back to the castle now.I'm not leaving.Seferiye Hatun.I said get back on your horse.You can't order me.Your status means nothing to me.You might be their Bey but you're nothing to me.You might be their Bey but you're nothing to me.I won't go back there because you said so.I'll take you by force then.

Don't.Don't you dare do it.We are putting a great effort to turn Vaspurakan into a city of Islam as it is ordered.We are turning the big church into a mosque in honor of our conquest......and building masjids in the different locations of the city....and building masjids in the different locations of the city.Of course, reinforcing the castle walls is also a crucialWhen it is completed, they will be more difficult to pass over than it used to be and impossible to destroy, Biruni Hadrath.EyvAllah.*' AV-Water is our source of life.

There must be many fountains for the people around the city.Don't your worry, Akinay Hatun. Some of the fountains are even about to be ready.And there will be more.MashAllah.By your leave.Son.What is it? Are you okay?I'm fine, mother. I'm fine.I just need some rest.Hasan Bey. Alparslan Bey doesn't look good at all.I hope there is nothing wrong.It's all okay, Akinay Hatun.Don't you worry.There is something wrong in this.Soon or later, it will be revealed, Selcan Hatun.Let's wait.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

We should let the doctors see your wound, my Bey. They might put some balm on it.-It's not needed, Atabey.-What do you mean it's not needed, brother?-What if it gets worse? -I said no, Suleyman.No one is going to know about this incident.Then, let's call Akinay Mother to check it.She never talks about it.There is no need for a fuss. I got this.Then, you bring some balm and clean bandages, Suleyman Bey.My Bey.I don't know if this is beyond my limits or not.But I have someconcerns in my heart.Tell me, Atabey. What is your concerns?

We were happy for it was going to be for the state of Seljuk, the war and our goals......and so, we approved it but......this Hatun has tried to killed you with the first chance she gets.How is this going to end?Seferiye, what have you done?What do you mean you stabbed Alparslan?Give it to me!Seferiye, let me do it!’Come on.SeferiyeWhat are you going to tell your father now?Yes, father?What happened, my girl?This blood...This is not my blood.It's Alparslan's blood, I stabbed him.What are you sayimg?You heard me right, father.I stabbed him.My Bey...She was not trying to kill me.For now.

What if she tries to kill you in the future?She did something like this today, what will she try to do in the future?The merchants have arrived, they want to see you.Let's cover this wound quickly and go see them.My Bey is not available.Get out of my way Avar!Yinal Bey, we will tell our Bey that you visited.We can't let you in right now.Your Bey doesn't know about respect, so of course' his alps don't know about it either!Get out of my wayYinal Bey!Enough!Alparslan!Don't you hear me!?Everyone in Vaspurakan heard you, Yinal Bey.Everyone in Vaspurakan heard you, Yinal Bey.What do you want?

I want my irons you stole like a bandit from me on the road!We didn't draw our weapons to not let things escalate, but I did not give away my goods to you!No one wants your goods.You know your mistake, that's why you are causing trouble right now. I know.Just because you became an Emir of a small land, you got arrogant, and now you do not respect your elders!But you should know that I wouldn't let anyone disrespect my authority!If by authority, you mean the.....irons that were going to become weapons in the hands of the infidels, and harm Turkish soldiers......then I would disrespect it!

Alparslan must have realized that he shouldn't get married to me!Is this how you are going to make Alparslan change his mind about this marriage!?By killing both of us?I would rather die instead of getting married to him!Enough! I will die if you do not get married to him.Is that what you want?Father, he must be hating me after what happened.He would never marry to a woman that attempted to kill him.Alparslan will disobey the order, and you will be free.We will return to our home, Buhara, and to our Guice.

We are in Byzantine lands.Soldiers are coming.Where are you coming from, and where are you going?Where are you <»®ming from, and where are you going?We are merchants, we are coming from Mosul, and we are going to Surmavid trade inn to deliver goods.Where are your passage and trade documents?Where are t-hey?Here!Come on! Clear the pathAlparslan Bey.As you wished, we won't trade in Surmavid trade inn.But there's an issue.They have our goods and they owe us money.We talked to Captain Alexander but......he said he won't pay.That doesn't surprise me.

He thinks that will keep you from trading in Vaspurakan.This isn't trade.This is cruelty.Don't worry.You'll get your money and your goods with Allah's will.You'll get your money and your goods with Allah's will.We have an important favor to ask.Tell the other traders in Surmavid about our ways......and to bring their caravans to Vaspurakan.How can Alparslan......know about the plan no one but us and ruin it?How can he take my goods?Tell me? How?How? How?My Bey-My Bey? My Bey?My Bey? My Bey?My Bey? My Bey?My Bey? My Bey? My Bey?My Bey?

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