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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 59 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 59 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Nature is filled with wonder. It healsCome in, LuizaThe mighty Seljuk Sultan..whose mercy and justice are known by everyone, Sultan Alparslan.When I received the news of your victory in Surmari .. I was happy and excitedI said "Now. it is time for the cities surrounding Am Lori is important my SultanLon is importantWith the alliance we made with Prince Kruge. .. Roman Empire will not be able send its Vassals beyond Lon Am for help.InshaAllah it happens the way you say It will Trust your brother who fighted in Kars for many times.Trust meWhat kind of a test is this, ya RabbP I would give my life ....I would sacrifice my hfe for him.. but how can I share his love with... someone else’ Is this the cost I have to pay for Anatolia, my Allah’ Now what am I going to do?I missed MelikShah, sister. Would Sultan Alparslan bring him to Merv so we can come together with him?

?tsiz.My Sultan. Kavurd Bey passed away.We came from Allahand to Allah we will returnI wish it did not happen this way.If he did not disgrace his bravery and did what his father s blood asked for would not happen this way.We buried him since we can not keep the deceased waiting.You did wellMay Allah forgive his actions AameenAameenThank you, Doctor Thank you.If it wasn t for you maybe I would not be buried in that grave.but.. I would be a captive in Kirman and be worse than the dead Thank youIs the medicine ... enough for them to think I am dead Doctor?They will not be able to hear your pulse and breath.The alliance we made with the Seljuk ..will make Romans angry.Do you believe the Seljuk can protect us against the Roman Empire, father7?The Seljuk is strong enoughAnd I assure you, they will be stronger in the future.This bond we established with Sultan Alparslan .....means a better future for us and our people Sir’ General Diogenes came.Since you talked to Sultan Alparslan must have things to tell me.Prince Kruge.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

This is the best moment to escape, Adnan How?This poison can kill any living creature..... even an elephant, within two hours You .. you cannot do this.Now listen to me carefullyHe wants to take me to the Constantine alive When this poison starts working and I fall on the ground..... he has to do something to treat me What you heard was right.Sultan Alparslan proposed to my daughter for an alliance ..between our statesWe talked and agreed on every point.And I decided to ally with the Seljuk General Diogenes So you will make an alliance with the Seljuk, a Muslim state.... and not with the Roman Empire .. .that believes in the same religion with you.Is that right5Let s say .. instead of Roman Empire which is forcing us to believe what it believes.. we decided to unite with the Seljuk who will not say a thing about our religion who will not .. scratch our eyes or exile us.By saying this.. you are standing against the Roman Empire.I hope you are aware of this.What about you GeneraPAre you aware that you are not only. ..standing against me but also the Seljuk?

Get out of my palace, Roman Diogenes'And may Roman Empire go to hell* Father1Father1 Father1We are leaving, Princess.Don't touch me’Father father.Do not resist if you don't want to die in the same way with your father.PrincessWhat do you mean? How could Sefenye Hatun leave, mo?her7 Why didn't you stop?her7She was so stubborn that let alone us even if mountains stood before her... she would destroy those mountains and leave.Hay Allah..What are you going to do now, my Su?tan7 My Sultan.Come on come on1 What are you waiting for’ What did we ?top7We II seeLet me check.Sefenye Be careful, dearAlparslan.Come with meHow could you leave the palace without tellin? me7 I trusted you to protect my palace and child.But you just left.I was afraid of not being able to silence my tongue. .and disrespecting the Sultan of Seljuks if I stayed in the palace.You were afraid of disrespecting me huh?You love me much enough to protect me from yourself, huh?InshaAllah, your new hatun will love you more than I do.She can'tBecause you are my only hatu You marrying that non-Muslim girl We went there to ask Luiza Hatun .to marry my brotherYakuti Bey, not meBut why did you.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

Why did you not tell me’Why did you make me so?upset7 I wondered what you would do It's on you, then.To be honest, I wanted to kill that hatun called Luiza She s going to marryYakuti Bey, huh’She's not.Because she didn't accept.Why?She loves you?She said she d only marry the Sultan Are you playing with me?Who is she going to marryThere will be no marriage, Seferiye. She didn t want it But Kruge will be on our side no matter what Where are you going now’If you re going to Merv I don't want to stop you.I m going back to Rayy I always belong with my husband.It wasn't Alparslan who intended to marry the princess . but Yakuti, it seemsSeferiye got upset for nothing She left the palace for nothing -Mighty Vizier What s the matter?I m Afsin Bey s messengerHe ordered me to deliver this note to our Sultan in no time What does Afsm Bey say? Hace?

You knitted your eyebrows.As our Sultan ordered,.. he made Catholic and Orthodox armies fight each other but..Kaiser s army was greater than we thought Those who left Deng are marching to Am, he says He’s dying you God-damned1Don t y?u see7Open the door -General Diogenes gave strict orders.I can't open without his order.Open it.What's going on here’What s wrong with hI don t know He started puking suddenly.I m sorry, DiogenesYou won t be able to take me to Constantinople alive You'll be alright. Don’t worry.General1 General’Sir we got informed that Kaiser's armies marching to Am.... .have been attacked intensely.How? Who?It s said that attacks were performed by Catholic Lords What are we going to do?We'll waitSoldiers can defend themselves Let’s hope ....most of them can make it to Ani p e v§ F H P iAlthough two sects fought each other, .. Afsin Bey says...Kaiser s army was greater than we estimated.And they keep marching towards Am.We need to block their way and kill as many as we can. ..before the siege of Am.

Open the map, Hacib.Cappadocia, Vanessa, Sebaste, .Iconium, Edessa.Kaiser s armies are going through these provinces.And they are getting close to Ani.Those coming from the north will unite in Kesikkaya ...and those coming from the south in Batiksehir Well .You re going to Anatolia as merchants Then you will split up will attack the heathens ...before heathens unite in these areas.And the huge inn near Alagoz.Some will have some rest there with no doubt Let them see the cold face.of your swords when they arrive.Is the army ready, Batu? Bey 7 -Yes, my SultanHit the road immediately then My Sultan.Speak.-Avar Bey has arrived to the palace.Avar?He was poisoned as soon as I left Must ve been something he ate It would be best for him to rest Until the medicine we gave him heals the poison in his blood Keep an eye on himBring him back to his cell when he wakes up.As you command.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Thank GodSirCaptain TeclorI've brought greetings of Caiser, general.Welcome to Am, CaptainThose damned Catholic Lords.They will pay for this lowly acts.No need to worry sir.Our loss is not many.I hope the other battalions .Are as lucky as you CaptainWhere is your battalion?They are at the forest north of the castle sir Bring your men to the castle Captain.I dori1^ant 3 sirig/g soldier outside Will we defend the castle against Seljuks, General^ NoHowever, Seljuks will think that way I am sure that there are hundreds of Seljuks spy outside They will.See our soldiers entering the castle.But not see them getting out.As our soldiers will hide when leaving the castle.When Seljuks surround the castle.We will hit them from behind His pulse returned to normal no sign of vital danger GeneralPrincess LuizaShe had the door opened with the excuse of wanting water, then tried to escape.We best put her to the cell.She not only ungrateful that she is still alive.But she wants to avenge her father Alright, PrincessTake her to the prison.This sleep took long as well.Wait until sundown and if he still doesn't wake up..Take him to the prison and let him sleep there oWe dealt with the infide!

That was walking in our way what about y?u Bey7 The ones we got were always real traders.Bey, another one is coming.They look like traders as well.They are more in numbers than the other ones Let us seeStopWho are yoiP Why are you stopp?ng us7 We will search the cartsQuicklyV* *Yakuti BeyThank Allah, you dealt with the matter safely.Are the losses too much?Thank Allah, our losses are few. -Alright.However the information we got from our scout on the way back..Say that there are more approaching to Am.We will deal with them in Am, in the battle Let us not waste time and inform my Sultan brother.QuicklyCount Leon?YouI am so happy to see you, Princess Luiza You are right to be surprised.Right now, I should be sitting at the stone stairs of my throne room not in a cell.I told you we would escape, wheathead.I will offer you two choices, Princess Captivity or freedom.I'm pretty sure that you'll pick freedom After dll you cannot take revenge on Diogenes who killed your father when you re a captive What do yo want?

I want you to give your army under my command.The reason is simple To send Turks away from Am and to kill Diogenes who is the reason why we re in dungeon right now As far as I can see, you re going to think about it, but I don't have much time Why would I tru?t you7 Because you have to trust me, Princess.Use your mind, do you think your captivity will be enough for Diogenes’ He will take Lori for himself if you don t go back and take your throne Very well.I need to go now.I wish you luckin your life of captivity Princess.All right stopI accept. Open the dooBut I'll kill Romen Diogenes.DealBecause I don't want Diogene s dirty blood to make my hands dirty.You're free as birds Princess.Adnan protect the Princess, let s go We brought our armies to send the Muslims to the God's Hellbut that dastard Catholic Lords who are supposed to be on our side attacked the soldiers of Rome and made it easier for Muslims, that s unacceptable1 Another troop has arrived the castle General.

Catholic Lords also attacked them on the road Thankfully they didn t lose much people Thank GodScouts informed that four more troops are advancing towards the castle.As I saidnot a single soldier will be left outside As you ordered, don't worry.Are you planning on defending Am only by defending the castle’ I think that would be □ great mistake.Calm downThis is just a small fallacy.Seljuks will think just like you.When Alparslan besieged the castle Caiser s army that is waiting outside will attack them from behind Before I take the throneyou II be taken by Diogenes and you II be my eyes and ears in Am.And after I take Am in the end, you'll be the King of Georgia again.In shortwhen he arrives at Am,there will be a big surprise waiting for Alparslan.SmartEarl Leon has escaped.Princess Luiza and Captain Adrian are also missing.What"?I ordered them to shut all the exits sir, they cannot go anywhere don t worry.

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