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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 30 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode No 30 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.What are they doing here?What are they doing here?Don't let them in!What do you want?Get out of here!What do you want?Get out of here!Traitors! Get out of here!* »How can you come here?Get out of here! We don't want you here!Get out of here!Traitors!Silence!I really wonder what Alparslan Bey will say......after all the things he did.You thought you could get away with what you did?Everyone will hear the truth now.Everyone has already learned about the truth, Alparslan Bey.You tired yourself to come in vain.But be my guest anyway.They said I planned this hideous attack and had the traders killed.They said I planned this hideous attack and had the traders killed.I know you are all angry because of this.I also know that.your trust for me is damaged.You will learn about this incident not from me but from one of the traders, who survived the attack.What you will hear now will show the guilty one and the fact that you've sided with the wrong people.Speak.

Tell everything you heard.Who killed the other traders?Who was the one giving the order?Let everyone know.The attack.....was made with the order of Alparslan Bey.They threatened meTo lie.All the crime belongs to Alparslan Bey.You treacherous liar!Murderers!We want his head!We want his head!Take his head!Should we thank you for letting us hear a truth that we have already known, Alparslan Bey?But now, if you do not want to face the righteous wrath of this mass......I recommend you to leave this place immediately!5? fMerchant Wang.Do you want to live?Do you want as a very rich merchant?We don't want murderers here!I am going to make for this treacherous scheme you made, Tekfur Grigor.Liars!Murderers! Liars!I9Everything we have done to bring traders to Vaspurakan.....became obsolete because of this slander!Nothing is obsolete yet, wait.The path of a river can't change easily.Patience.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

It's not just about trade.Now it's also about the reputation of Seljuk.Merchant Wang spoke differently in Vaspurakan......and he spoke differently in the land of infidels.What made him speak like that, my Bey?It looks like Wang's words and testimony were for sale.It looks like Grigor used him to make us look as if we were in fault.Let's wait for the right time, and take that bastard Wang from ther^e!Yes, my Bey!We know how to make him speak the truth in front of everyone.Esteemed Tekfur, I did what you asked from me.

Now it's your turn to keep your promise.Of course.You are right, merchant Wang.Soldier!Get’ rid ®f his corpse before anyone sees it.And if anyone asks......tell them that he returned to China.if You shouldn't have brought my clothes here, father.These are not what I left back in Bukhara!My home, my lands, my people, my sister!I missed Guice so much, father.I missed Bukhara so much.Seferiye.Guice will come here when she gets better.But you should forget about going back to Bukhara.Come to your senses.This is your new home now.Soon, you will be a Melik's hatun.

I told you, father!I will never marry to Alparslan!As a Karahan, this shame will kill me.Let's run away from here father.What are you saying Seferiye?I planned it.We can run away during wedding preparations.Then we'll gather and army to crush all of their forces with a better plan.That's impossAfter our last battle with the Seljuks......we're too weak to gather an army.If we disobey the Sultans......they won't let us live.

Forget the escape plan Seferiye.If you won't come with me......then I'll go alone.No one will blame you.Because you did your part.Tell them you didn't know I'd escape.T«hey won't kill you.But If I keep staying here.......and marry that man,......I'll die.If people hear this lie......that the Seljuk Melik killed a trader...And all 4 of them are from different places.If you don't clear your name......this lie will spread from Hotan to Constantinople......this lie will spread from Hotan to Constantinople......and people will talk my son.

You're right Cagri Bey.This is such a matter......that the echo is gger than the voice.But there's a way to reverse this echo.And I have no doubt Alparslan Bey will find it.Just when we were about to improve our trading system......what happened has stopped us.We just received a bad news and now we have to deal with this lie too.What is it?What's the news?Yabgulus.What did they do?Goktas.He and his tribe of 200 tents.....are moving to Anatolia from the Gence region.Why is that?You don't knowThey have no land or crops.They're out to pillage.Why did Melik Alparsjan kill the traders?

Who are we going to sell our goods to?We want profit.Will we pay? -You will not pay.But you have to get what you deserve.Don't you hear what you're saying?We hear everything Yinal Bey.We hear Vaspurakan traders are banned from Surmari trade inn.They didn't tell us that.You ruined us all. We can't sell our goods.You ruined us all. We can't sell our goods.\Ne can't trust Alparslan Bey.Send someone to Goktas he'll take seriously.They should stay put......and wait for my word.Yabgulus and us are in a bad situation.They do the opposite of what we say.Especially Goktas.I don't know why......but they are close with Yinal Bey.My Bey.You asked for me.You heard what happened Razer.I don't know why the traders would lie my Bey.

I feel so sad.Some don't sell their goods.They sell their honor.Allah forbid.We were tricked by the infidels.Have patience father.Have patience.The game's still on.How are you? Do you feel better?Thank Allah.I feel much better.Good.The duty I will give you very important to uncover the truth......and to avenge our friends who have fallen.Go back to Surmari.Investigate thoroughly.Find out what Wang......the one who framed us in front of everyone is doing.It seems you talk more.....since I provided you what you deserved.....since I provided you what you deserved....... a nd d e I i ye red -justice-.

Don't you remember the times when you suffered...der Kekavmenos?We remember, but you forgot the promises you made.Is this what you call justice?Alparslan slaughtered those traders......and you're going to starve us now!He's right!This isn't justice!This isn't justice!The situation is escalating...Correct.I'll go inform them.Don't you try to test me!Aren't you the Governor of Azerbaijan, Yinal Bey?Do what it takes.....and solve the problems that stop our trades!They won't care unless they're hurt!

Both Yinal Bey......and Melik Alparslan......are still in business.Maybe talk less and try to do the same.If this situation'll see who'll talk less.Don't you know who you're talking to?Lower your blade, Yinal Bey Lower your blade.They......insult their Bey and Melik...Am I supposed to let them?Is that so, Alparslan Bey?If you don't punish the one who's wrong......then who's the Bey and who's the people?Those who cross the line......will be punished, of course.

But not with bladThey're worried about their goods.What you're doing won't solve the problem.It will just add another one.Calm down.Know that.....we didn't kill the traders.That lie.....was told about us so we would end up like this.Now, calm down......and don't worry.How can’we n'ot worjr-y• We trustecAyodj.,....and bought even more goods to trade.But now they remain unsold.Prepare all the goods that you tonight.I will buy all of them.Is that right?He dearly......has an idea.He always does, my Bey.

How can Gevher be this unju How can she dare to act like this?My Allah, what kind of a hell is this?How am I going to get rid of this place? How?Seferiye.You saved my life.And I owe you a life.But while your life is fading away before my eyes, I've become helpless.Seljuk took the lives of my mother and father.You almost died today because of them.This marriage is worse than death, though.

You will be like a prisoner for all your life.My father is mad.He will speed up the marriage.I have no other choice, Zeren.I wish an incident occurred that would stop this marriage.We could get some more time.Maybe we will find a solution then.A battle......or......a funeral, for example.He did his best, and cleaned his name again.It's better this way.But for Tekfur Grigor to whip his own son...He is a smart man.Very smart.He does not tolerate anything that would hinder his trade.That's why he did not defend his son.What did you talk?

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