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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 36 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles
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This is Episode No 36 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. How can we call Baghdad ours if something that we cannot see......or something that we cannot hear is happening, or......a man, a single man......manages to hide from us and......escape?And......our eyes can't see......and our ears can't hear......then......we do not need those ears any eyes.AllahEmir Hadrath.The group sent by Egypt Caliph to take al-hajar al-aswad is here.

They await to be accepted.Let them in.That's not yours anymore.Get out!Commander Azim of Egypt Caliph's soldiers.You are in the presence of Emir Arslan Besasiri, military governor of Baghad of Buyid state.Welcome.You brought us joy.Thanks, Emir Hadrath.Please tell me your name.My name is Azim.One of the commanders of Fatimid Caliph Muntassir Billah Hadrath.IWe are the corps given the duty to transport such a valuable treasure.We are chosen personally by Caliph Hadrath.You came from a long way.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ۔

Before I host you, I need to see the sealed firman of Caliph Hadrath.You know the importance and value of the......treasure I am going to give you.That's why, I need to see the firman sure that you are that great commander Azim.Firman?You have it with you, right?GNow, are you going to give me the firman.....or not?

I don't know who you are and why you are doing this.But you should know that if anything happens to me, the moment word of this reaches Egypt, you will not get away with it.The firman, Commander Azim.Of course, Governor Hadrath.: 'MI welcome you once more.You've honored us./r. ,Emir Hadrath.Al-hajar al-aswad has long been gone from Kaaba.V'Je have to reunite them.That's why we'll take it......and head out as fast as possible.Caliph Hadrath is waiting for Al-hajar al-aswad.That's right.

You're right Commander Azim.I know he's waiting for it.But.....the road was long.And it’s a long way back.For that reason, I won't let the Caliph's committee leave......before resting and dining at my table.You'll be my guest for tonight.Thank you.It's generous of you to offer.But Caliph Hadrath ordered get the Relik and return.If we have to, we'll rest in a halting place in our own land There's another reason why I insist....that you rest here.It's important to keep Al-hajar al-aswad safe.Caliph Hadrath must think so as well.He sent his best commander to get it, right?I won't let you leave alone.I'm gathering a unit to accompany you to Egypt.But, it'll only be ready tomorrow.I don't think that'snecessary Emir Hadrath.Other members of the committee are waiting for us.

We don't need help to protect- -You do.You do need help, of course.You do.Because this sacred wanted by many people.The Seljuks.Sultan Tugrul's nephew Melik in Baghdad.Are you sure Melik Alparslan is in Baghdad for al-hajar al-aswad?Maybe he's in Baghdad......for another reason.I can swear he's here just for Al-hajar al-aswad.We couldn't capture him.To put it simply......Commander'll stay here today. • So be it, Emir Hadrath.We'll explain to the Caliph why we were late.Show our guests their rooms Esat.

We didn’t plan for this my Bey.Right.We'll have to alter our existing plan.How many men ar^n^theunit that will a^Gompany us?Whether it*s 5 ®r 50...4... it's a whole different thing to get away from them on the way...C®uld it be that he was suspicious of us and did this my bey?When the order was going well..he messed everything up.There's nothing messed up.I don't intent to stay here and wait for him to get his man follow us tomorrow either.

What will we do then my bey?It's for sure won't be easy but...we'll going to take al-hajar al-aswad and go at night.Okay but my bey...we don't know where that sacred stone is.We'll figure it out.We will./ASPUPAKANThese traitors..... tried to use my dad’s friendship offer...... and tried to arrange an riot.areao’g)® a®They thought they would convince us...... and had the army from Bukhara ready.... and had the army from Bukhara ready.Of course this order they tried to convince us with force:and threats...... we did not accept.And here is where they are now.

You're lying Seferiye Hatun.You and your dad were in partnership with those commanders.That's why you invited them here in Vaspurakan.Then..... why would they kill them Oke Hatun.They had to.Because I learned about their plan.I told you.She made them tie me up and lock me away so I don't tell you.I stopped yo... because you were goirjjg to tell everyone Oke Hatun.... because you were going I© teb IrteWo.And the commanders would call for their army right away.I wouldn't have time to kill them.I don't believe you.If I didn't learn about everything those man would kill us all last night...If I didn't learn about everything those man would kill us all last night...... and wash Vaspurakan with blood.

I don't have anything to prove to someone who doesn't want to see the truth.Our safety...... and forVaspurakan's safety...... till Alparslan Bey returns Seferiye Hatun...... and her dad Aslan Yusuf should be locked in the dungeon.What are you saying Oke Hatun?Seferiye Hatun...... is Alparslan Bey's Hatun, and is under our care.One who expects me to do against what Alparslan Bey said...... should kill me first.Whatever it is...... don't'we need to be careful Batur Bey?There's still a Bukhara army which is waiting to move in Ani.Oke l^atun is right.I also think that Seferiye Hatun and Aslan Yusuf are in this plan.They need to be captured immediately.

Gever Hatun..... if it was just for what Oke Hatun heard..... and we didn't have the corpses of those man here in front of us...... I would already had done what you said.Erbaskan Bey....... I understandOke Hatun's concern.I will make the army from Bukhara to go back right away.ANI KALCSIMy bey...■Asq An... come with me.I want to see Alparslan Bey.I have things to tell him.We don't have much time, Yinal Bey.We need to talk.About what?What do we need to talk about?I might be a priest here......but I'm actually an Imam.There's much weneed to talk about......but as I've said......we're running out of time.Your plans with Alparslan Bey are now revealed.Tekfur Grigor knows about everything.

That means that your no longer safe here.Oh no!No...Yinal risk everything for them......yet they don't even mention your name.You'll see.Those who give your base to Arslan'?'tw ill-give away all your wealth......will give away all your wealth; long as you keep staying here.If Alparslan Bey comes back from Baghdad with glory......he will destroy you completely.nly I can worry about my own well being.BAGHDADWhy have you called me here, Seer Angra?I don't have much time, so speak.Why have you called me?Whatever it is that you're chasing......leave it.WhyWhat you're chasing has been after you the whole many times have I told you to be clear?

I don't have time to deal with your mysterious words.What you're looking for will come find you.If it's going to find me......does that mean I should increase protection of AI-Hajar-AI-Aswad?Is that what you're saying?Is that what you're saying?For the love of Ahura don't need to protect that ston It has the blessing of Ahura Mazda.Ever since that stone was brought senses are getting lost.It protects itself.You should take care of you.

The trouble you're running near you.CASTLE OF ANICASTLE OF ANIDamn it.Damn it!How could I make such a mistake?How could I not see it?Why aren't we still killing Yinal, father?He trapped you, me and our soldiers!Surmari could have fallen to Alparslan today!Alexander...And that's w.ha.t we foCin'd out.-Who knows what else they've been- -Shut your mouth You're right, I don't even want to use him for our plans.He deserves to die.0There is an important matter I need to tell you about, Tekfur.Maybe you will have me executed after you learn what I have done.After learning what, Yinal Bey?

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Aug 01, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

Sari episode k 2nd part miss hain wtf


Unknown member
Jul 26, 2023

Part 2 sari episodes k nhi ha give me 5..... ye Kia Mazak ha


Zayn Shah
Zayn Shah
Nov 26, 2022

Kindy fix the below error.


Nov 23, 2022

part 2 is episode 35 please fix it😀


Owais Ahmed
Owais Ahmed
Nov 23, 2022

i open episode 36 but there is episode 35 wow

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