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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 37 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles
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This is Episode No 37 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. In the name of Allah! Allah is the Greatest!Oh Allah, may my respect to al-hajar al-aswad be...Oh Allah, may my respect to al-hajar al-aswad be......the seal of my faith in You and Your acknowledgement of great Qoran, my loyalty to my promise and.....that I fellow the sunnah of Mohammad Mostafa PBUH.It's in your care now, vizier.Before our Caliph Kaim Biemrillah Hadrath comes.....and places the stone with his where it belongs, to great will be hold somewhere safe, where no one knows.

We will rest here for a while.Melik Alparslan......a letter arrived from Rey, from Governor of Azerbaijan, Ibrahim Yinal.Yinal Bey went to Rey, and sent a letter to us from there?InshAllah it's something good.The letter first arrived at palace of Caliphate, in Baghdad.Caliph Hadrath ordered them to bring the letter to us.InshAllah it's nothing bad, my Bey.My uncle Sultan Tugrul......gave my sword right Yinal Bey.So Melik Alparslan took the al-hajar al-aswad from you, and escaped, huh?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

You, Arslan, who became the servants of Buyids!Besasiri, who tamed the Abbasid's sons with his claws in Baghdad!You couldn't control a group of men in the city we gave under your command, and embarrassed us!Why are you still alive if you let al-hajar al-aswad slip through your fingers?-Nothing is over yet...-What are you talking about Besasiri!?Can't you see the position you put me and Buyid the eyes of Fatimid Caliph?It's now my'duty to bring Melik Alparslan to your feet.

If I can't keep my promise, I will let my head be cut by your sword.I will make him experience such a pain......that Alparslan will come to me himself!Vaspurakan Headquarter.It looks like after you heard that the headquarter was given to me, you couldn't stay in Ani, Yinal Bey In the goose's absence, the duck claimed the lake......Ali Tegin's son Arslan Yusuf!I am telling you for the last time......both Vaspurakan and the headquarter are mine with the order of Sultan!

Before I take your head here, get lost!Take him away from here!Are you deaf?Or do'you want to die?I am telling you that it's the order of Sultan!Did you not hear? The firman is our Sultan's......and the order is Yinal Bey's!Alparslan Bey will make you pay for this He will make you pay for what you have done to his father-in-law!Listen to wise make wise decisions Haydar.

We will support those.....who support us, with Allah's help.Flora.Flora, where are you off to?I was waiting for you.Don't let them know I'm gone.I overheard my fatherSuleyman's going back today.I'll go visit Vaspurakan.Vaspurakan?Dear Lord.Don't be afraid.I'll be in a trader's carriage.They won't notice me among the Christians.This is dangerous.I'll go tell your father everything, Everything?You knew Suleyman was here......and you kept it from him.My father can only send me back to Constantinople.But you?

You'll never survive.Yinal Bey took advantage of our absence.He wants to take over Vaspurakan.We trusted Yinal Bey......and planned to take Surmavid with his help.What a shame.I don't think our Sultan would make this decision my Bey.He's trying to take what's mine by right, using the Sultan's words.I'll show him.How did the Sultan give Vaspurakan to Yinal Bey?How did the Sultan give Vaspurakan to Yinal Bey?Why doesn't anyone know other than him?Yinal Bey wouldhave said that...if the Sultan didn't say it.

He wouldn't but......our Sultan would never give Alparslan Bey's land to him.There's something else that's going on.They dragged me out of there.One Seljuk man fixes......and the other breaks.One aims to kill....the other gives up the base.Then one hands the base over the Yinal Bey.Do you see what's going on?I was was the Qarahan tribe.You are a Qarahan woman......and Alparslan Bey's regent.You must make Yinal Bey pay for this.Make him pay for what?

The land that is his right......belongs to the Sultan, right?He can take it.....and he can giveThis is normal.Of course.Sultan doesn't reveal much.We don't know why he did this.But where is the judgment, the firman?When things go your never assume it's wrong.The truth is revealed.Sultan gave Vaspurakan to him.And Yinal Bey even deserves all of the Seljuk lands.YinaI Bey deserves it.I don't know about that.All I know is, I will rule Vaspurakan until Alparslan Bey is back.

I even executed people of my tribe to protect it.You must see what I mean.1There is nothing to see anymore Seferiye Harun.Don't you get it?The owner of this land is here.It's Yinal Bey.And no one can take what belongs to Yinal Bey's.No one.Oke Hatun, whomever entrusted this land to me is the only one I see as the owner of the land.And I'll show their place to those who act opposite to that.haOnce the Alparslan Bey is back we will see the truth then.What do you think will happen when Alparslan Bey is here huh?

When the rule is clear what is he going to do?You'll see Oke Hatun.You'll see what I'll do.Alparslan Bey is in Vaspurakan my bey.If he is there..... then it's finally time.... to take Vaspurakan which I deserve.! We're nearly at the Seljuks land sir.Shall we send an exploration team first?Instead of placing that leather piece...... to my chest...... why didn't you you tell me Alparslan would be right under my nose?Why didn't you tell me that al-hajar al-aswad would be stolen?Wo'uld you rather die?

Since you see everything before they happen...... why didn't you stop me dying and al-hajar al-aswad being stolen?Destiny always follows it's own rul Sometimes you need to lose to keep living.Until the next victory.When we heard you got better in Bagdad and got back on your feet...When we belied] ur feet,... it was like a feast day here my bey.When al-hajar al-aswad is reunited with Kaaba again...... all of the Islam world will have a holiday inshAllah.You saved Caliphate from a lot of trouble.While you were gone Seferiye Hatun..... saved Vaspurakan from a big trouble.You trusted...... the entrusted to someone worthy my bey.

What was the trouble?The biggest trouble for Vaspurakan right YinaI Bey.Just like how he came to take the base over...... what will you do when he comes to take Vaspurakan Alparslan Bey?What happened in Vaspurakan when I was gone Seferi Hatun?Arslan Yusuf Bey invited the commanders at Bukhara as guests.But..... they must've liked the castle a lot that...they tried to take over it.iSeferiye Hatun made all of them stop breathing.My bey.Yinal Bey.He is coming to the castle.

Let him come then.Who those guests were..... and why they came we'll talk later Arslan Yusuf Bey.Your loyalty...will be awarded soon.When we take the castle...... I'm going"to make you a Subasi.Serving you is enough reward for us my bey.May Allah give you a long life.Just like all my other property......Vaspurakan will be mine as well, InshAllah.InshAllah, my Bey.So, Alpagut, now that you're back......Akinay will not care about us like she used to.My mother has a great heart, my Bey.

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