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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 39 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles
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This is Episode No 39 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Where is Alparslanl?Is he inside!?A'l ®A0sm@My Bey!My Bey!It's all in flames now.-Let go of me! -It's on fire!Brother!My Bey, stop, calm down.Let go of me!Don't, my Bey!Brother!My Bey!Great Ahura Mazda.Show mercy.Brother!Thank Allah.My Bey.-Thank Allah.-My Bey!-Brother.-Thank Allah, my Bey.Thank Allah.I am fine.Come on.Oh Allah.Oh AllahThis way.As Besasiri dies in the flames, I feel much better.That's not fire, brother.

That's the judgment of Allah.A death like this is best suitable for that bastard Besasiri.Your fire will be greater in hell, Arslan Besasiri.May every poor person find peace with his death.Ameen.Grigor must be on his way.We will welcome him in such a way.....he will take his part from our wrath!Come on.Alparslan attacked Surmari faster than I hoped.I must confess, I did not think Arslan Besasiri could defeat Alparslan this easily.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Alparslan is within our palm.We shouldn't let anything ruin our joy today.What about Priest Stefanos?I guess you trust him fully.Whose are these?I hid the uniform in the church.To escape without drawing attention.You're always watching me.You left me no choice father.Sir?I'm talking about Priest Stefanos.Stefanos is a saint and you should be ashamed of yourself Batius.Cut it out.Did you lie to your father?I don't understand why.

I saved you from big trouble Priest Stefanos.Now it's your turn.You helped Alparslan escape.So you must know Suleyman.I don't understand what you mean.Please.Trust me, I beg of you.If you don't help......I can't see Suleyman.If I can't see him...I don't know ab.o.ut the must confess your must Connfess your sins......for lying to your father.City of Rey.You asked to see me my Sultan.

Come here Celal Alp.I talked to my dearest wife.....who you risked your defend and protect......about your situation.If you want to live here......and work for will keep protecting Altuncan Hatun.You'll see what she doesn't see.You'll hear what she doesn't hear.And you'll keep quiet......and be blind when you must.My Sultan.I didn't come here to guard you.I came here to kill you.I came he're'tj® kill you.Seljuk state Sultan, Tugrul.Look at my eyes.

Watch me......kill the Hatun you love......the most in this whole world.Now it's your turn.Mother.Did you hear what I said Celal Alp?Aren't you happy with your duty?Of course I am my Sultan.Guarding Altuncan Sultan...for a soldier like such a blessing.Then..* Vi 'My Sultan.Alparslan Bey killed Arslan Besasiri and his man in Surmani Inn...... took over the Inn.Thank Allah.The work has been done by my niece Alparslan and his men...and victory was from Allah.

-SUMARI TICARGT HAN ILet's go and get Besasiri's body.Let's go and get Besasiri's body.What made you come from Bagdad to follow me was not your rage....... but your time of death Arslan Besasiri.Then our time ofdeath are the same.I won't get out of here without you.ease... Please don't kill m I'm a trader.I'm stuck here, please.I have lost of money.My bey, my bey.-Alparslan.-My bey.The fire has spread.It spread all over.-Brother.-My bey calm down my bey.

Brother.My bey.Make sure there's no one else left.As you command.This way!Alparslan must have understood that he's never going to get Surmari now.They're coming, my Bey.Let them come.Bring them here.AlexanderWhere are the merchants, Alexander?What about Arslan Besasiri?What's going on here, damn it?I was told that Alparslan was captured, where is everybody?Because I am here, Tekfur!Alparslan...If you're hunting, you need a blade, Tekfur.

Not a pawn.Oh, if you're wondering about your pawn Besasiri......he's in Hell.He has many sins to answer for over there.Everyone died.However, your son is still alive.What do you want from me?I've got what I came for...f...except for the seal.You're going to seal this stating've given Surmari to me.Never!Alexander!Damn it!I'll kill you with my. own haiifas if you dareIf you don't seal it, the next arrow will go into his head, Tekfur.

Now, which one is it going to be? The seal.....or your son's life?Whatever you take by force, you give back by force Alparslan.If you're thinking that I'm just going to hand this place over to you, you're wrong.Is your son that worthless to you?Surmari is now mine no matter what', Tekfur.I'm just giving you a chance to save your son's life.Or you will lose......both your son's and your life together with Surmari.Now I am asking you for the last time.Are you going to put the seal?

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