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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 41 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

How this Episode starts, Read Here:

This is Episode No 41 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Then you 'are responsible for everyone that will die in this battlefield!Then you are responsible for everyone that will die in this battlefield!If that's the this field, either your blood will be spilled......or mine.So you want us to duel, is that so?If I lose, this cause will end.I will order them to leave when I die.But if you lose.....then your soldiers and Beys......will get out of my way.And let me pass.And let me pass.If I lose......only I will be the one that will move out of your way, Yinal Bey.Their loyalty is not to me, but to our Sultan.Their loyalty is not to me, but to our Sultan.Unless he gives an order, they will not go anywhere.

The battle will begin after you then, nephew.What are they doing?They will duel. There won't be a battle.So two great Meliks of Seljuk state will kill each other, huh?The one that's right shall get its right.And the one that' at the wrong......should be left with disappointment.6 Months AgoSeferiye.Seferiye Hatun?Seferiye!Seferiye!Isn't there anyone to help!?Isn't there anyone to help!?Help!Isn't there anyone?She is not well, let's lay her down.Let's lay her down.Easy my girl.Easy.Mother Akinay.Please help me. Make my baby okay.Allah forbid Seferiye.Maybe someone poisoned her.Allah help her.I told you.It's the food we ate.If we're all must be the mushroom stew.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Akinay Hatun.Sweetie.Allah please help me.Please.You'll be okay. You're fine.Come on sweetie.Gevher.Akinay Hatun.How is Seferiye's baby?Thankfully she vomited in the room.Her stomach is empty now.Her baby will be okay InshAllah.Thank Allah.City of Rey.RCYity of Rey.City of Rey.Our brother Yinal Bey was defeated by his ambition again.We expected him to say tevbeh......and ask for forgiveness.....but he worked with the devil......killed our men and escaped our justice.Now he's gathering an rebel against me.This brother will end in fratricide.There's no other end.Yinal Bey chose Hemedan as his base.Goktas Bey and other Yabgulu Beys......are working with him.Yabgulus live between Rey and Hemedan......and they haven't chosen their side.Allah forbid......if Yinal Bey gets them on his side...Those who are loyal don't need to be enticed.

In this war, you will lead rriy ’army Melik Alparslan.In this war, you will lead my army Melik Alparslan.Start preparations.Hemedan - Council Tent -With my army of 5 thousand men......I'm ready to serve you Melik.All my sons and all my soldiers and leaders......will walk in your path.May Allah.....give your sons a long life InshAllah.Thank you.My Bey. Will you allow me speak?When Cagri Bey......declares war in Khorasan......all his descendants will gather......and protect Tugrul Bey.We are many in number.But to be sure we'll succeed.....we must sidewith the Turkmens.....that reside between Rey and Hamedan.They haven't declared who they'll side with yet.Our invitation is for all to receive.Those who wish......can side with Mikhail's sons.But once we are victorious......we won't have mercy......for those who ask for it.

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We have to stop Yinal Bey from getting more support.We have to stop Yinal Bey from getting more support.Especially those Turkmen's near Rey...... Toygarbarkan and Ayman Beys, we can't let him convince them.My uncle's son Kutalamis.Kutalmis Bey...... with who do you think he will side with?My Sultan.The connection between Yinal Bey and Kutalmis Bey is very deep.Everyone who knows them knows this.Every since we became a nation we've seen a lot of people who were loyal to you but...... we haven't seen one like Kutalmis Bey my Sultan.He accomplish every order you gave without questioning it a second.Just because Arslan is a son of Yabgulus, all of Yabgulus Turks thought of him as a leader rather than Yinal Bey...... and tried to convince him but he didn't try to be a leader and...... didn't let anyone who tried to riot breathe.But he is human after all.

I'm either going to sit on that throne..... or I'll be six feet under.You took VaspThen Surmani.And Alparslan Bey now says he will take Ani.ItpiflWtaHSey n®It's clear-thiaf'Suleyman Bey is not better than him since wants to take my daughter.It's clear that Suleyman Bey is not better than him since wants to take my daughter.But more land...... nor my daughter anymore.O)You won't succeed.Flora said what she said. Just leave.Suleyman.We won't take your daughter from you King Grigor.But...both Ani...and Anatolia...... and the further lands from there will be Turks.Don't have anydoubts about that.Your daughter will go back to you.Don't worry.Now go.I hope you don't make me come to Rey again.My Sultan.She doesn't want to go with...She is in here.But no one knows.-I'm sorry but... -There is no buts.You will send her to Ani as soon as possible.My excuse me.)Go meet Kutalmis Bey.See what he feels about Yinal Bey.

Then I'll send messengers to all the Beys in Hemedan, my Sultan.This was obviously going to happen, my Bey.What should I have done instead, Batur Bey?Let's say that I can control my am I going to tell her to leave?We have to follow the order, my Bey.We have no option.....but I don't know how we're going to tell Flora Hatun andpersuade her to leave.I have to persuade myself first.Have some rest before going back to the tribe, father.Take your seats.Oh, my Bey...I told you that we shouldn't go, but you didn't listen.I wanted to ride a horse, but no one listened.The Ruler of Khorasan, Cagri Bey, who didn't step off his horse for 60 had to ride in a cart to Rey.That should be enough shame for you.You'll see, son.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

When Allah tests you, he might make good things seem like bad......and bad ones seem like good.The Hatun you first didn't want to marry at became the one you love, I see.She's carrying a piece of you now.Seferiye's even more than.....the one I love now, father.Thank Allah for granting me this marriage......and even blessing us with a child.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.I want you to name the baby.What about Seferiye?She's the mother.Did you ask for her opinion?I did, father.She wants you to name her as well.They say people are like their names.If it's a boy......may his name be Meliksah, then.May he be as brave......and as truthful as his father. May he be a good child.■uaaujvAmeen.What if it's a girl?If it's a girl......her name should be Zuleyha.May she be as pretty, as honest......and as brave a Hatun as her mother.Ameen.Ameen.May your sons give you armies......amd may your da.ugiii.terts.. give you homes, my son.InshAllah, father.

May Allah grant my Suleyman a good wife as well.I don't know how that heathen girl is around my boy now.I better get to Gorgan to talk to Kutalmis Bey now.Alparslan.You haven't forgotten anything I have been teaching you ever since you......were a baby.You have always listened to my advices.I give you my blessing, brother.May Allah give you His blessing too.When the time for discord and enmity's important stand, and which side you choose.Don't let......your rage make you decide unfairly.As long as your prayers are upon me like an armor......I wouldn't stray away from the right path.Now, Cagri are going to teach what you have taught your grandchild.InshAllah, son.InshAllah.If you could find away through could find a way to save our father Arslan Yabg who was imprisoned in Kalincar for 7 years, brother!Everything that happens, happens on the ground.

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