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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 42 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

How this Episode starts, Read Here:

This is Episode No 42 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Come on my girl.Seferiye, come on!Come on Seferiye!I see it!Thank Allah!Thank Allah!I see it!Look, my dear.Great Allah allowed you to take your son into your arms safe and sound.Welcome my son.Welcome, Meliksah.Yinal Bey!Yinal Bey!Don't kill him IDon't kill him! Give him to me!I am telling youYinal Bey!Yinal Bey!Yinal Bey!Dead or alive.....give me my husband back!Give me my husband back! I am telling you!Open the gates!Yinal Bey!Give me my husband back.Oke Hatun, don't.Let go of me!Yinal Bey!Yinal Bey!Have you no heart?Sultan Tugrul! Answer me.Open the door!I want him dead or alive.Give me my husband!Yinal Bey.My Bey.Yinal Bey.Yinal Bey.Yinal Bey!Yinal Bey!

Pick up your sword my Bey.Yinal Bey!Yinal Bey!Yinal Bey!Here are your brothers...Here are your brothers......that ignored you and took what's yours.Get up Yinal Bey!Wake up Yinal Bey! Pick up your sword.Here they are.Get up Yinal Bey.Get up Yinal Bey.Brave soldiers of the Seljuk State.Look at them.The throne is broken.My Sultan is defeated.You say this out of sadness Oke Hatun.Watch your tongue.Watch your tongue.Yinal Bey will be buried in Rey, in a noble manner...A Melik who defied his oath of loyalty......who disobeyed his Sultan......and attempted to take over the sultanate.....has no place on the throne......and in the city of Sultan.Bury him in Hemedan, where he rebelled.He conquered Rey for you.He is your brother who died Sultan Tugrul.Don't forget.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

You didn't let him live on this earth.Let him live on the next...Oke Hatun will attend her husband's funeral.After that..he will be taken to Gencek.He won't be taken out of there without me knowing.I wish you never find peace in your own nation Tugrul Bey.Where are the Yabgulu beys you took prisoner?In the dungeon my Sultan.They're waiting for your order.Let them wait a bit more.We will face them too.My bey.Where is Besariri Avar?He ran away my bey.Forgive us.But he is injured.Alpagut shot him.Artuk and Atsiz are still after him.My bey...... there's something else.Those infidel soldiers joined Yinal Bey's army under the disguise of alps.We saw Yabgulu alps taking off.We killed most of them.If YinaI Bey worked with infidels he wouldn't get them to take on a disguise.He would keep them with him openly.I don't think he had anything to do with this.Prepare my horse.Let him know that I'll be back soon.We will take Yabgulus beys to his presence then.

M asA'I la h.Our Meliksah has such an appetite.He is trying hard to be a worthy son to Alparslan Bey even now.Wish dad saw him too.Meliksah would want to see his grandpa too.InsAllah we will get good news from you and Erbaskan Bey, Gevher.InsAllah we will get good news from you and Erbaskan Bey, Gevher.InsAllah we will get good news from you and Erbaskan Bey, Gevher.InsAllah mom insAllah.With what we went through, all that trouble, we didn't get to enjoy our marriage.InsAllah Allah bless our marriage with a kid.InsAllah.Won't you send a word to our dad sister?He might come to see his grandkid.He wouldn't Guice.Know that.Your dad will never come back.Stop asking me all the time it's just making you sad and me mad..9CfDon't worry Seferiye.I'll look after her.

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I'll look after her.I can't go on without him.I can't.I can't stand this pain God.Either put out this fire you placed on my heart...or take me to your side.I'm begging you, take my life.Save me from this torture.I can't take it anymore.Tekfur Grigor will understand when he finds out.A duel is only for men who are strong enough to stand their ground......not for those who hide their crosses under garments.Turk's garments will only become a shroud for them, my Bey.Let's see if there are any survivors or not.Let's go.Yasin.....I'm running out of patience.The situation is just bothering me.Why Flora hasn't left her chamber in months?Is she being kept by force?Is she sick? What's going on?See if you can......find out if anyone in Ani knows about what she's doing.Vitalis knows that you're waiting for news, my Bey.Have some more patience.Oh, Haqq!Make sure none of them is breathing!As you command, my Bey.

They thought they could just leave like that...Some of them did manage to get away, my Bey......but our men are after them.We'll see if he gets past Vaspurakan or not.I will strike him with his own plans.He will come running to us instead.He will come running to us instead.Each step will bring him closer to his death.After will be time to take Ani from Grigor, the man who helped him.Breathing shall be Haram to me unless I take Arslan Besasiri's life.We can't keep going like this, you need to rest.Alparslan must be after us.We can't stop until we're past Seljuk land.They've been through here.It's been a while since they have, the blood is dry./ASPURAKANGuice.Guice.Guice.Look here, GulAre you crying?Your sister just had a baby, Guice.She's tired, that's all.She has to take care of her baby.Yes, she does have a baby now. She'll just tend to him from now on.She can tell him all the stories there are.I miss my father, Zeren.

I get that he can't come here, but can't we just visit him instead?Why come back after managing to save your lives on the field?We only listened to Yinal Bey's last command.You've seized and taken away Goktas Bey and the other Yabgulu Beys around him.Now, if you don't let them go......we will surely get together once more.Now, if you just agree to surrender now......I will take youto the Sultan alive.If not, the one who is going to face our Sultan will not be you......but your heads that I will cut off!If the Sultan was a good Sultan, we wouldn't be against each other now, but be on side by side, Alparslan Bey.Just because Yinal Bey told us not to seek revenge for him......we are not going to put out the fire he lit for justice!You will be the ones to burn in the fire......that you won't put out!Those who deemed this end fit for you......will die one by one, Yinal Bey.I swear that.....I am going to......take your revenge......from Alparslan, Tugrul and Kutalmis! All of them!You are confused about from whom to take revenge, Oke Hatun.X •I did not choose sides in that war.Stop!The one in front of you is Arslan Yabgu's son Kutalmis Bey!

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Traitor!n your eyes, he deserved death But Yinal Bey was more of a brother to you than Rasul Tegin He saved you from many battles and many deaths!I know, Oke Hatun.I know.But I......did not come here to fight.I came here to perform my last duty for my brother Ibrahim.Do you have any.....prayers you can......say for him?You......betrayed...i wiirYour pain is great.I share your pain, Oke Hatun.But when your pain is great., makes you blind to somethings.One day, the one you call traitor......will be your greatest friend. You should know.ifi'-.A;T IIOke Hatun, if the duty is done, let's depart for Gence.Sultan's orders are final.This isn't working my Bey.We'll keep spilling blood.As long as the rebels and Yabgulus keep attacking......we'll keep killing our brother Allah forbid.City of Rey.My Sultan.These Beys rebelled......and prepared fheir ending.Now they have no leader or unity.Get up.You pledged allegiance to me.You stopped when I asked.You attacked when I asked.You were loyal......and you never turned back on your word.You.....never bend your knee.And you traveled many lands....and many cities.

Instead of conquering with us in pillaged.You knew my brother who wanted to be Sultan would fail......yet you encouraged him.Now look at you.What did you win?What did you lose?You have the same blood......and families.You are relatives.....through mother or father.You.....have one last chance.o oQMy Sultan.You've given many chances.You've been too merciful.Each time, they did the same.Won't they do it again?Now they say they're you forgive their lives.But at the second chance they get......they will rebel.-Enough.Alparslan Bey.Let's say we obeyed you.Who will be our leader?Where will we go?Vaspurakan.Alparslan Bey will lead you.It's bad news that I haven't heard from Yinal Bey.Yes?Yinal's dead Tekfur.trirtrDead?4iDamn it.That incapable soldiers?Unfortunately.They killed them all.All of them?Even if some of them survives Seljuks must be after them.Damn it.

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