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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 43 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

How this Episode starts, Read Here:

This is Episode No 43 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You all want the same thing, right?You all want the same thing, right?43-BOLUMAll of you!43-BOlOmTo have power!To show yourselves!To have wealth!To be the onethat makes others.....kneel, not the one that kneels!What about you, my Sultan?What you want?That lad you ju sent to prison If he is Altuncan Hatun's own son, Enusirvan.....then you will have.....a child, although a step one.Like I told you before.You need to make a decision, my Sultan.

You have to declare who are you going to leave the Seljuk throne to.Are you going to heir who is not of your blood, and of Harzemshah lineage.Are you going to wait for him to take over your throne after your death?Are you going to choose Alparslan who made Yabgulus an enemy of the Mikailoglus......and cause brothers to......fight each other?Or are you going to choose me, the only person......that can gather Yabgulus, Mikailoglus, Yinaloglus and other Turkmens......under one sanjac!?None of the ones you said.After me......the person that will take over Seljuk Cagri Bey's son......Melik Suleyman!SuleymaSuleyman!Let go of him!What do you think you are doing?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Go back to your room!Let go of her!I told you to let go of her!Don't!Father.I am begging you.I am begging you.I love him.I love him so much, father, please.No!No!No! Suleyman!You..What do you think you are doing!?Are you out of your mind!?Take him to the sick bay! Quick!Wake up! Suleyman!My God, save him!Save him, oh my God!Take her to her room immediately!Come on!Melik Suleyman, huh?Can you believe that!?You are going to leave our great state to Suleyman, whose name is not known anywhere......whose fame is not known......who couldn't take over a piece of land with his own......strength, huh?YesYou will pledge loyalty to him!

Only the mercenaries you pay gold will pledge loyalty to him!None other!With this decision you brought an end to your dynasty, to the state you established, cousin!Until you pass away......I will obey you.But you should know loyalty is not to you......but to the......state you represent, which will be under my rule one day!Even that enough......for me to take your life right here! You know that right!?I know.But you also know that.....I am not your brother Ibrahim Yinal!Yabgulu Beys who accepted his death......will turn your life into hell if you kill me Like I said.Until you pass are my Sultan.But.....when the order of Haqq comes......I will not leave any Melik alive, you should know!I am one the Meliks that you are going to kill.And the others are my brothers.I did not know that you were like this Kutalmis Bey.

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We have complimented your loyalty and your power everywhere...We have complimented your loyalty and your power everywhere...We have complimented your loyalty and your power everywhere......your name was brought up!All these did you hide......all this grudge in the guise of loyalty?You are going to regret everything you just......said here.You are going to stand before your brothers......before me......and you are going to kill them!When that day will be the only one that I will stand against, Kutalmis Bey.Alparslan.Yes, my Sultan.Do you have anything to say?No, my Sultan.Just as he is my heir......Melik Suleyman is......also the commander of the raids that's going to take place against Ani and the lands beyond.Your duty here support your brother just as......your father Cagri Bey supported me.You are the Sultan.As you command.X/« -4<’- >«< 4;4-Kutalmis Bey did not look good, Artuk.

Kutalmis Bey did not look good, Artuk.He looked furious.It's obvious that something happened inside.What's going on inside that everyone comes out angry!?InshAllah it's nothing bad.I don't know if it's right or wrong, but...\ 0....our Sultan appointed Melik Suleyman as his heir.He wants everyone to obey him after his death.Are we going to?Come on, mount up.Where are we going Alparslan Bey?To make preparations under the commandership of Melik Suleyman.Oh my dear.Oh my dear.Seferiye.SeferiyeSeferiye.SeferiyeWake up my girl!Mother Akinay?Thank Allah.Thank Allah.Are you okay?M el i ksha h!M el i ksha h!Son!Seferiye, stop.Don't move.Don't make any move.Oh Allah, protect us.Melikshah!Don’t move!Oh Allah, save him.Oh Allah, protect him.Oh Allah.How can this be possible?

Can this be true, oh Allah?Don't be sad, Altuncan Hatun.That traitor is not your son.That's only a treacherous scheme of Besasiri.Besasiri, and he lived long enough.He will be beheaded quickly.My' Sultan.I am begging you, don't.I need to learn the truth first.I need to be sure if he is my son or not.I can't continue my life with this suspicion.After his death, this suspicion will eat me alive.I couldn't do it.Father Besasiri.I couldn't do it.I couldn't protect you.I couldn't take my revenge either.InshAllah it's good news.

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My Bey, there is something important.Seferiye Hatun.You see, right brother?Those who did not give a piece of land to.....Arslan Yabgu's son Kutalmis deemed MelikSuleyman fit for the throne, who......can never be as glorious as you!It's not about who deems whom fit for what.Tiln.e state and t-Pie throne are ours.We ane not going to ask anyone's permission!What's on your mind, brother?First, I am going to take Surmari from Suleyman......which they are going to use as a base for their raids to west.I will, so everyone will see that the Melik they appointed as heir is powerless and inexperienced!This will not only affect Suleyman.It will affect Sultan Tugrul, too.

Those who want can stand against me, brother.No one can move.....towards Ani without my permission!Now, hit the road quickly! Send word to Yabgulu Beys.Tell them to wait for me in front of Gence with their soldiers.Are we going to stand here and wait, mother Akinay?I can't live if anything happens to him.I need to take him.Don't do it.Not now, wait.SeferiyeIf we don't act will get worse.Now, listen to me.Reach out to him without putting your weight down.I will come that side.I will hold you from back.Wait.Slowly.Be careful.Oh Allah, help us.In the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.Come on.Oh Allah, protect us.Seferiye.Seferiye, this is no good.Be careful.Slowly.Slowly.

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