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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 49 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 49 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. SeferiyeMy child...I prayed God for you to witness your wife's death!I swear that it will be your last breath!SeferiyeSeferiye, hold on my girl.Hold on, your husband is here. To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return.I am here!Seferiy e!SeferiyeSeferiyeSeferiyeDon't leave me please, hold on!SeferiyeOpen your eyes, my Seferiye, you will bi fine.You will be fine. Seferiye!Selcan Hatun, why did you come here from Vaspurakan?The infidels sneaked into the castle, Hasan Bey. They took Suleyman.

We were after them.Son, it's not looking good. We should go to a doctor quickly.Let's go mother, quickly.Stop there!Tekfur is dead!Batur Bey, Avar, take Toygar Bey's alps with you and bring my mother to Merv, come on.What about you my Sultan?I will come after taking care of them.Drop your sword and surrender, Alparslan Bey.You came at the wrong time!The naphtha buried under the ground is enough to destroy......Rey and all of us!IWhat else are you thinking?Are they telling the truth, my Bey?He can't kill himself as well, right?Will this be enough to stop them, Hace?Let's pray that it will be, my Sultan.Or Rey will be our grave.I don't know about you.....but I have no ntention of dying.This fire you are threatening me going to burn you too, Suleyman You can't stop me with your lies and tricks!

یہ قسط نمبر 49 کا پہلا حصہ ہے ،غلطی سے ویڈیو پر 48 لکھا گیا ہے۔ شکریہ

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Take another step and see if I am lying!Come on.Kutalmis Bey!Forgive me Alparslan BeyThanks.Your cart will save her life.Come on, let's hurry.She is not going to make it.Avar Bey! Batur Bey!What's going on Selcan Hatun?She is losing too much blood, and her pulse is weakening.She can't make it to Merv, let's go to Rey, that's closer.Rey?To a healing house in the city?No, we will go to the doctor of the palace.He is a good doctor, I know him well.What are you saying, Selcan Hatun? Suleyman Bey won't help us.Even if he does, he will take us as his prisoners and put our Sultan Alparslan Bey in a tough position.Batur Bey is right, Selcan Hatun.-Is there no other...-There is no other way!She is dying!Let's go to Rey quickly, come on!Tell your soldiers to be quick.I will shoot this arrow soon.

This trick.....must be planned by Amidulmulk.My Bey.They're right my Bey.Naphtha is buried here.My Bey.Tell me.Is this the truth......ora lie?My Bey.There's some here.You saw it Kutalmis Bey.Now either get the hell out of here......or we'll all die here.Don't worry my Bey.They'll get there sooner than us InshAllah.Come on.Good job Hace.The naphtha trick you the work of the devil.Is that right?Kutalmis Bey will stay quiet for a while.But he...But he......and Alparslan won't stop.At the first chance they get.....they'll attack Rey.We must find a way to stop them.......and prevent them from doing what theyzwish'....and prevent them from doing what they wish.My Sultan.Selcan Hatun's here.Let her in. Don't make her wait.She's at the yard.She's with Seferiye Hatun my Sultan.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

Seferiye Hatun's wounded.Selcan Hatun wants to have her healed.She's dying! Don't you hear me?She's dying! Don't you hear me?Get her a healer. Why won't you do anything?How dare they bring Alparslan Bey's Hatun here?This might be a trick my Sultan.Let them in now.My Sultan.I said let them in.I told you it might be a trick. Why don't you listen?Maybe this is an assassination attempt.-Hace!When my mother was in Vaspurakan......she begged Alparslan to let me live.That's why they didn't kill me.My mother......would never take part in su*ch a plan.I guess.....Seferiye Hatun's heavily wounded.Mercy is weakness, wolf in law.

They're taking my son.Seferiye let him go.Let him go.Let me go! Let me goMy son.Don't.My son's gone.&Don't go.My baby.My baby.Mother?I never wanted to leave the dungeon at Vaspurakan like that.However......I had to-hhad toYou had foTun away with that heathen, Leon.You had to run away with that heathen, Leon.I wouldn't be here if I had another choice but......Grigor heavily injured Seferiye Hatun.Both your father and I......trusted the kind of skill Doctor Piruz Bey possesses.Forthat reason, I brought her here to the palace.Because of yoIt all happened because of you!You have to make sure she gets treatment here now!Alparslanisent you here, didn't he?Alparslan doesn't know about anything.I decided to bring her here, otherwise she'd have died on t-he road.I still believe have little pieces of good and mercy in you, that's why I'm here.Don't make me regret the decision I made, son.Where is Alparslan then?

He was stopped by the Alps you sent after killing Grigor.Is the Tekfur dead?What is it, Suleyman Are you upset?Do you feel sorry for that demon who killed Alpagut......and tried to take Seferiye's life too?I get it, you fell in love with Flora and got married.-But aren't you ashamed of siding witih tilTe heat-hens? -Mother!Enough.Don't make me regret letting you in.Now go back to Seferiye Hatun.My Sultan.My Sultan.Selcan Hatun.Doctor Piruz BeyHow is Seferiye Hatun?I stopped her bleeding and tended to her wound, but...I stopped her bleeding and tended to her wound, but...I stopped her bleeding and tended to her wound, but......she lost the baby she was carrying....she lost the baby she was carrying.The baby?She was pregnant.How am I going to tell-How am I going to tell Alparslan about this?If Alparslan is concerned about his wife and child......he will definitely come here.Why have w.e stopped, my Sultan?


یہ قسط نمبر 49 کا دوسرا حصہ ہے ،غلطی سے ویڈیو پر 48 لکھا گیا ہے۔ شکریہ

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Is there a problem?We should have ran into them by now.Seferiye is wounded...They couldn't have gotten far away.There must be a problem.Batur Bey...My Sultan.!Where are you coming from, Batur Bey?Where is Seferiye Hatun and my mother?They're at the palace in Rey, my Sultan.What are you talking about?She lost a lot of blood, my Sultan.She wouldn't have made it to Vaspurakan.Selcan Hatun insisted on the idea...So we escorted them to the border of Rey, my Sultan......but we had to turn back there.You dog!Is Alparslan Bey fine? Is he hurt?Speak!Alparslan Bey is fine,don't

worry.Alparslan!Alparslan!SeferiyeDear.Mother......where am I?Where's Alparslan?We're in Rey, dear.We're in Rey, dear.We're at the infirmary of the palace.So my Bey has taken Rey......and claimed his throne. Thank Allah!

No, dear.Both Rey and the throne still belongs to Suleyman.My baby!The baby is fine, right?Unfortunately, my girl......we've lost the baby....we've lost the baby.I know there is no consolation for such thi ...but still......Alparslan avenged it's death.He killed Grigor.Where's Alparslan, mother?Is he here, in Rey?He's close.He's close.But he doesn't know that I brought you here.I had to do it in order to save you.He will come here as soon as he finds out......and they will kill him here!Tell him that I'm alright and stop him!I talked to Batur Bey already. They will not let Alparslan.Alparslan won't listen to anyone, mother.I'm begging you to stop him.iAag A(aIMy Bey, stop!

Stop, my BeyStop!IP DKUH kplc.s Are you asking for mercy after all that you've done? GIRDKUH CASTLE My brother Rasul Tegin.....died because of you.You slaughtered all my men without hesitation!I was only following orders, Kutalmis Bey.They were from the Vizier.He ordered us!...instead of serving a Melik who has a lawful chose to serve a Vizier that's not going to be around for too long.You can't do anything to save your life.You slaughtered my brother and my men!Eye for an eye...Our men are all over the castle as you commanded, my Bey.Even if the walls of Girdkuh fall, the men won't, thank Allah.Whoever makes a move on our lives......shall same thesame fate with this dog.Until we're in rge of the State.....those who choose to stand in our way shall face our wrath!Victory will be ours, but they will only have sorrow at the end.Open your eyes, groom!The country you're leading is about to shatter into pieces.

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