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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 50 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 50 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. This silence is not good, my Sultan.Tulpar Bey has not arrived yet either.Kutalmis Bey.Don't force me to kill you.Kavurd Bey.I brought you food.Don't you hear me? I brought you food.Kavurd Bey! Kavurd BeyYou stole my dagger, huh?P ioGet ready!'g£I told you to obey me, but you did not.I told you that we would fight, but you tried to kill me in a swamp.I listened to the sky.Today, the fate stands with you, but......don't trust that, Alparslan.Today I will defeat both you and fate.

There is no escape from what's to come, Kutalmis Bey.Before I take your life, I am warning you for the last time.Welcome Tulpar Bey.Who's that?My Sultan. I come from Vaspurakan.Seferiye Hatun sent me.Tulpar Bey...What happened to Tulpar Bey?He'll side with Kutalmis Bey during the battle.You plan of yours......can turn me from my path.Bend the knee.Be my friend during my reign.Rebel wolf is killing his own commanders.This battle will be exciting Adrian.I'm waiting for your answer Kutalmis Bey.I only Allah and His Messenger.I won't bend the knee to you or any of Allah's subjects.I don't accept you as Sultan.I will make you bleed......and all of your Alps.I won't shoot you with my arrow.I'll use my manage to beat blood is halal to you.I will beat you Alparslan.I won't just be glorious.I'll also own the throne.Come on.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Begin this battlefield......we will have victory my brave Alps!We are......higher in number.We're stronger!The army before us..The army before bigger than us. I bigger than us. I know.Some of yo...have fear in your eyes, but know that......I don't have fear.Today, your swords.,....will bring out your hope......not your fear.For our righteous cause......we might die!Then, InshAllah, Great Allah will accept us to His heaven.But.....if we don't die and keep on living......I promise you the paradise on earth.We......all......conquered such castles and cities which were hard to conquer.We broke down their swords which they directed at our hearts.We lost people and took people's lives for the fight.

On the road to being a Sultan......every one of you who walk with me......will reach......will reach......a big honor......and treasure without a doubt.I promise you that today we will leave this battlefield......victorious.Let our swords pierce them clean as sky, come out scarlet as blood.Long live Sultan Kutalmis.-Long live Sultan Kutalmis.-Let our swords pierce them clean as sky, come out scarlet as blood.Let our swords pierce them clean as sky, come out scarlet as blood.Long live Sultan Kutalmis.Let our swords pierce them clean as sky, come out scarlet as blood.Come on!Come on!Stop, my Bey, have mercyMansur!Suleyman SahlLet's go, my lions!We're on our way, Kavurt Bey!Rurbfaster, boys!Suleyman Sahl Brother!They're here.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

They're here.Stand tall, boys.Are you alright?Brave sons of Kutalmis.Let's go, they're still after us.We finally meet, Alparslan!You can stop this, Kutalmis Bey!The sword that I'm holding makes my heart ache.One of us has to die, Alparslan That's the only way!It's not late Kutalmis Bey.It's enough if you drop your sword and say that you are with me.For me to say I am with you, first you need to accept me as your Sultan Kutalmis is almostas strong as Alparslan.But I am sorry to say that both of them are going to die today.IISir, I think this might be important.Sir, I think this might be important.Something weird is going on around Meshed.Something weird is going on around Meshed.What's weird?A large group of Seljuk soldiers were searching the forest for 3 men.A large group of Seljuk soldiers were searching the forest for 3 men.The ones that escaped must be important.

Did you learn who they were?During the fight, I heard the names of Kavurd and Suleyman Shah.During the fight, I heard the names of Kavurd and Suleyman Shah.Kavurd is Alparslan's brother, and the other is Kutalmis' son.Kavurd is Alparslan's brother, and the other is Kutalmis' son.This must be son-in-law's doing. He is smarter than I thought.I am going to miss the end of the battle. I hope you will win, rebel wolf.I swear to Jesus that I am going to plant your head on a pike and let the birds feed on it!Kavurd Bey saved Suleyman Shah and Mansur Bey and escaped Meshed Castle.The soldiers are looking for them, Vizier Hadrath.Send word to Meshed, they shouldn't leave the castle defenseless while looking for Kavurd Bey.What are you saying, Vizier!

Is Kavurd not in the prison that they are going after him!?He took advantage of the weakness of the soldiers for a moment, and managed to escape.And you are......telling them to not follow him?Don't, my Sultan.What I meant was..You were against this from the beginning.JVYou are a part of this too, right?Of course not my Sultan..Then find them quicklyOr I am going to take your head myself!Come on! Come on my brave ones!Mansur!-I am out of breath.-Brother!Are you okay? Your wound bleeds heavily.Come on my lions.Come on my brave ones.I am not calling you brave without a reason.You are the grandsons of brave Arslan Yabgu.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Suleyman Shah! Are you going to let that little arrow stop you?Come on! Come on my brave on!Come on!Come on!Come on!Come on!This is the end, Alparslan.You're wounded Kutalmis Bey.Drop your sword.Alparslan.Go ahead. Come.Kutalmis Bey.I'm coming my Bey!I'm going after Kutalmis Bey, Atabey EyvAllah my Sultan.Kutalmis Bey!Kutalmis BeyWhere is our Sultan?He went after Kutalmis Bey.I have an important message for Alparslan Bey.It's about Kavurt Bey.Kutalmis BeyKutalmis Bey!You can't die like this right now.You're going to get back on your feet.You're going to fight against me on the battlefield again.

The fight is over.Alparslan.Sultan Alparslan.I tried to get my spark back which has died many moons ago for nothing.My Sultan.Speak AvaMy's important, can you come here for a second?Suleyman Bey.He has taken Kavurt, Suleymansah and Mansur Bey my Sultan.They ran away from the castle they've been taken to but......his men are after sons...-I have so strength left. -Hold on brother.-I have so strength left. -Hold on brother.You go on Kavurt Bey.Hold on a bit more.You can't run away this time.If anything happens to them......I'll kill you all.Byzantines are coming.Even in that're still threatening people.Kavurt Bey.It's so clear that you're Alparslan's brother.You're going to give the prisoners to me.Get your man and leave Count Leon, don't make us kill you.You Turks are so stubborn.I always have to convince you.I told you to back off.Why are you waiting Avar?Take a hold on Kutalmis Bey so we can get

Take a hold on Kutalmis Bey so we can get him help.Leave me Alparslan.This is the end for me.Listen to me carefully now.It's clear......why Suleyman kidnapped them.Find my sons before him.Save them.They are......going to this nation which you'll be the Sultan of......bring prosper to the name of Turks......and to Islam.They will bring so much to the nation.Your sons.....and my sons...My sons......will surely do that, Alparslan.Trust me.Take an oath and promise me that you will find my sons......and protect them.I swear to Allah that......I will not sit on that throne until I find your sons.I bear witness that there is no other than.....the One, Allah......and I bear witness that......Mohammad is his Messenger.

I bear witness that..We all belong to Allah......and we all shall return to Him.I will take you to my dungeon to my guest for a while......Kavurt Bey.I would have killed you right here if I didn't need you...Take them to Surmari through the steep path above and lock them in the dungeon.Increase security.Half of you will go with them.As you command.:... ASeljuk State......lost a brave, mighty commander.May Allah bless his soul.Ameen.A’lmeen.Should Kutalmis Bey be buried while we go and......rescue Kavurt Bey?...rescue Kavurt Bey?We will not bury Kutalmis Bey without his son.His Meliks Suleyman Sah and Mansur Bey......will see his face for one last time......will see his face for one last time......and lay soil on his grave.

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