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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 51 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 51 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Allah has created a tribe among others.He......gave us vigor, bravery......justice and merciful to us....justice and merciful to us."Turk" became our name.We are cleaned off of evil.Our horses raced.....the wind, and our arrows raced thunders.But no one could compete us when it came to courage.I am Cagri Bey's son, Mohammad Alparslan.My forefathers rode their horses in the steppe lands with the mount Tien-San behind them......passed through de'serts and cliffs-.They came to Khorasan, just like a river tha’t iT^e'r changes its direction.My father Cagri Bey and my uncle Tugrul Bey......raised me in Sirdaryo both winter and summer quarters......located in the Khorasan steppes....located in the Khorasan steppes.And there was a dream I had.Now, today is the dayI take over their work......and become the leader of the state.

Now, everything I've dreamed of will come true.We'll rule over many lands.....and we'll make it our home.The people in those lands will speak our tongue.Islam's Sanjac will be carried by my people.From the west to the east...From the west to the east.....from the north to the south......all the people of the world will be ruled by us.Every land thatI swear to rule......will be blessed with mercy, justice and fertility.I am from the KinikTribe of Oghuz Turks.I am Muhammed Alparslan, the Sultan of the Great Seljuk State.I am Muhammed Alparslan, the Sultan of the Great Seljuk State.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Everyone will know and remember that......I'll follow my oath I made under the shadow of my arrow and bow.I am the subject of Allah and the earth that was created for Allah's Servant.Before Great Seljuk......reached its powerful has lost many brave soldiers.When the time Allah gave him was over......Sultan has passed to the afterlife.We're in mourning.We're all in pain.But you should know that, we only being victorious for our being victorious for our state.Our state must have that our lost lives can find peace.I have taken over this duty from my father.

I will be expecting from you on this harsh...... harsh but honorable road to carry some duties.Yasin.From now on you'll be the guard of our doors...the shadow of our...door's threshold.From now on your to be a Hacip.How merciful is our Sultan.I will lay my life down for this duty.Let your life be long and your rule everlasting my Sultan.Kavurt Bey.Besides your rule over Kirman, during our new conquers...... just like our late father Cagri Bey.... you'll comman Seljuk armies.Whatever duty our great Sultan gives me...I will accomplish it.One who served in Seljuk's army and fought along side my dad and uncle...a brave soldier, Batur Bey.From now on you'll be the Subasi of Rey.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

Thank great Allah...... my eyes which have lost their spark..... has seen you rule just like your honorable ancestors...... and has gained their spark back from it my Sultan.... and has gained their spark back from it my Sultan.Avar Bey.Artug Bey.Atsiz Bey.Ever since my childhood you've.... accompanied me.accompanied me.You shielded my life.I would like to see you in front of to me and also watching my back.I want to walk down this path with you......the same way we've been walking side by side.My life is devoted to your cause, my Sultan.Your friend is my friend and your enemy is my enemy.I will remain a servant of your cause until I die, my Sultan.

May Allah bear witness that my now yours.May He keep me in your path, my Sultan.• • * • * *The man who made sure I realized that the one who sits on the the one who carries the greatest of burdens.The man who taught me that both the State and Tore......exist only for peoplThe man who made sure I knew that Islam and the Tore of the Turks......are things to be spread all over the world.....Atabey Hasan Bey.I'm at the place where you've been pointing at.Now you're going to stand at the place that I'm pointing at.If I am to watch over the State of're going to be the Vizier of it and bring order to the State.

You've always had it in a point where you kept getting you grew you grew older.Just as there are signs that show anything that is ever going to happen......things that show these kind of signs in the child that is going to......things that show these kind of signs in the child that is going to......rise with the right to rule ever since his birth appear.People say that the flowers show the fruit that's going to be abundant.That's exactly what I am saying, my Sultan.The signs around you shined ever since you were a child.The fruit you are going to give were seen on the flowers that flourished with you.I am always ready with my life for any duty you are going to give, my Sultan.May Allah make your life fruitful, and your state everlasting.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Wherever you point, we will stand there with the help of Allah.Wherever you show, we will go there.As long as you stay on the path of Haqq, we will stand by your side.May Allah give you courage against what you fear...May Allah give you courage against what you fear......and give you more of what you hope.-Ameen.-Ameen.Mother Selcan.fartMother Akinay.If we are standing here safe and's thanks to the armor you donned us with your prayers.All of the order in the palace is in your care.May your path be clear, and may your life be fruitful, my Sultan.May your state live thousands of years, may your fate be blessed.My wife Seferiye......who helped me in my tough days, and helped my worries away in my times of sadness......who devoted herself t® the Seljuk'state with......who devoted herself to the Seljuk state with......her life and body....her life and body.From now on, she is the head hatun of the palace.r• XfShe is my regent in my absence, and my aide in my presence.

She is my regent in my absence, and my aide in my presence.Her orders are same as mine.May it be known like that.* *"II wish that Allah allows me to be as good as your compliments, my Sultan.Since I have given out the duties......then it's timeto make our move.It's time to destroy the walls that are said to be unbroken......and conquer Ani, which is said to be Of trrmThe guilty ones are not only those who took rebel wolf inside.Everyone that did not notice him when.....he came right under our noses, is's my fault too.Stubborn snake.Someone killed himself because he couldn't sleep from this noise.Everyone in this inn will be punished.Me included.The this stupid fly's friends.Everyone back to work.

Don't carry the bodies until flies fill up the inn.As you wish sir.I come from Constantinople sir.It's from KayzeAni isn't just our goal.Infidels want Ani too.Infidels want Ani too.We want to take control of Ani..We want to take control of Ani.....and they want to keep it.Because.....they know that......once we have Ani......Turk's next destination is Anatolia.After's Constantinople.Bring the map Atsiz.Here.Ani will be ruled by Turks.Once we have Ani......Turk's footsteps......will be heard by Constantinople.That voice......won't just shake will shake the whole world.The Byzantine vassals near Ani.....are the Georgian king and......Amberd and...My Sultan.My Sultan. Byzantine Emperor's private messenger is here.

He wants to come to your presence.Let him in.From the Great Kayzer of Rome to Seljuk Sultan...Hace.You may leave.From the new Kayzer of Great the new Sultan of Seljuk State.I pay my respects for your uncle Sultan Tugrul......and I congratulate you who has taken the great and magnificent Sultan's place.To keep it short......nO one knowsTurks better than me.It's best for Rome to get along with Sultan Alparslan these days.Kutalmis Bey's sons, Mansur and Suleymansah.Without them Kavurt Bey and others who want to take the throne won't let Alparslan be at peace...... and with the civil war will weaken Seljuk.Until that day I want you to remain calm and try to live peacefully with Seljuk.Let put us being enemies in the past to aside...... and I'm sure we will be working for peace together as ally nations Sultan Alparslan.Roman Kaiser Constaninos Ducas.

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