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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 53 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The start of this Episode is amazing that you cant stop yourself to watch th whole Episode

This is Episode No 53 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Among the children you will save. ... there are ones that belong to you It’s your choice.Ani..... or. .You will take your army and leave the lands of the Roman Empire.Sultan Wolf.Sister. . I want to see my sister Don t go my Sultan’ Fight against the infidels!If you listen to this little wolf.....and dare to attack. ... kids will be killed with these poor slaves.My Sultan, we cannot know what this lunatic will do What are we going to do now?Show mercy, my Sultan!If you don t do as they say, he will kill our children!You used the poor as your shield when you could fight like a man.But you should know... I am not the one who is cornered Leon It's you.Now Akarag is under my siege.The only way to leave here safe and sound to free these poor people.So we are under siege.

You never surprise me Sultan Wolf.But I want you to know ...we have limited food and water.And of course, I will think about my soldiers before the slaves I mean . If you attack. ....these poor people will die because of my sword, if you don t, they will die of hunger or thirst.You decide.This demon will not give up, my h bird sv II r it fly fiu'u ? it'ri • Surround the place1Build the Sultan s tent!Adrian!Take Sultan Wolf s children to their cages now!Leave Guice Hatun1 Let her go, I II stay!Let her go dastards!To your cages now, come on!Come on.Goodbye Sultan Wolf.Walk1Come on!Mother!Such a shame, right Glass Eye?Put them all inCome on, everyone to their cages!Come with me.MotheDon t cry Come on!We have gained some time for now.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

But Sultan Wolf will try to find □ way We have to build the wall silently when he thinks about a plan to save the slaves.Soldier. -My Earl.Place watchmen all around the camp.Throw a slave's body in front of each Turk who tries to approach. -Yes.If Sultan Wolf wants to see me .....tell him that I am asleep, and that I hate being woke up If things go wrong, there is something very important thing I want from you to do Glass Eye.Even if we are not free, our Sultan knows where we are, Guice Hatun.Hf A ill WK: US.InshaAllah Serdar Alp InshaAllah.I hope you understood me well, Glass Eye Because this is our last chance against Turks.Yes sir, don’t worry.9My Sultan. Dastard Leon said that he would not give food and water to the slaves Men and women can stand it..... but the children cannot stand this for long.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

It will be good if Leon gives up and takes a step back for us to remove the siege .... but we will act like the opposite will happen ... and we will find another way to sneak in there and save the poor.We took the corpses out of the graves.And we put them in the places of children we kidnapped from the school.Who is behind this plan?Stop! Stop1 III tell you!The person behind this plaTo your positions!That limp who kidnapped the children from school what was her name, Artuk?Gera, my Sultan.Gera.You will go to Rey and examine her, I want to know everything about who she is from and with whom she has relations.Erbasgan Bey.You will stay in the siege.As you say my SultanMy Sultan!We surrounded AkaragNo one can enter or exit.Hurry up.Adrian Yes sir?I ve a request from youCome on we have to get ahead of them!Walk!

Episode is going on very interesting read more

Don t stop’Come on!Keep working! -Don’t stop walk!Quickly!Faster! Walk*Walk1Come on!Faster! Come on1It doesn't go as I thoughtWe need to be fast Faster!If you want this wall to be strong and durable ..I doEarl Leon, forgive me but. .I will forgive youonly if you build this wall n the blink cf en eye You and you too1Turks are determined to take Am’ And I’m determined to stop them.It's not only me butalso your fate depends on this wall?Damn you!When I come back, I want this wall to be longer than my height.Understood? Yes.Faster!Walk! Get up1Get up! You weak worm!Get up! Get up!Get up! -Sir!If you want this wall to be finished as soon as possible we need that slave too Make him get up.Get up!You II sleep less!You II carry more rocks!You II work more!So far we have not heard a movement or a sound What are they doing in there my Sultan?

Leon knows me so well that he knows I won t give up He knows he won't be able to leave Akarak ..... and he will die of starvation and thirst... .if I don't give up.Now that he s remained silent,..he must have a plan ....that he relies on.But what?Keep your eyes and ears wide open, Batur Bey ForumKavi-comThat s Sefenye Hatun.Don't.I’ve heard that you left the castle without our knowledge.Where are you heading for Kavurd Bey?I heard that my son Merdan was wounded.I m going to Shiraz to see him.Merdan Bey disobeyed Sultan Alparslan and is fighting Fazluye.And now you are going to help him?Not to help him, but to stop him.I told my brother Alparslan that I wanted to go there to stop him.He told me to waitIf I had gone there in time, neither Merdan would be wounded..... nor would there be a battle.Now get out of my way before it's too late.Sefenye Ha tun.I can't just stop and wait for Fazluye to kill my son.Why are you still looking at me?

I say I m going there to stop the fight.Our Sultan had forbidden Mansur to leave the palace.Why are you taking him with you, Kavurd Bey?He didn't want to take meI just got insistent and followed him.1 go with him.You can t go anywhere, Melik Mansur If you don’t deliver Mansur Bey to us now, we won t get out of your way Never! I will never go back!Melik Mansur is staying with you, Sefenye Hatun.90I hope you know you're sitting on the wrong place, Big Head.Just the opposite. I m exactly where I should be.And you will learn how to speak with a king.You’re luckyI asked Kaiser to let me take your life.But he just let me take only some o youraut orities.But he just let me take only some of your authorities.But he just let me take only some of your authorities.

It seems you didn't waste time....but you sent a letter toConstantinople after me.The wall you claim you built between Turks and Ani ... impressed Kaiser significantly.Turks will be impressed too when it s finished.Even Great Chinese Wall couldn't stop Turks.The Chinese failed, but I won t What if they decide to walk around the wall?Then the death pits will take care of them Naphtha barrels are being buried in the roads to Am right now.They need to put on wings if they want to come here Our Sultan wants to see Earl Leon!*1Tell him to come out!You shouldn t come any closer, Sultan Alparslan Tell me what you want to say. I will tell Earl Leon about it Dim t you hc^r what he said 'I want to see Leon.Tell him to come here.It s not possible right now. He's sleeping.And he hates being waken up.As I thought, it seems the heathen called Leon left Akarak.I m all ears Sultan Alparslan!What is this about?If the children and prisoners are harmed Even if a single one dies of starvation and thirst ...I’ll burn Akarak down on you.Tell your owner this when he wakes up.It was impossible to get out of here How did he, my Sultan?We will see, Batur Bey.If Kaiser wants us to rule these lands together, . .then you can start with taking Meryem Nisin, . the land we have recently lost It seems hard, but it's not.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Sultan Wolf must be thinking ... .that you lost all your power and I won t support you So it seems he didn't place enough troops in Meryem Nisin You don’t need to take too many soldiers with you.If you reach there before he does If you reach there before he does can capture the castle and protect Meryem Nisin surrounded by strong walls from can capture the castle and protect Meryem Nism surrounded by strong walls from Alparslan.As soon as Alparslan hears I m marching to Meryem Nism he’ll take action I can t reach there before him.You canSultan Wolf and his army are busy besieging the camp of Akarak right now.Either he will send his siege army to Meryem Nisin ... .or he II wait for more troops from Rayy.And it's impossible for him to catch you in either case -If it s as you said.. It's as I said.You d better start preparingDo you really think that King Bagrat will accomplish?I II be the one to win in any case, Adrian.I II get nd of both Bagrat.....and the siege.

My Sultan!You'd better see thisYou've lost your father Your hatred is because of your grief.Our Sultan knows that so he spares your life for every mistake you make.But it s obvious that. staying in Rayy is good for neither you nor us.What are you going to do7 Send me into exile?-Melik Mansur ..You can t finish off .. .Arslan Yabgu s descendants by exiling or choking them to death!Arslan Yabgu s descendants won t be finished off.You'll go to Anatolia and rain this rage of yours over heathens One with reason and the other with fearlessness, . .you two proved your talentsMelik Suleyman Shah will stay here in Rayy in our Sultan's council And you Melik Mansur, you will spread the name of Seljuks.... in Anatolia before your armies to march.For myself or on behalf of youOn behalf of Turks!Before our Sultan left the palace, we talked about it.

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Excellent Subtitles

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